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  1. C

    Gay SPH Pics

    Hi guys - share your gay sph pics!
  2. Dan9410

    Chris daniels blacked on OF

    Some free videos on his page of him getting blacked. Bought a couple and I’m kind of obsessed
  3. M

    Anyone know where I can find the full video?

    My husband gets breed by a hot stripper from the bar I’ve been looking for the full video for a year now. The husband getting fucked asked if he wants to cum in him which he does (I remember the full video but don’t know where to find it) and then it shows him pushing it out and his husband...
  4. 1

    Boyfriend Wants Me To Cuck Him?

    my boyfriend wants me to fuck someone else in front of him and I’m not sure about it all. It’s never really crossed my mind much until he brought it up. Of course threesomes and such have been a fantasy of mine but mostly when I’m jerking off and then it quickly goes away post cum knowing it...
  5. 1

    Want Your Fella Teased?

    I really get off on wank fantasies of my boyfriend fucking another guy. I even like to search for his boxers and suck the cum out of them after he’s had a sly wank. Would love to see him trading dick pics and the like. I would love to help you out if you get off on your boyfriend or husband...