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  1. AtticusHuynh

    My Bi-Curious Frat Brother (Real Story)

    This just happened a few days ago, and I think it is worth sharing. I'm a graduating senior at a small liberal arts school in the Midwest. Mike is a freshman from the West Coast, and he just joined our fraternity in the fall. Mike is tall, blonde, with pale skin and a lean, slightly muscular...
  2. daddymaycry3

    Help me find the complete video? I have partial info

    Hi guys. I'm a new member of the forum, I was going crazy trying to find a specific video and someone told me to try this LPSG, so I'll give it a shot. ^_^ Anyway, here's the deal: I want the complete version of this video: The bottom is called Benny G and he is the star of the video, the...
  3. R

    Jay Rock Fraternity X

    Does anyone have anything on Jay Rock from fraternity X? I found out he popped up over at bi-latin men under the name connect.
  4. F

    Has Anyone This Video?

    Fraternityx - Pee Bitch
  5. O

    Frat House Balls Sucker

    I struggled to make up out of a deep sleep. Something warm was covering my face, and although it wasn't suffocating, it felt like some kind of odd torture or at least a prank. It kind of resembled those rolled hot towels they give you on long airline flights. The presence on my face shifted...
  6. JayPR

    Jerking Off In Front Of Buddies Or Roommates

    When I was in my college years, I had a roommate that used to jerk off with his bedroom door open. He simply didn't care, he could even talk to you while doing it. I thought it was weird, kind of exhibitionist. However, I've been told, that this is pretty normal among roommates or close-knit...
  7. ZetaZetaZ

    Video College Porn

    I really like college porn, with initiation rites, games and more... does anyone have full videos to share?
  8. Semichrmedlfe

    Not new, but re-introduction

    I joined the site a number of years ago, but haven't really spent much time here. Not sure why - maybe I didn't think I really fit with the LP label. I am sort of thick, but average length. Definitely a grower v. a shower. I have spent some time on Bateworld, which I still enjoy. I am back...
  9. bihungtrainerxx

    Frat life

    Any other jocks in frats in college? My frat always tagged chicks together and hazed so was very used to showing off my cock to my brothers. Anyone else?