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    O Orfeas μας
  2. G

    Photos & Videos @Tamprazis // Tassos on Twitter

    Found this mature Greek the other day! God I’m a fan already :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: dunno if he goes with the same user on other sites but pretty much all I could find was on his twitter/X profile
  3. F

    Orestis Lazouras

    I fcking love this daddy and his hairy body. He has this kind of rouge sex, big dick energy. Instagram
  4. P

    Dark Knight alpha greek hunk

    Hey guys! Anyone knows more about this greek alpha hung guy? He is really hung! OnlyFans
  5. LucasEL

    Vasilis Mihas ( Greek actor )

    He's soo hot i wanna ride him soo badly
  6. M

    Survivor 2024 Greece

    Είπα να κάνω την αρχή για το φετεινό Survivor που αρχίζει απόψε στο skai. Απο ΄οτι φαινεται το καστινγκ είναι αρκετά καλό φετος και ελπίζω να γίνει και καλύτερο! Για αρχή o Γίαννης Περπατάρης που έχει αρκετό υλικό στο ινστα. Ηλικία: 34 ετών Ιδιότητα: Αγρότης Μεγαλωμένος στη Βόρεια Εύβοια...
  7. P

    Photos & Videos Looking For A Guy That Loves Showing Off On Snapchat But Doesn't Need anything In return.

    Yall can be gay, straight, whatever I just wanna see dick
  8. G

    Fame Story Greece 2023

    Discussion regarding the male contestants of the Greek reality show Fame Story shall take place here. The live-stream can be watched here:
  9. H

    zeleditsa/aptalhs/sichuanh Login • Instagram
  10. M

    Greek Snapchat group

    Snapchat ομαδική για παντρεμένους και στραιτ. Ηλικίες 25-50. Στείλτε μου μνμ για να σας βάλω!
  11. Brendanbot

    Photos & Videos Nasos Lakafosisis

  12. Giw96

    greeks on snapchat/ έλληνες στον snapchat

    Any greeks here for snapping?? leave your snap below bros:emoji_right_facing_fist::emoji_left_facing_fist:
  13. geodio

    Greek snapchat / Snapchat Greece

    I am creating a snapchat group for Greeks. My username is gdi20238226. Add me, so I can create the group once a couple of people are interested in joining! Once the group is created I will also post its link.
  14. M

    Iasonas Mandilas

    This is an appreciation post for Iasonas Mandilas (Jason Mandilas). He’s a greek singer/dancer. He’s super fit! I met him a number of years ago and have been quietly appreciating him from afar since. He goes through spells of posting pretty suggestive posts on his Instagram but they often...
  15. D

    Christos Douglas - Tiktok

    This fine man really needs a thread. So fucking hot.
  16. msriffraff

    Iasonas Laios

    Just discovered this stunning Greek guy who I think may have been on a recent series of Greece's Next Top Model. Ugh, he's gorgeous!
  17. S


    i'm trying to ID the curly haired hunk in the video, i believe he's in porn. lpsg, please do your magic!
  18. ItsMeGabriel

    Orestis Papapetrou

    Does anyone have anything more on former model Orestis Papapetrou?
  19. G

    help me ID this beautiful curly hair guy

    the man with curly hair, he looks so damn hot, help me find him pls gay-guy-happy-to-be-rescued-and-blows-as-a-reward
  20. J

    Giorgio Makris/Engita

    Who has more pics of him?
  21. Cameron715


    Hot dude, definitely needs a page on here. His name is George Morcos, he just made OF
  22. G

    Personal ad

    Hey im a massage therapist from Greece, would love to connect with people and expand my circle. Feel free to follow my ig Login • Instagram
  23. C

    Manolo - Emmanuil Karalis Hot Greek Athlete

    Manolo Karalis is a hot lovable Greek athlete
  24. G

    Gr celebrities

    Μπορούμε το παλιό φόρουμ να το ξανά δημιουργήσουμε
  25. msriffraff

    Nikos Palamaras - Greek muscle hunk

    Just discovered this Greek guy. Anyone know anything more about him? Photos: Panos Misailidis
  26. ChuChiPapi

    Athletic DJ that posed naked as Greek god in 2007 (Featured in a gay magazine) - Anyone know who he is?

    Anyone know who I could be talking about? In late 2006/early 2007 there was a DJ from America (possibly Canada) and he posed naked as an ancient Greek god… there article was featured in *some* gay magazine about him posing nude, but the picture was for some promotional event, somewhere in...
  27. N

    Photos & Videos Greek Hunks

    A new thread about Greek Hunks.
  28. B

    Giannis Antetokounmpo

    He’s so sexy and most likely got a big cock
  29. K

    Hairy Greek guys not super toned

    I absolutely love seeing hairy Greek guys. I know there's a few posts out there, but I'm specifically looking for normal everyday Greek guys. Feel free to post any pics you have. This is for anyone that is like me, that likes seeing amateur pics of hot Greek guys that are not necessarily super...
  30. C

    Wood7man appreciation post

    Please feel free to add more vids of him cumming