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gay relationship

  1. Aris219

    Ldr Boyfriend help/advice

    Heyy Guys, huhu I need some advice, preferably the has the experience here about gaysex. So here it goes, i have a long-distance boyfriend for about 6 months now, and we do online sex through videocall since he lived across the globe. Basically, I'm certified virgin bottom and has 0%...
  2. L

    Sex and intimacy

    I'm a gay guy in a mostly happy, stable, long-term relationship with my partner. After a long time together (+10 years), my sexual needs are still there, but as we have got older together, our busy lives and daily stresses get in the way of being able to have sex 1-2 times a day like when we...
  3. Ennydsa1

    personal presentation

    hola hola a toda la comunidad espero que todos esten muy bien mi nombre es david soy un chico latino acabo de encontrar la pagina y esta es mi presentacion quiero agregar que soy un chico muy bueno me gusta mucho usar juguetes sexuales y disfruta del sexo. Y me gustaría encontrar hombres mayores...
  4. A

    Dealing With First Love Advice

    Super new to the site, but thought it wouldn't hurt to give this a try.. As a little backstory, I am 22 years old and have never fallen in love until this past summer. My teenage years were spent heavily in the closet and my college years were spent trying to navigate my new life as an out gay...
  5. P

    I Have A Confession To Make

    I have a confession to make I feel like I should talk about something that's been eating me up recently. I'd usually talk about this in therapy, but I had to quit therapy a few months back bc of money issues (last semester of med school, can barely afford a bottle of water). Here we go I had...
  6. G

    The end.. or new beginning

    Hey All, Never done anything like this before but here goes.. Just walked from a 12 year gay male relationship for various reasons, some mental abuse, constant put downs, constant walking on egg shells.. i swear i have some good resilience as ive gave everything and jumped every hurdle with...