1. B

    Espace sportif pontoise 75005

    Hello, This place used to have communal shower downstairs in the men's lockeroom. The place was closed , they reopened December 5 and I want to know if in the men's lockeroom the showers next to the sauna are still communal showers? Thanks Salut, La piscine / salle de sport est à nouveau...
  2. Penguin18

    Alexis Manenti (French actor)

    French actor with Serbian heritage. Something on him?
  3. K

    Lucas Bologna

    Lucas vient d’ouvrir son compte mym Est ce que quelqu’un aurait des choses ? Merci
  4. V

    French guy

  5. msriffraff

    Mathias Moro

    French model working in Miami. Very sexy.
  6. T

    2023 Rugby World Cup

    The anticipation is palpable as rugby fans around the globe await the curtain-raiser of the Rugby World Cup between France and New Zealand at the iconic Stade de France. This clash is more than just a match; it's a display of athleticism, strength, and a fierce competition that epitomizes the...
  7. V

    Jean Sorel (Alain Delon main rival)

    French star born in 1934 as Jean Bernard de Chieusses de Combaud de Roquebrune. He was Married to Neorealism muse Anna Maria Ferrero (1934-2015) While Alain Delon (1935) challenged Jean Paul Belmondo (1933-2022) as l'infant terrible. In terms of beauty Sorel was his main rival. Both could...
  8. T

    I’m 23 years old and my sexual life is a disaster.

    Good evening everyone, I am 23 years old and I am writing to you because I have a problem in my life: I am not sexually fulfilled and it frustrates me a lot. It all starts at the age of my first faith at 18, I decide to have sex with a guy of my age and I have the role of b. For the first time...
  9. msriffraff

    Raidd Bar stripper "Augusto" or "Gabriel"

    This guy danced and stripped at Raidd Bar, Le Marais, Matinee Paris and other gay parties. He's SUPER hung. Used to go by MonsterGabFit on Facebook and other socials. I believe he's French of Brazilian origin. Starting an appreciation thread for him!
  10. msriffraff

    Model Onnys Aho - French/West African

    This guy is clearly packing. Anyone got anything more?
  11. O

    Photos & Videos Herve Renard ( France Women’s National Team )

    Hey , I’m sure there are more of this if anyone has let’s share ..
  12. msriffraff

    Joel Conceição - yummy

    Help me find more of this GORGEOUS guy!!!
  13. msriffraff

    French muscle model Steve Sanmartin

    Came across this model and fitness instructor. He's huge, evidently VERY tall, and has modeled for a number of well known photographers. Anyone have anything good on him?
  14. M

    Looking in Paris, France

    My wife and I will be visiting Paris in about 2 weeks and are looking for a third that would like to have some fun while we are there. Anyone in the area that would be open?
  15. imhereforthegayporn

    Photos & Videos PenisAVoir

    Anything on PenisAVoir?
  16. msriffraff

    French/Belgian Hunk Benjamin Rubens

    Recently came upon this guy - he's so sexy and clearly packing. Anyone have anything beyond the 1 or 2 shoots that are easily found?
  17. H

    Photo FLORENT THEVENOT (France Male Model)

    Any full frontal nudes of him?
  18. F

    Rayan Rodriguez, sam_exit

    Juste pour savoir si ce tiktoker a un nouveau compte Twitter , sur tiktok son pseudo actuel c'est www. cmoi .fr
  19. J


    Anyone who subscribed to his of and is able to share his full content? Would love to see it! Twitter:
  20. B

    Amateur porn in french

    Hello everybody! Let's share amateur porn (gay) in french. I love the french language and is extremely hot when you hear somebody speaking french in porn videos.
  21. Lumix552

    Gautier The Voice

    I dont know if you knew him Gautier Rmrqs from Thé Voice France If you havé others pictures post them !
  22. C

    Help me find this dream man

    Hello, everyone! I was hoping you could help me find the socials of this guy. I’m obsessed with him. I tried to ask the poster who the guy is, but all he said was that he remembered the guy in the videos was Lebanese and living in France. If this is the wrong place to post this, please...
  23. P

    Paris Massage

    Been following the the thread of London Massage. I am wondering if there are any experience sharing of those in Paris or France as well. Any Masseur you have tried and would recommended?
  24. B

    New to this, I hope to find someone to live in haha

    I wanna live free and to be with someone I love <3
  25. Spokane

    Maximilien Jendrzezak

    Max was born on July 28, 2003 in France. He starts his career in 2016 at the talent show Top Model Belgium Kids. In the same period he started with another boy as "Max & Mango" on youtube to make music there. Then it became quiet and he kept his head above water with more model jobs. He later...
  26. Lumix552

    Tik Tok Sandy Falk

    Sandy Falk est un TikToker assez connu en France pour faire des lives et réclamez des cadeaux. Dernièrement il a fait des vidéos lives assez osées. Voici un extrait
  27. R

    Cut Guys Central Europe (DACH, NL, BE, FR)

    Hey guys, I'm creating this thread for Central European guys to discuss circumcision since it's not very common here and most cut guys had the surgery when they were older. Topics are: - circumcision experience - medical issues and surgery - circumcision styles - revisions - keeping the...
  28. P

    Christian Millette - Dals France

    Hello everybody, Who knows Christian Millette watched in DALS France and SYTYCD Canada? Have you got sexy pictures of him? I love his eyes and all his body. ----- On peut aussi parler français si vous voulez ;)
  29. Amaethon

    French Friends

    Yes, you've read that correctly. On this site, of all places. I'd like to make some male French friends, either gay or straight, with no immediate sexual motivations in mind (I'm really only into other gay guys anyway). I've recently picked up learning French again as well and plan on living...
  30. H


    Please post anything about Farod Vous pouvez publier n'importe quoi sur Farod