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  1. S

    Iding Hot Unknown Mystery Guys From Ts/trans Porn

    Like the other thread about famous straight porn starts doing gay/bi/ts porn, I thought I'd make another thread about the more obscure, sometimes unknown guys who we see pop up in trans porn of all kinds, pro & amateur. Alot of these guys are really SEXY, but don't have any type of...
  2. Isiahsin434

    Do You See Sexual Fluidity As Trend?

    Because everybody thinks they sexually fluid now and I believe it’s a trend that’s gonna die out
  3. G

    How Many Of You Girls Have Had A Squirting Orgasm?

    I am just curious to know how many I am just curious to know how many females out there I have ever experienced a squirting orgasm. And if you do squirt during orgasm sometimes, how often does it happen? Every time you cum, most of the time, occasionly rarely, or only once? I am curious...