1. M

    Photos & Videos Pashabiceps

    I can't believe there isn't a thread for this stud. He's so hot. Don't know anything about CSGO just love watching him... while I'm doing other things :joy:
  2. Iridyceum

    Photos & Videos The Sexy V Taper Thread

    I am in love with muscular and buff men who flex and show off their wide shoulders and huge lats which is why I made this thread in particular for those who are also into these kinds of stuff. Feel free to post content of hunks highlighting and flexing their wide v taper in any way possible...
  3. I

    Gay Muscle Flex Pecs Videocall

    Who’s here have big pecs? lets videocall showing your chest while I’m jerking off.
  4. F

    Caden Foster @cadenfoster_fit

    Starting a thread for Caden Foster. @cadenfoster_fit on insta and tiktok Login • Instagram cadenfoster - Link in Bio & Creator Tools | Beacons He posts a mixture of fitness/bodybuildign content and posts referencing the "literally Patrick Bateman" meme because he does look shockingly similar...
  5. M

    Kane Rogal

    I came across this sexy man Kane Rogal on Instagram. He is Filipino and sexy as fuck. I want him so bad. Is there anything on him?? Thoughts??? IG: @kane.rogal82
  6. M

    Djeka Quliyev

    This beefy muscle bear and fitness trainer is Djeka Quliyev. He identifies as straight. But there’s no denying that hairy muscular body and fat booty. Does anyone have nudes? Thoughts? IG: @djeka_quliyev
  7. cockyjakey

    Help ID this perfect guy

    So hot! Any idea what’s his OF or accounts? Thanks! https://thisvid.com/videos/the-only-man-you-ll-ever-need/
  8. Vgs2

    Mitch Bag - Hot Singer

    This is Mitch Bag @mitchbag_ !! He is hot as fuck and is always flauting his muscular body! Just love everything about him and he's been very kind and attentive when I replied to his instagram stories I can't believe there isnt a thread for him already
  9. U

    Can anyone ID this gorgeous bodybuilder?

    His face and beard made me melt and his perfect big beefy body https://thegay.com/videos/444910/hot-muscle-worship/?fr=444910&rp=1
  10. T

    Throbbing Cock Fetish

    I LOVE Seeing A Big Cock Throbbing. So Here Are A Bunch Of Guy I've Personally Had Throbbing Their Big Hard Cocks For Me. Feel Free To Post Your Throbbing Cock, Or Anyone Who Has Sent You Vids Of Their Thick Cock Throbbing!
  11. W

    Alpha Muscle God - TheBestFlex

    He is hot. Opinions about this Muscle Master? Regarding his BestFlex and OF, is it worth it? https://www.thebestflex.com/videos/Alpha-Muscle-God OnlyFans Onlyfans Model (@musclegod_official) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram https://twitter.com/Musclegod10
  12. R

    David Butler

  13. R

    Gavin McCoy (tiktoker)

    Thought I'd share:
  14. X

    Video Who is this muscular bearded guy?

  15. BiggerBicepsEvenBiggerCock

    Hi from CA

    Found this site by fluke, but love to show off and talk about size. Always down to meet up as well. Feel free to hit me up.
  16. C

    body compare skype

    Hey, anyone interested in body compare? not only cocks but body in general, im focusing on the gym and would love to get feedback and see how i meassure to other guys. 25 years old here, i prefer people around my age but can make exceptions. Add me: live:carloshinojosaa999 telling me you are...
  17. elkynder

    Tran Quoc Bao Nguyen

    Anyone knows what happened to him? He used to post a lot of steamy hot pics like censored nudes of him flexing on his Facebook or twitter but I don't see his account anymore. There were rumours that he even created a group to share his nudes to his fans on Facebook. Those were the only pics I...
  18. D

    Jayden LeBlanc

    Does anyone have any material on this guy? He's Patrick LeBlanc's 18 year old brother (according to his Instagram profile). Jayden is the younger brother, and very handsome. Here is the link to his Instagram: https://www.picuki.com/profile/jayden.leblanc5 Since his brother (Patrick) goes nude...
  19. M

    Video Chaturbate Flexshows

    While cumshows are really good, there are some of us that would like to see more camshows where the focus is more on guys flexing either naked or clothed on Chaturbate, F4F, etc. Feel free to share any you have. Here are some that I've acquired over the years. Unfortunately, I don't know any of...
  20. Lemlucifer8888

    Photos & Videos ID This Muscle Hunk Flexing Abs POV style?

    So I found this short clip of this guy flexing his abs in bed and I’ve been obsessed trying to find a longer version or who the guy is. I’ll really take any information you might have about this guy. On yandex I did a reverse image search and I get the sense there used to be a longer video...
  21. musclelover717

    Photo Show Us Those Guns

    Alright you muscle hunks. Show us your biceps.
  22. J

    jay ramos - jayrmoz

    https://www.instagram.com/jayrmoz/ latino guy with nice muscles bulge and ass. anyone have more of him?
  23. A

    @mentally_unstable_69 tiktok hottie

    The more views he gets the more skin & bulge he shows https://www.tiktok.com/@mentally_unstable_69?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1
  24. J

    Can anyone ID this guy or video?

    Does anyone know this fitness model’s name or what site this posing and arm wrestling video comes from? https://gay.bingo/video/166636239?asgtbndr=1
  25. J

    Can anyone ID this model or video?

    Does anyone know this fitness model’s name or what site this posing and arm wrestling video comes from? https://gay.bingo/video/166636239?asgtbndr=1
  26. M

    Photo Joey Essex Flexing Biceps

    There must be lots of other videos/images out there of this incredibly hot man - does anyone have any?
  27. M

    Photos & Videos Which Arm Wrestles Would You Like To See?

    In my opinion, there is not enough imagery/video out there showing celebs arm-wrestling each other. I think it's a very hot thing to watch two guys see who is stronger out of the other. Does anyone have anything on these? I also like to imagine who would win in arm wrestle contests. I'm not a...
  28. Marco86

    Video Ripped Muscle

    Any idea of who this is? Showing Off His Hot Body
  29. M

    George Ta / Gta.fitness

    George Ta is an amazing bodybuilder nutritionist who travels between Dubai and Los Angeles. He is absolutely gorgeous, perfect, and radiates masculinity. At the same time, has an amazing ass you could eat for days. His eyes are so intense. Who has further information on this man??
  30. Muscleflexhung34

    Biceps Of Lpsg

    6238201 Let’s see your gunz!