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  1. SilverDadBottom

    Bottom POV vids in gay porn

    I’ve been looking for gay porn from the bottom’s point of view during sex. I’m surprised how unsuccessful I’ve been finding it over the years. Anyone have favorites. Not a favorite, but this is the category:
  2. M

    Photos & Videos Can anyone ID this guy?

    He is so hot, can anyone id this or find full vid? Image reverse didn't work.
  3. J

    Who is this muscle Daddy?!

    Anyone Know?!
  4. P

    fahel35 Unlockd

    Hello everyone, does anyone have his full videos? And can she post here? Unfortunately I don't have a credit card and can't get his subscription. Thanks in advance! :heart::kissing_heart: fahel35 - Unlockd fahel_2021 - Twitter
  5. barehole4use

    The repair man

    Earlier this year, I placed an ad on our local Squirt Message Board letting people know that I walk our neighborhood each morning and would be open to sucking cocks along the way. I met three great guys. Two of them are semi-regular, and one became a golfing buddy and regular “dom”. It had been...
  6. BlackWindow_

    Tristan Maurisse

    Tristan Maurisse :heart_eyes:
  7. barehole4use


    Sunday afternoon i was invited again for a select private bareback party, i got the invitation on the previous Friday & had 24 hours to respond, i gave my answer within 1 hour, that i will arrive on time as requested. The details were pretty much the same as last time, to arrive at the...
  8. S

    Looking for a video that was deleted/removed in Gayboystube

    Title is called "Girl & Straight boy in bedroom" in Gayboystube. It's an old video from about a decade ago and it's gone from my favorite list in the site. If anyone has that video, please let me know or share it with me. Or re-upload it in that site. Thanks. Here's some poor screenshots for...
  9. G

    ID? Hot fucking in public

    Não pode ser ele foi pego pelo comedor na rua
  10. D

    Looking in Houston and Austin

    Hi everyone! 39/m/bi/slim to athletic build guy, 5 inch (starter) cock looking for VERY discreet hook ups in Houston and Austin area. In a relationship where partner doesn't know and wouldn't approve. Looking for male and couples. Scheduling is tough with work and family, but in the event a...
  11. 2

    ID sexy twink

    Anybody happen to know who this sexy fucker is? I’m dying to know! Cute straight twink fucking deep her pussy
  12. 2

    ID Straight Twink

    Does anybody know who this guy is? I’d love to know, thanks. Cute straight twink fucking deep her pussy
  13. bisexualcoach

    First Bisexual Orgy For Bisexual Coach @bisexualcoach

  14. C

    Help me to identify this guy

    Schlechter Junge mit Muskeln fickt militantes Küken This guy from Hot Guys Fuck his name? Does he has also some other porn or solo jerk offs. He is soooo hot
  15. B

    thatessexboy/thatessexcouple vids?

    Does anyone have videos they could share for thatessexboy/thatessexcouple please? Both the guy himself (Dan) and he and his man used to have OFs, but their OF accounts seem to be on hiatus (thatessexboy and thatessexcouple). Their shared thatessexcouple on Twitter still has hot pix of theirs and...
  16. N

    Out of frame

    So thanks to the streamer bulge thread on here and a youtube playlist with actual cums in it I've got a new lust for watching videos where the action happens off camera except for seeing shadows and hearing the noises with cumsplats happening onto the frame. Anyone have anything like that, or...
  17. D

    @bagherb00ty on twitter

    he’s fuckin incredible,anything about him? twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/bagherb00ty tik tok: Persian (@bagherb00ty) | TikTok insta: https://www.instagram.com/bagherb00ty/
  18. L

    Video Fuck bet videos

    I love videos where there is generally some kind of bet (I.e. rock, paper, scissors/sports), where the loser end up bottoming. I particularly like the ones where both models want to top. What are the best fuck bet videos out there?
  19. G

    My Masseuse fuck me so hard

    The massage therapist The story is absolutely Real! I was getting a haircut and a young guy came into the salon and said he had a massage appointment. The masseur came out and told him: Come on, Ice, come. The guy said, just put on a shower and I'll come. The masseur gave him an...
  20. R2x16

    Video Please help find the whole video or the guys fucking

  21. I

    Alexa, My Married Brother & Mystery Woman (Erotic Fiction)

    This is all fiction inspired by something similar that happened to my Friend (I don't have any siblings) but written in 'forum post' format. Hi everyone, As the title says, I've recently discovered that my older Brother Dennis is cheating on his wife Kayleigh. He's been with his spouse...
  22. B

    Video ID These Videos From Twitter

    Can anyone ID these videos? - - - - -
  23. S

    ID sexy daddy please

    Can someone ID this man? Please
  24. XxSherlockxX

    Fucking or getting fucked

    I want to see your fav homemade videos :imp: solos/jerking are also welcome ;)

    Los Angeles looking to service (men-serious only)

    Expert cock sucker here with very no gag reflux. Can host during the day and can travel anytime. I'm clean, sti free and neg, covid vaxed, easy going and go with the flow attitude, no drama, won't bother and very discrete, respect boundaries, not looking for reciprocation, enjoy sucking dick...
  26. N

    Help me find this porn please

    I stumble upon this video on Xvideos, it was on the related videos section, it looks so hot but when I click on it it say that the video in on hold, the title is: horny latino papi pounds married white dad. If anyone has it downloaded or has a link for it I would really appreciate it.
  27. D

    size comparison sites

    Are there any sites where you can compare your dick and a pornstar's dick? For example, you enter your dimensions and a comparison is shown to you. I really want to compare my penis.
  28. G

    Tiktok Booty and Ass Thread

    the old tiktok booty and ass thread is now gone for some reason so here's a new one
  29. D

    Biggest cock you bottomed for

    What’s the biggest cock you’ve taken? Did you enjoy it? The biggest I’ve taken is 12” extremely thick, it really hurt going in took a while to get it in, but the hurt is what made it amazing! The feeling when you’ve got a huge dick inside you, when he starts to thrust and every thrust has you...
  30. My hole hot

    My hole hot