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gay amateur

  1. C

    ID/need more info

    Hey guys, please can somebody identify who either of these guys are? Also, anymore info about how this came to be would be hot.
  2. T

    Links Gay coomer party pages?

    it is evident that the demographic for Coomer Party is mostly straight guys, but who are some gay creators on the site that you know of? here are some; https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/hugeandhung https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/shawnraymond https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/jjc88...
  3. Lumix552

    My boyfriend and I

    My boyfriend and me i Hope you will like content our content Soon we will create our MYM account and Twitter Can you give your advice we Hope you will like them
  4. danichicolboy

    Photos & Videos Florian: french guy with huge nipples.

    Hey guys! Do you have something of this french guy with beautiful huge nipples? I tried to subscribe to his onlyfans @sleepin but my card was rejected multiple times. Thank you for sharing if you have some hot stuff. ni
  5. M

    Anyone knows who this is? (very yummy chap presses a dildo into his wazoo while stroking)

    Anyone knows who this guys is? (Very yummy chap presses A dildo Into His wazoo while stroking)
  6. D

    hi there... just (re) joined here... im showoff cocksucking cumslut

    love sucking cock, getting my face fucked, and swallowing cum.... all in front of the camera for the world to see... love sharing my vids and having other guys share them all over the place... lemme know if you want my vids to post anywhere :)
  7. C

    Links Senpai_loui

    New angel in OF OnlyFans
  8. C

    Photos & Videos Please-anyone identify this hot couple?

    I’ve seen them posted on different cam sites without identification. They’re smoking hot! The hairy one sometimes wears eyeglasses in their videos. I’ve never seen them have sex, just lots of rubbing/posing. Are they Colombian?
  9. J

    Who is him? (porn actor gay for pay)

    A few months ago I saw this video about a "straight" tattoo man get sucked by another guy probably for money. There are three videos with this str8 guy I remember that a user in the comments had inserted another link and there was a video about him in a threesome fucking a girl. I can't find...
  10. PrivateJacob

    Drop Some Straight Videos

  11. I am a big slut

    I am a big slut

    I am a big slut. I love cocks, I love to suck, to be sucked, to have my ass smashed by one or more cocks, to have it fully dilated. If there are spectators it's even better... Mmmmmhh...
  12. ChicagoDeepthroat2

    Does anyone know who these guys are?

    Hey everyone. So I’ve been searching trying to get my old Xtube favorites back and it’s been a nightmare. Now I’m trying to find the name of these gives. They have another video called Straight Neighbor Fucks Gay Ass but I can’t find like any other videos or their names. thanks...
  13. gayass

    help finding this man

    I've been looking for this video for months, could anyone help me identify the man featured in it or the full video if possible?
  14. Gonjoe

    can anyone help me find full video

    Hi guys! Hoping someone on here can help me find the full length version of this video or maybe someone can identify them https://es.xhofficial.com/videos/asian-twink-spitroasted-xhxnkwM
  15. E

    Cam name of these guys from chaturbate?

    I'm trying to figure out who are these guys... I'd like to find more videos of them, but I don't know the name they got on Chaturbate. Can you help me? That's the link: https://thegay.com/videos/960859/straight-boys-gay-porn-videos/
  16. L

    Video "Friends suck teen at his 18th birthday party"?

    Looks like its been removed from myvidster. I wonder why. Does anybody have it or know anything bout it?
  17. d3m3trius

    Should onlyfans and justforfans content creators be tested for STD’s like the porn industry??

    I thought about this topic and give this topic great thought. Also I am interested in how others feel about this topic as well. do y'all feel like this will open Pandoras box if it becomes a requirement for std checks to be screened before shooting with other content creator...
  18. D

    100 LOADS OF CUM compilation - in my face, mouth, and down my throat!

    watch me take 100 loads of cum all over my face and in my mouth and down my throat...all in front of the camera!
  19. J

    "Red Adidas over 1H" - Gayboystube - anyone knows who this is?

    For years I stumble across this video, but have not yet found any more content or information about this guy :/ does anyone know anything?
  20. C

    Photos & Videos can someone help me find this video?

    can someone help me find this video or bottom @?
  21. T

    Recognize these dudes?

    Please if anyone has any info, OF (hopefully) of these two guys I’d love to find them out, I only saw these pics on Twitter nameless!
  22. L

    Photos & Videos Alainrrr (twitter And Onlyfans)

    Does anyone have more content from this sexy mexican daddy?
  23. C

    Who Are These Guys? Breeding Then Feeding

  24. cenizongas

    Photos & Videos Troye Jacobs

    Anyone has some hot content of Troye Jacobs?? He is such a cutie and so hot!
  25. A

    Escortkor Thread

    I have a lot o pics of him ready to share. Wanna share too?
  26. Sluthorn99

    Video Help Me Find The Full Version Of This Video

    Please help me find the full version of this video. I tried contacting the uploader of the video but to no avail. If you know who they are that would be helpful as well. -Thank you in advance
  27. P

    Video Anyone Have This Full Vid?

    Looking for this full video, if anyone has it that’d be awesome. Thanks!
  28. Sajyff567

    Hi Love

    I’m looking for hot muscular dudes to talk too, my Gmail is Mendss94@gmail.com , my Instagram is Larrayee6, I will tell you about my self when I receive your message
  29. W

    Who Is This Hot Guy?

    Anyone know who this guy is?
  30. Lars_xx

    Hey! Hairy Exhibitionist Here From Switzerland (male)

    hello to all, Just a quick message to let you know that i LOVE to show off and share nudes ! this is going to be fun! enjoy! Lars