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  1. A

    Photos & Videos Precum Stain/Spot Pics

    Love seeing pics of guys who have precum spots/stains through underwear… but better yet their pants. Any body have photos of themselves or others that fit the bill? Especially hot when the guy is in public and isnt aware. (piss dribbles are hot too, and welcome)
  2. FreeballLA

    Gay Men Don’t Like Trans Women Around

    So this is my first post, I wanted to ask a question. Before I transitioned I would love to cruise and look at VPLs or guys that freeball. Now that I’ve transitioned when I attempt to go to the areas for cursing or where guys freeball I feel unwanted or the guys seem uneasy. Of course, the...
  3. A

    Business Clothes/attire

    I Think It’s Hot When Guys Are Wearing Business Casual Clothes And You Can See Their Visible Dick/Penis Line ;-) Anyone Got Any Pics To Share Or Vids ?
  4. A

    Freeball Pocket Pool

    Have Any Vids Or Vid Links Of Guys Freeballing ? Playing Pocket Pool ? I Think It’s Hot ;)
  5. A

    Youtube Bulge

    Any YouTube Vid Links That YouTubers Make And Have A Bulge Or VPL ?
  6. A

    Freeballing/commando In Board Shorts

    Hi All, I Think It’s Hot When Guys Are Sporting VPL In Wet Board Shorts ...
  7. Hungtimothy

    Hung Public Exhibitionists/voyeurs/freeballers

    I've always enjoyed being naked in public, does anyone else like to jerk off or hangout completely nude in public?
  8. Caliboy_

    Any latino/uncut in los angeles mutual jo

    let's meet up and jerk off together and rub our cocks.
  9. Sweatpants911

    Perfectfit brand armour up cockrings

    Hey guys, Ive been exploring/showing off more of my kinky sexual exhibitions, showing off VPL, freeballing, jeans & joggers in public & cockrings. Just got my first cockring, it’s by PerfectFIT Brand called Jock Armour Up Sport. Being my first cockring, I couldn’t wait to put it on my cock &...
  10. Sweatpants911

    1st cockring, perfect fit armour up sport

    Ordered my first cockring by Perfect Fit, it’s called Armour Up Sport. Can’t wait to get it! So horny thinking about what it’s going to feel like, how it’s going to look when I freeball in joggers or jeans. Anyone have any experience with this type? I’ll post pictures once it arrives. Post yours...
  11. Sweatpants911

    Photo Show your vpl