1. I


    Does anyone have anything of him he’s just so cute
  2. chubsupport

    Discord RP? WARNING: Furry, extreme, etc.

    Discord users only. Fair warning: I'm into some unapologetically obnoxious, absurd offensive and taboo shit. If that's not your bag, please don't try to negotiate kinks. I'm here to go ape shit. *** HERE TO BE GOOFY, KINKY AND FUN. SEXUALLY AGGRESSIVE PARTNERS ONLY, MAN OR WOMAN, PLEASE BE AS...
  3. A

    sharkosmarcos on twitte

    Anything on this hot furry?
  4. TimFarr5366

    Hairy arms/triceps/shoulders

    Anyone else into guys with (some) hair or trimmed on their triceps/arms/shoulders ? Post here !
  5. maxdenozo

    Navy Furry Comic

    Loved this furry comic about a guy, a dog of some sort, I think. He's onboard a navy vessel and one morning he cums accidentally in front of his bunkmates, exposing himself as gay. Then he becomes the ship's fucktoy. I think it was maybe called Salty Dogs or something like that, but I haven't...
  6. N


    Jeffrey schnelder e he is jeffrey schneider a german model similar to chris hemsworth very handsome he is gay or bisexual his instagram is jeffrey _schnelder Anything else about him?
  7. N

    Jeffrey Schnelder

    Let me Introduce you to Jeff Schneider his Instagram is jeffrey_schnelder is a model Germany very handsome is. Similar chris hemsworth I think he's gay or bisexual anything from him is welcome a premium for hot photos
  8. W

    Photos & Videos badboybrad

    OF: OnlyFans Twitter: https://twitter.com/badboybrad5 Anyone have anything on this guy?
  9. K

    Photos & Videos Frute_Brute- OF

    think its about time this hot muscle guy gets his own thread :)
  10. L

    Porn Comics

    Don’t know what it is about stylized drawings that do it for me, but I get off to comics and illustrations almost as much as regular porn. What’re some of y’all’s favorite porn comics? Here are some panels from a few of mine: The Rock Cocks by @feeeeeshy Anything by @spicyzackhour...
  11. 5

    Photo Spiral (handsome furry guy)

    spiral.vro (handsome, cool furry guy on TikTok and Instagram) recently joined OnlyFans. He needs heart surgery so he's joined OF to help fund the surgery he needs. Here's his OnlyFans if anyone is interested. Spiral - OnlyFans Here's also some of his free Twitter previews. :eyes::heart: Looks...
  12. Loveboysvmuch

    Photos & Videos Anyone have anything of Xenoafterhours?

  13. Bluebailey


    I just want to say that Thiago is a one beautiful man. Gosh that smile is just something, isn't it? I mean look at that. His body a well is just to die for.
  14. aaronxp

    Andrew Miller

    Gorgeous furry young guy...
  15. EquusAz

    Ordering In

    Darius snorted. He was jealous. His huge hooves clopped on the golden oak floor under the dining room table as he shifted, two of his thick fingers scratched his pendulous nuts. Yeah, the porno he was watching was hot. The big bull on screen was getting railed by a little corgi who was nipping...
  16. bluespy55

    Photos & Videos Cartoon/Animated Pecs/Muscle

    Share any cartoon/animated muscle pictures and videos! (especially pec bouncing)
  17. T

    Cameron Bess (Astronaut Furry Twink)

    Anything on Cam Bess? He went in the Blue Origin launch. Openly pansexual and a furry. Also revealed in an interview that he was a cammer or did some sex based stuff before. Anyone know of it?
  18. B


    His humor is very niche, but I love his hairy chest and I think he looks pretty sexy sometimes.
  19. indyfrat79

    Really Hairy Guys

    I'd be eager to meet other hairy guys. I don't mean a little fuzz... talking about full-on man pelts - hairy chests, untrimmed bushes, hairy shoulders, backs, etc. I LOVE hairy men - no such thing as too hairy for me. I started sprouting my pelt at 15 and have always love other fuzzballs. Hit me...
  20. U

    @r33s3_111 On Twitter

    He’s super hot OnlyFans https://twitter.com/r33s3_111?s=21
  21. Sfkdude

    Alfie Hill

    Just posting my appreciation of this stunner - some uploads from his insta profile. Enjoy ;)
  22. 7


    His Twitter is: @stachional Anyone got anything from his Onlyfans? There are a lot of stuff like this on Twitter. Is a Sexy Bear with a good dick
  23. Dream Big


    “Hey, you alive? You awake?” My head was pounding, and awareness came slowly. I had the distinct impression that the voice had been talking for a while. “Whazza?”. Best I could manage. I couldnt see, not yet. “Oh, cool. You made it, that’s great,” the voice said. The voice had a...
  24. 1

    Real Hairy Men 40+ For Skype Cum

    looking for other hairy, fucking hard horny men to cum with... groups, mobile skype jackin’ in the car, outdoors stuff, dares and exhibitionism... if you’re hairy (few extra pounds is fine if you have a nice cock!) then hit me up. Older men a plus. Bi, straight, married dudes... let’s just...
  25. R

    Alexander Gould

    How on Earth is there not a post on this super cute, super hairy young man?!? He has a kind of Justin Beeber-ish look in the face, but I think Alexander is way cuter ans so furry! I saw some pics online in shorts - very sexy furry legs. but then again, those are my types of guys - young &...