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  1. F

    Photos & Videos Anyone have his nudes and videos?

    His OF is: OnlyFans im way too broke to see it, but he is so hot on Instagram
  2. L

    help me id this actor

    help me id this guy
  3. lalalalaladarius

    Does anyone have On The Set videos from Next Door Studios?

    I only find short videos of 5 mins or less, not full videos.
  4. C

    Can someone id this vid?

    I saw this video on xhamster and i wonder if someone can id the full video name. If you wanna see it just google "two guys playing" on the website
  5. R

    Gay Porn Movies/DVDs

    Hello guys. I just wanted to ask on what website do you watch gayporn movies or dvds online for free? Thank you.
  6. Amphlett

    Please ID these two hung BoyFun hotties

    HotGayList - BoyFunCollection video -
  7. M

    Plz ID this scene or actor names

    Does anyone get a clue?
  8. What happen to this pornstar?

    What happen to this pornstar?

    Benjamin Dover from Broke Straight Boys and Raw Hole is one of my all time favourite top. He was your normal corn feed cute guy from the midwest with a massive perfect dick. Every bottom that got to work with him all said he was one of their favourite to work with. I wonder what happened to him :(
  9. whomstaron

    Armpit licking porn

    Does anyone have any good gay armpit porn like this one? https://www.boyfriendtv.com/videos/215101/angel-cruz-and-levi-arter-flip-fuc/ Been searching for a while now and I'm collecting good armpit licking porn haha
  10. P

    Justin Saradon

    BA’s twink Justin Saradon, one of my favorites. He is a passionate performer, working for the studio for quite many years. (It’s very hard to guess if he still active.) Anybody likes this beautiful boy? What do you guys think?
  11. A

    Jesse Mc ( @ jmc93xxx) onlyfans? does anyone have his nude pics?

  12. J

    5 Questions From A Baby Gay 18btw

    I have a 5 questions 1. how do I finger myself? 2. Any ways to make Orgasm better when jerking off/ how to make jerking off feel better? 3. How do I hook up with guys without downloading grinder I’m worried to download because my parents might see. 4. What is sucking dick like? I feel like I...
  13. S

    Help Id This Video

    https://mobile.twitter.com/MuscularJocks/status/1188818907529990144 Don’t know anything, but have been trying to hunt it down. Does anyone know who they are or where/if there’s a full version by chance? ;)
  14. D

    Twitter: @cesaargutierrez // Onlyfans: Cessarguti

    Necesito ver contenido de este hombre
  15. AnthonyG23

    Favorite Porn Scene?

    Hello, what's your favorite porn scene you've watched? It can be only one or a top 3 if you want. You know those scenes that you can watch a hundred times and always does it for you
  16. M

    Can You Id Him Please?

    I’ve been searching for his @ but so many porn pages repost him and doesn’t tag him
  17. DaveyM

    Any Information About Frankie Jax

    Hey all, does anyone follow Frankie Jax on OF or any other fan sites if he has any? I've been following him on twitter for a few months now and love his stuff https://twitter.com/frankie_jax_ Wondering if its worth signing up to his OF for a month before they ban sexual content - anyone tried?
  18. H

    Photos & Videos Ryan James @therealryanjames Onlyfans

    he's ryanjbair on twitter and apparently he recently made an onlyfans. Anyone got something from this hottie?
  19. P

    Blake Wilder (stag Collective)

    Anything on this hot curly man? Blake Wilder on Stag Collective. Does He have an onlyfans?
  20. J

    Who Is This?

    I was wondering if anybody know who is guy is? He has such a pretty face and I want to know so bad
  21. J

    Photos & Videos Kaleb Stryker Onlyfans

    Anyone have any hot content of his? He's so fucking hot
  22. Naughtyaugust

    Help Me!

    Hey guys! Someone who know something of this scene, please share me! I'm interested in this porn, but I cannot find even any full images of this. That's just an index picture from a porn pics browsing site.
  23. Lé_Asmith

    "sleeping Porn"....wtf!

    If you like those kinds of videos...WHY!?!?! These kinds of videos are disgusting! Yeah most of them are fake, but you're still getting off to the idea of someone getting molested/r@ped in their sleep. Wtf is wrong is y'all???
  24. U

    Thomas Woods

    Thomas Woods is Active Duty's latest model. This soldier is hung and a super stocky stud. I really felt in love with him. If someone knows something about him or have this video and can share it would be amazing
  25. M

    Id This Handsome Gay Porn Star / Movie / Scene

    Anyone know the name of the actor and movie title / scene?
  26. Gemini1995

    What Draws You To Onlyfans?

    Hi all! I am looking into onlyfans as I want to know what draws people into onlyfans?? Is it because someone is famous? Is it because of the videos and pics they post out? Do you have a preference on the price? Is it the types of videos? I am curious and would love to make an onlyfans that...
  27. F


    Not sure if that's the right thread to ask but, what happened to gaycock4u.com? Gives me an error and I can't access it now. Do you have the same error on your end? Do you know of a website alternative with the same content? They usually posted content from big gay porn websites but you could...
  28. D

    Photo Bryce Star

    Anyone know if he has any social media or what his name is? I know he performed under Bryce star for men.com and other sites a few years back. He is so hot!
  29. M

    Porn Scene Thats Made You Cum Multiple Time?

    Whats a porn scene thats made you cum multiple times?