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  1. twinkiii

    Photos & Videos Mike_idm/Leoblacked/Max100798/Lukasschwaiger/tim_kwaspen (Germans)

    Hello. Some years ago these guys were all over insta with other famous fitness boys. Anyone remember them? Please post all you have. Let's discuss
  2. M

    Help me to identify this guy!

    Hey everyone. For a couple of mouths I'm trying to find out more content or informations, like name or more videos from this dude. The only things I already know until now is, He's problably German and play on some scenes from GGG John Thompson (German Goo Girl) porn movie studio. If you can...
  3. R

    Mrtnxmrtn on twitter

    Has someone anything of this german guy? He constantly tweets hints that he's (extremely) hung, but I've never seen his dick... https://mobile.twitter.com/mrtnXmrtn
  4. ME -_-_- EA

    Ben from Hard Is Easy

    There was no thread, so I'm starting one. For Context:
  5. P

    Fun things to do in Köln - Cologne

    Hey I’m traveling to Köln very soon and I would like to know what's fun to do there like spa, gay bar, cruising etc any recomandations ?
  6. N

    Valentin Zapf

    Hey, need more of this German athlete Valentin Zapf (20)
  7. T

    Rim Dudek / rimdudek

    Anything about this cutie Rim Dudek, model from Hamburg?
  8. F

    Nimo and dardan (German rappers)

    Hello does anybody have something of them? Even fakes are extremely appreciated
  9. leluis

    NiklasNeo (german youtuber)

    Insanely hot guy who is big in height and muscle
  10. T

    Luca.star | Bastii.bck

    New Onlyfans and Twitter boy Twitter: https://twitter.com/lucastarx?s=21&t=YacR-2uMidexsnaG6SJEWA Onlyfans: OnlyFans
  11. K

    Photos & Videos TheboyofEngergy - German Gay Boy

    This is my fist Post, please be gentle :D I am a big fan of a Boy called Engin. He showed a lot of his body on twitter for free for the last two years, but has now only some kind of onlyfans: mym.fans/Theboyofenergy He said he has a final sale and wants to delete everything after February. So...
  12. Y

    Tim Frisch (german triathlete)

    German athletes are so fucking hot ! He’s the cutest
  13. P


    anything on him? https://twitter.com/manutwinkx OnlyFans thank u xx
  14. B

    Bushido (German Rapper)

    he's so hot... is there more?
  15. S

    Moescode onlyfans - hot german guy

    Hey guys. Does anyone have something on him? He does onlyfans, had a twitter account and looks hot. Looks like he Hase a good bulge aswell Heres the Onlyfans and heres the Instagram
  16. m.patrick

    Tim Skarke (german footballer)

    Tim Skarke (german footballer, Union Berlin)
  17. m.patrick

    Steffen Tigges (german footballer)

    Steffen Tigges (german footballer for Cologne)
  18. m.patrick

    Dominik Kother (german footballer)

    Hot german Dominik Kother (footballer; Karlsruher SC)
  19. B

    Lenn_Postel - German Instahunk

    Anyone got something on him? Lenn (@lenn_postel) • Instagram photos and videos
  20. H

    Photo PLEASE. Identify this hot beefy model! Name please

    He looks so hot its from an german?? underwear site. Thanks
  21. m.patrick

    Lucas Krzikalla (german gay handballer)

    Lucas Krzikalla (german gay handballer)
  22. m.patrick

    Jonas Monar (german singer)

    Jonas Monar; (german singer)
  23. JockWorshiper

    David Ortega, German actor

    Anyone seen any updates on this guy? He was really popular like 5 years ago, really handsome face and hot body.
  24. Y

    Manuel eitel - german decathlete

    He is so sexy! German athletes can have my panties any time
  25. V

    IG: fit.by.jendrik

    Anything on him?
  26. V

    Dennis Müller / IG: dennismuller7

    He‘s beautiful! Anything of him?
  27. Pau-Pat

    Alexander Bommes (former German handball player - now TV presenter)

    Former handball player Alexander Bommes (*1976) - now TV presenter for the German version of The Chase (Gefragt - Gejagt) and various sports programms
  28. N

    Voxxclub (German boy band)

    I just figured out there isn't a thread for this German Schlager boy group yet. These five guys are in their 30's and early 40's and their music is a mix of traditional German/Austrian folk music with modern beats. Christian is gay, the other guys Korbinian, Stefan, Flo and Michi are straight...
  29. M

    Mark Rist (German, JungsWG)

    Sein Insta
  30. U

    Burakoezk IG/ Buraklan TikTok

    German/Turkish Insta model and Tiktoker Burak. Since he's always promoting to join his "private story" on Snapchat I was wondering if anyone got anything on him.