1. A

    bottoms in Costumes (fit/muscle)

    Thread for porn where the bottom is in a costume Fit & manly good looking guys only Links only (dont post videos) Also solo videos of muscle guys in costumes
  2. D

    Gay Horror photos and Erotica

    Been feeling the halloween spirit lately and took some scary/sexy photos! Check out my twitter page! Twitter!
  3. niv3003

    Photos & Videos Halloween Muscle

  4. ramsgate18

    the legend of the bull (ramsgate18 halloweenie tale, MM, Fiction)

    There was a legend that every year at The Velvet Trumpet, that every year since its opening a mysterious patron would attend the annual Halloween fancy dress party wearing a bulls head and a leather kilt, he would never remove the mask all night, but whoever took him home (he had his pick, his...
  5. GuysLoveBJ

    Photos & Videos Halloween Hotties

    Happy Halloween!
  6. 4

    Let's See Those 2021 Halloween Costume Bulges

    I'd love to see bulges from this year's Halloween. Were you a nerd with hiked up pants and a snake going down your leg? A superhero showing off his source of power? Let's see!
  7. C

    Halloween Bulge

    Anyone have any hot pics from guys in their Halloween costumes this year? Always my favorite time for some unintentional (or intentional) bulge. +10 points if they are straight
  8. D

    Fall/autumn Feels

    It’s still summer, but fall is coming. It’s my favorite time of year. What are some things you love about the fall?
  9. trackjock13

    Revealing Guy Halloween Costumes

    What are the sexiest costumes you have seen in person OR on line?
  10. Das_Boot

    Photo Costumes Aren't Just For Kids!

    It's that time of year again where I'm in the mood to think up a Halloween costume. I found a bunch of pictures online for ideas. If you're like me you love the thrill, freedom and excitement of dressing up at events, roleplaying in the bedroom or going out to Halloween parties and bar crawls...