1. J

    Super Hung Gary Bradshaw From Dirtytony

    Does anyone have more content of him? I really want this video in full, but it's not available anywhere... Please PM me if you have it:)
  2. Ynysllwyd

    Gary Fletcher

    There was a young English nude model called Gary Fletcher. Google him and you will see many photos by the likes of Alfen, Gert Kist, Sandro Bross, Andrew Bowman, AJ Photography... But there were two photos of Gary which used to be easily findable on the t'interweb! But now... I can't find them...
  3. 1

    Do you shave cock & balls?

    I hate pubic hair on my cock and balls and shave there regularly.. I leave that hair on my belly though, trimmed.. How do you display your wares?