1. G

    Help me find this video

    All I know about this video is this two words: Wrestling/Vintage.
  2. curiousnaturelover

    Frot pics with mutual precum

    There are countless hot frot pics and gifs about, but it seems very few feature capture guys in a state where both cocks have started dripping precum — close enough to appreciate the sight, high enough quality to savor the pearls or drips or sticky strands. I’d love to see more of these!
  3. OAPenis

    More Friendly Fire

    It was Saturday night and I was at a bit of a loose end. My wife, Christine, was away looking after her elderly mother so I had been guarding the fort until she returned. I didn’t fancy another night in front of the telly so I decided to have a pie and a pint at my local pub. Normally, there is...
  4. D

    South West London Fun

    Calling my fellow horny south west Londoners, who’s up for some fun? I’m 19, vers top and open for anything. Especially love frotting and mutual pleasuring. I’m not able to host so please be able to, or if you have a car, that works for me to. Hit me up!
  5. Stretchmine13

    Looking to play in Dallas/FW/Arlington area

    I will be in the area starting Wednesday of this week for several nights. Can possibly host in hotel. Ready for a buddy. Anybody interested?
  6. T

    Hung white and Latino guys in the same picture

    Rather they're comparing dicks, jacking off together, frotting, fucking, having a threesome with a guy or even a girl it's hot to see big white cocks and big Latino cocks in the same picture or video. Anyone got some?
  7. T

    Big Asian cock plus big white cock together

    They could just have their dicks out in the same picture, they could be fucking with one being a hung bottom, they could fuck a guy together or even a girl together, I don't care. The contrast when the white and Asian guys are both over 7 inches is hot, can anyone find pictures of this?
  8. Lucifer901


    I had to share this video because its the absolute hottest video I've seen in a long time, by far. I love and adore frotting with a passion and obsession. This is the kind of man to man sex I crave the most...just full blown fucking dick to dick. If you love frotting and love fucking cock with...
  9. Lucifer901

    Frotting Obsession

    I absolutely love, adore, and obsess over frotting. Genital to genital sex among men. Dick to Dick fucking. Frottage is far more than just an act of foreplay for some of us. For people like me, its a full blown sex act. Its how men can have traditional sex. Its how two tops or two doms can...
  10. Lucifer901

    Dick to Dick Love

    We agreed to meet for the first time at a hotel we both liked. Before we even arrived, we had been playing in messaging and talking for hours on the web about the reason we're meeting today...our mutual love of dick. And when you love dick this much, you yearn to feel it. Really feel it. Its...
  11. D

    18 yr old from London

    What's up everyone, I'm a new member (joined today). I'm 18, horny 24/7, black and fairly hung. Although I'm (mostly) straight, I have a crazy frotting fetish and just love the look of dicks coming, and cumming, together.
  12. E

    Has anyone experienced Cockblock sex toy yet?

    Hi all, I came across this brand new toy Cockblock recently and I am curious to know if anybody has tried it yet? It has entry holes for TWO dicks - apparently it's designed for two guys to have double penetration and frot. I'm curious if anyone has tried it out yet before I buy myself??
  13. will_miller

    CockBlock sex toy for enhanced frotting

    Saw someone on Reddit mention a toy for a couple with cocks to use together called the CockBlock which I thought looked pretty interesting. Just thought I'd share it here because I hadn't heard of it before and I think it could enhance the sex lives of couple who don't like anal. CockBlock Link
  14. johndoeisready


    I’ve been scouring the web for a particular model and video and I hope someone can help me find it!! I swear the guy’s name is Kris (or Chris) and I feel like his last name is Kristianson? It’s been well over a decade since I saw it last, so I’m fuzzy. In the video, he’s got a nice blonde...
  15. V

    Links Bulge Tease

    a while ago i found a (pretty old) video of a guy doing push ups on another guy. both are in boxers and the top is teasing the other guy verbally and by frotting their bulges. i can't seem to find this video anymore and would also be glad to find similar ones. does anyone have an idea? :)
  16. N

    Frottage Buddies

    Looking for local buddies , let’s meet on Skype Phoenix area
  17. N

    Los Angeles Lets Frot

    lets set it up i cant host
  18. Thickstick

    Video “good Morning” Gay Frot

    I used to see this vid pop up a lot when I was watching porn as a young closeted guy. I always thought it was so hot, and I managed to track it down again. Does anyone know who these guys are, what they’re up to, etc.? I would love to solve one of my old porn mysteries.
  19. PorscheHusky

    New Chap In Town

    I was talked into giving this a go, so here I am! :) I can be rather meek and avoidant the majority of times but it'll subside eventually. If you'd like to get the gist of why pulled the trigger to join here, a briefing can be found on my profile's description. But for now... Salutations...
  20. H

    Frottage ? Looking For Links & Vids

    watching 2 beautiful cocks rubbing on each other's foreskin is a real turn on. Anybody else ? Looking for hyperlinks & videos. thx
  21. A

    Uk Cockfight - West Midlands

    I can host for the next week or so, just outside the Birmingham area. Any cock-fighters around my age (22) who feel like going head to head, drop me a message!
  22. M

    Fort Mill - South Carolina

    35 white male 5'11 194 i'm staying the night in fort mill, but i'm already at the hotel. want to join me?
  23. M

    Frottage / Front / Cock2cock - Charlotte Nc

    Will be in Charlotte next week. Anyone want to meet and front??
  24. M

    Raleigh Nc - Frottage / Fro

    Hey guys. I'll be staying in Raleigh NC next Tuesday. And none into Frottage in the area? Maybe you can stop by my hotel or I can come to you. I'm not into anal. Only front. Must be clean. Just to make sure we are into the same. What's your favorite way to front and how was your last time?
  25. M

    Jacksonville-nc: Facesitting

    Clean guy looking to have a bushy or not bushy pussy sit on my face. Let me help you have multiple orgasms :) I'm ok getting together with a couple too. You can watch me have a cockfight with your man. so many possibilities. I just dont do anal.
  26. M

    Jacksonville-nc: Frottage

    I'm near Jacksonville-NC. Anyone into frottage? cockfight? cock2cock?
  27. D

    Hotdogging/ass frot

    Not interested in fucking a dude but this kind of turns me on. Anybody else feel the same way or have any pics related to it?
  28. F

    I want to do this with someone

    I'm straight but I want to try this with a big cock. I'm from NYC but I can host so message me if you're interested
  29. F

    Cock rubbing nyc

    Hi I'm really trying to get someone to with a big cock to host in NYC and do some frottage (cock rubbing). I'm pretty much straight for the most part but I just broke up with me ex (I never cheated) and this has always been a fantasy of mine to do. I have photos so if you want to check me out...
  30. N

    Photo Cock2cock bate

    Im in LA trying to do this i cant host. Message me