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  1. melenekosta1

    Personal ad

    Hey im a massage therapist from Greece, would love to connect with people and expand my circle. Feel free to follow my ig Login • Instagram
  2. D

    Photos & Videos Giorgos ‘Gio’ Mavrogiannis

    Starting a thread for this gorgeous model who has many frontal shoots but yet nothing has popped up yet. He’s currently in Yummy if anyone has his pics…
  3. C

    Manolo - Emmanuil Karalis Hot Greek Athlete

    Manolo Karalis is a hot lovable Greek athlete
  4. G

    Gr celebrities

    Μπορούμε το παλιό φόρουμ να το ξανά δημιουργήσουμε
  5. 5

    Anyone have anything on alexanderpao (CAM4/chaturbate) / alexanderpaok (stripchat)

    Does anyone have anything on this Greek cam stud? He's so hot. I could only find the one sexy pic. I hope you guys might have more luck than I've had.
  6. M

    Nikos Palamaras - Greek muscle hunk

    Just discovered this Greek guy. Anyone know anything more about him? Photos: Panos Misailidis
  7. ChuChiPapi

    Athletic DJ that posed naked as Greek god in 2007 (Featured in a gay magazine) - Anyone know who he is?

    Anyone know who I could be talking about? In late 2006/early 2007 there was a DJ from America (possibly Canada) and he posed naked as an ancient Greek god… there article was featured in *some* gay magazine about him posing nude, but the picture was for some promotional event, somewhere in...
  8. N

    Photos & Videos Greek Hunks

    A new thread about Greek Hunks.
  9. B

    Giannis Antetokounmpo

    He’s so sexy and most likely got a big cock
  10. K

    Hairy Greek guys not super toned

    I absolutely love seeing hairy Greek guys. I know there's a few posts out there, but I'm specifically looking for normal everyday Greek guys. Feel free to post any pics you have. This is for anyone that is like me, that likes seeing amateur pics of hot Greek guys that are not necessarily super...
  11. C

    Wood7man appreciation post

    Please feel free to add more vids of him cumming
  12. M

    Photo Denis Mastorakis - Greek god, swimsuit model, muscle

    Just discovered this guy - anyone have anything more on him??
  13. David Jck

    Photos & Videos Leo Domenico

    Here's a thread for one of my all time favorite pornstars Leo Domenico! He's a Cypriot hunk & sexy man with a massive cock! This thread may serve as a fanpage for this handsome man, he really deserves that recognition! Enjoy the content ;)
  14. F

    Cruising in Athens, Greece

    Hey guys, do you know active cruising spots in Athens, Greece? I am willing to try many of them, put preferably start with the guaranteed ones !
  15. Marco Tony

    Hot Greek Men

    Theres already two greek threads. A non celebrities one and a celebrities one. But 98% of the posts are in greek. So most people have no idea what they are talking about. So i made an english thread about sexy greek men. Please only post in english. This thread is made for those who are into...
  16. A

    Greek Cam4/chaturbate

    Οι καλύτερες στιγμές από online shows με Έλληνες που τα δίνουν όλα για μερικά tokens. Enjoy!
  17. T

    Greek Celebrities Male Feet

    Αφού ποστάτουμε συχνά φωτογραφίες με πατούσες στο αντίστοιχο ποστ με άνδρες celebrity δημιούργησα αυτό το ποστ για να είναι πιο συγκεντρωμένα και να ανεβάζουμε πιο πολλά για το κοινό που ενδιαφέρεται *Since we often post photos with feet in the corresponding post with celebrity men, I created...
  18. cockwitch

    Mythology Movie Hotties

    I’ve been reading a lot of greek mythology lately and I cant stop thinking about all those heroes.. lets all share our favorite adaptations of actors portraying famed mythology characters.
  19. G

    Photos & Videos Greece's Next Top Model (2021 - 2022)

    Discussion and material regarding the male contestants of GNTM shall take place here. :)
  20. G

    Gntm 4 Greece

    Έχουμε τίποτα από τα αγόρια του GNTM;
  21. G

    Big Brother Greece 2021

    Καλησπέρα έχουμε τίποτα από τα νέα παιδιά που μπήκαν big brother; καυλακια είναι
  22. G

    Big Brother Greece (season 2 - 2021/2022)

    Premieres today, let's keep the good and hot moments of the male participants in this thread.
  23. B

    Photos & Videos Super Handsome + Super Hung - Id Help!

    Who is this dude? He's super handsome! And that cock! Video is on webcamjackers. No further info. Would love to see more of him! Video here
  24. S


    Greek Instagram hunk with an amazing ass that he loves to show off!
  25. ft5777

    Stefanos Tsitsipas (tennis Player)

    Hey I'm fixing a terrible mistake here by starting a thread on the hottest tennis player (in my opinion). Please post anything you may have on this greek God. I'm starting with some of my favorites showcasing his assets.
  26. D

    23/male/slave Seeks Any Age/male/master In Any Place (only Serious)

    Hello Sir! I am a 23 year old boy from Greece. I am gay and out to friends and family. I'm finishing my university degree, doing my diploma thesis at the moment, so I spend a lot of time at home. I live with my parents in my own room, or with my boyfriend at his one bedroom apartment. I am...
  27. Y

    Giorgos Kakosaios (greek Singer)

    I want him inside me I wanna play with that chest fuss while I ride his cock
  28. G

    Greek Football Players

    Ας δούμε τι υπάρχει από Έλληνες ποδοσφαιριστές. Έχετε κάτι;
  29. G

    Martakis | Oikonomopoulos

    Τι ωραία παιδιά ο Μαρτάκης και ο Οικονομόπουλος ρε παιδιά? Έχετε τίποτα? Greek Greece
  30. G

    Varouxis & Big Brother Greek

    Έχετε δει τίποτα από αδέλφια Βαρουξης; και γενικά από ελληνικό big brother? Έμαθα υπάρχουν