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  1. D

    big boobs have their uses, but lets celebrate girls with flat chests! -no pussy pics- ;)

  2. D

    sexy girls with bald pussies in pictures

    post pics of naked girls with shaved pussies! lets worship them together
  3. Prince Jessy

    Photo College Nude Girls For Men

    Good morning to all straight and bisexual men! Let us post pics of college nude girls for our manful pleasure! Let us keep this thread soft core. Let us post pics of nubile girls but not of sex or of guys. Nothing but beautiful naked girls, pure and simple! Here are some pics to begin the fun:
  4. Hoppakilla

    Threesome Help!!!

    It finally happened, I matched with a young lady on a social dating app. We had sex a few times and she asked if she could bring another girl (a friend of hers) along in the next time we have sex. Does anyone have any advise, how do I keep things interesting so its not just someone watching...
  5. I

    Photos & Videos Sexy Girls Asses In Panties Thongs Bikinis Swimsuits

  6. P

    Sharing Your Gf With Others?

    Not sure if it's been a thread before. Was hoping to share experiences, practices even post pics, videos.. How did the convo come up? What are some rules? Where do you guys look? Film? Condoms ? Do you let your gf decide / talk to the guy without you knowing? How open are you?
  7. R

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  8. R

    Jerkoff With Strangers On Webcam [link Below]

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  9. Derek92

    Cute Hot Girls With Good Shapes

  10. 4

    Are Guys More Attracted To You Than Girls?

    Hey, so I was wondering if out on these streets if you guys get hit on more by girls than girls? If so, does it bother? How do you feel about guys being more attracted to you than girls?
  11. J

    Photo Eye Rolling Orgasm & Women Rolling Their Eyes In Orgasm

    Hey guys, Not so much common but I am sure I am not the only one turned on by this and gets me wet. You can just upload your own eye rolling orgasms and let's make this thread HUGE and let people explore a new fetish. I will be getting the pictures from a sub and website (it's the only think I...
  12. marriedasian

    Equality Creates Inequality... Example Inside.

    so this came up during one of my youtube binge sessions and i couldn't help but start searching for more discussions on this particular issue. on one side, we want equality, but then on the other side, when it creates side effects and create inequality, what do we do? as i stated in the title...
  13. D

    Phone Sex

    uk.......ANYONE wanna be in this group,some sexual fun,only for opened minded person's,discret,finish and go,its a ee groupe so its free.I will be there all day 07953966666 696969#
  14. serpentino

    8 Inches And The Girls

    Hi, I'm in my mid-30s now and since I'm more of a relationship kinda guy I haven't had too many experiences with women. I am only in my third relationship right now and I am curious to know what reactions other men with an 8-inch penis have been getting so far from women. I'm not super-big but...
  15. I

    Video Tight Sexy Pussy Being Stretched By Big Cocks

    Hey Thought we can do with this thread Adrianna & Johnny[Trim].mp4 9<a class="embedly-card" data-card-via="https://embed.ly/code?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Ffile%2Fd%2F1qEd-1482oheJ4ebyJCJ84CRadgQrK5Hn%2Fview%3Fusp%3Ddrivesdk"...
  16. R

    Snapchat Groupchat

    Guys or girls Add me on snapchat - rajjthetaj Or drop your snapchat down below and I’ll make a group chat with everyone!