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  1. D

    Worship my cock

    Hello, I am 20 years old with a 24cm penis. I really enjoy others worshipping my penis and came onto this website to find exactly that. I can send any type of picture but this (below) is my best IMO.
  2. Mr9inchXXL

    Honest thoughts on this Dick

  3. What happen to this pornstar?

    What happen to this pornstar?

    Benjamin Dover from Broke Straight Boys and Raw Hole is one of my all time favourite top. He was your normal corn feed cute guy from the midwest with a massive perfect dick. Every bottom that got to work with him all said he was one of their favourite to work with. I wonder what happened to him :(
  4. L

    Big All Over...

    "Standing at 6'4", weighing over 240 pounds and boasting an eleven inch long penis, Ken Ryker is a giant of a man in more ways than one." This sentence turns me on every time I read it, and so do the pictures attached below. I love men who are big all over: tall, muscular, big chest, big arms...
  5. italmuzlboy

    Obscenely Thick Cock Porn

    Pretty hard to find vids of monster thick cock fucking a bottom. Beercan thick - around 8" girth or more. Mukhtar Safarov, Bob Lowe, Ed Lawrence, Esteban, Wade Pope, Cutler X, Tom Lord are a few to name. Anyone have links to vids or names of pornstars to add to S T R E T C H this collection ...
  6. eugenio963

    The Handsome @fitnessongwriterjoey

    I don't know more about him except his name, I know his name is Joey oh and of course, he's so hot af , Does anyone have anything about him???