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full monty

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    Johnny Lozada

    Puerto Rican singer, actor, host and television personality most known as a member of "Menudo" with Ricky Martin.
  2. C

    Tash Bash Rugby Full Monty

    Does anyone have anything on Tash Bash? It's a fundraiser by the University of Gloucestershire Rugby Union Club. They do the full monty and I've heard things have gotten pretty wild in the past ...
  3. 1

    Hypnotised And Stripping Naked On Stage

    Hi, I’m curious if anyone has ever been to a Hypnotist Show or even been a participant in a show where the guys we instructed to strip/do the full Monty. I’d love to hear stories and if you participated how did it feel? Were you aware you were stripping? If anyone has videos that would be...