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  1. L

    Who Is This?

    hello who is this guy?anybody knows? please
  2. N

    Help me ID lads?!

    Would love to know who the bottom is but also the lad fucking him! Thanks in advance
  3. J

    Video Help me with this video

    I was looking so hard this video and I just found it, but it's muted, does anybody have it with sound?? xtianko Cruising twink got caught by Beefy Hung Daddy
  4. M

    Who are they ?!

    Please help me to find their names!
  5. M

    Samuel Lima (tiktoker ig: samuelliman) - porn videos

    Samuel Lima fudendo no pelo chapado. 1000 likes posto mais 2 videos que tenho dele transando., Video disponivel no xvideos :
  6. G

    Photo Boyfriendlive.com Models

    Does anyone recognize this model? He always pops up during porn ads! So hot! Need a name!
  7. M

    Soft Bottoms - Share your Pictures and Videos

    I am really starting enjoying to see images and videos of bottoms with limp / Shrivelled and soft cocks while being fucked. So lets share our favourite images and videos to celebrate these men and their softies
  8. J

    Photos & Videos I Need Help Finding This Video

    I found this video like 2-3yrs ago, and I’ve been looking for the rest or whole thing ever since. Anyone got anything?
  9. K

    Name of pornstar(s)

    Anyone know the name of either one of the two pornstars in the picture?
  10. C

    Champagneshreds (Champagne Papi, Jay)

    Anything on this sexy man? @champagneshreds
  11. D

    Name of this guy?

    Name of this guy?
  12. S

    Who is he

    That’s the model of bonga cams’s gay advertisement. WHO IS HE?
  13. W

    Original Vid

    found this video on twitter, anyone have the original?
  14. XXXLove3535

    Does anybody recognize who this webcam skater dude is in this infamous video. He shoots a huge load and he's high as a kite lol

    Does anyone know the name or recognize this webcam model Skater dude in this infamous webcam video clip. He shoots a big load and he's high as a kite lol He cums like multiple times in one shot!
  15. 8

    Help identify

    Can someone please help me find this guy,he's so hot.
  16. D

    What is the name of this porn?

    Hello Guys. Do you know this porn? I found it as a gif but I would like to see this video. Does anyone have any idea what this porn could be called? I would be very happy to answer. :) greetings Tom
  17. D

    ID help, BWC rawfuckclub

    Hi, anyone know the scene or either actor’s name? I receive a regular email from Raw Fuck Club that has a multi panel pic. This scene is part of the pic/jpeg(?). I contacted RFC with no response. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  18. C

    Anybody knows who this Asian boy is

    Saw this picture apparently he does porn and he’s Japanese that’s the only thing I know? If anybody knows PLSS tell me he’s so fine
  19. M

    Who is this ?

    Did someone know the name of the guy with the lightning tattoo ?
  20. K

    Bareback Gay Porn Scenes

    What are the hottest and sexiest “bareback” gay porn scenes you’ve watched multiple times? ;) Share them so we can “feed” our common hunger ;)
  21. 5

    Gay pornstars with multiple cumshots.

    Which scene is your favourite, when a gay pornstar shoots cum more than once? Mine is Diego Sans’ great cumshots In this video. https://thegay.com/videos/712919/diego-sans-cums-3-times/
  22. I

    Gaytorrent.ru invitation link

    Hi guys, I know it can be hard to become a member on gaytorrent.ru so here`s an invite: https://www.gaytorrent.ru/?ref=47ac95583ff78f0a5e1d447b31c9024f Follow the link and then create yourself a profile. This will also give me some bonus points so i can download more, so win-win situation for...
  23. mmiller

    Porn Audition/Casting Videos

    I love watching the porn audition/casting type videos where the guy's just talking about his sexual experience and showing his body and jerking off for the camera. Share your best ones here!
  24. E

    Looking for a video + Citebeur

    Hey, I’m looking for a gay porn video from the website Citebeur. It was on pornhub back in the days. The title is: Derek's ass for Malik the destroyer (Malik & Dereck). (pic) But also, I see no thread on the Citebeur videos that I find amazing (french videos on hot arab guys). Thanks!!
  25. E

    What is the name of this porn actor (on the right)?

    Does anyone know what the name is of the porn actor on the right? Link to the video: https://www.gayck.com/videos/19273/alpha-fur-covered-bearded-jock-romps-fit-fem-dude/?utm_source=pbweb&utm_medium=pbweb&utm_campaign=pbweb
  26. A

    Photos & Videos Anyone have his nudes and videos?

    His OF is: OnlyFans im way too broke to see it, but he is so hot on Instagram
  27. L

    help me id this actor

    help me id this guy
  28. lalalalaladarius

    Does anyone have On The Set videos from Next Door Studios?

    I only find short videos of 5 mins or less, not full videos.
  29. C

    Can someone id this vid?

    I saw this video on xhamster and i wonder if someone can id the full video name. If you wanna see it just google "two guys playing" on the website
  30. R

    Gay Porn Movies/DVDs

    Hello guys. I just wanted to ask on what website do you watch gayporn movies or dvds online for free? Thank you.