hands free

  1. Frogzzz

    Photos & Videos Testicular masturbation

    So, i have been browsing through Wikipedia commons and found this guy Uploads by Richiex - Wikimedia Commons. He is able to cum just by playing with his balls (i will link all of his "testicular masturbation" or "scrotum masturbation" videos down below). I immediately tried it myself, and it...
  2. D

    Links Hands Free Prostate Orgasm/cum

    Prostate Orgasm - video 3 - ThisVid.com Anyone know who this is supposedly he had a tumblr???
  3. Eridanus

    Help me find the videos

    Been looking for the videos these gifs are from. Would be awesome if anyone here can help. Cheers!
  4. Gracious_living

    Hands free orgasm

    I took a sip of water. Catching my breath, I let some cool drops of water drip down my chest to my cock. Slowly bobbing with my every breathe, the swollen purple veins throbbed and flexed as the cold drips hit. I fix my pillows I'm kneeling on, and look back at my laptop behind me. On the...
  5. My sexual experiences as a bi man.

    Solo Handsfree Dry Orgasms Galore

    I had a couple hours of alone solo time over the weekend. I was super horny and hadn't came in about a week. From my experience this is a great place to be with your body. No Ejaculation for a week and horny. I decided to try something a little different, normally I would wank or put my cock in...
  6. accommodating

    Redmond oregon

    Anyone in my area? I'd like to find a bi top to let me enjoy his cock regularly and as much as he wants mmf are one of my favorite activities even if she isn't into guys doing anything but her. 38, 6'2" 185, I've never been with a guy regularly so if it happens don't let me talk you out of...
  7. Alex199109

    Looking for a vid

    Does anyone have the vid to this? He is hands free cumming in his underwear.
  8. T

    Why do guys jerk off with their legs up and pants on like this?

    Recently I've started noticing guys in solo videos do this and im wondering if it's for the viewer or if it does something for them? They pull up their legs, with their pants slightly down, and their dick behind the back of them. It almost seems like most of the time they're cumming hands free...
  9. F

    Hands free cumming

    Hi guys I’m a total top and my boyfriend is a total bottom I really really want to give him hands free orgasms….any advice?
  10. C

    Handsfree cum GIF - Source?

    Does anyone know the source and/or the actor in this GIF? https://bobsvagene.club/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/cum_on_finger_art-4873.gif
  11. F

    Cumming Handsfree By Flexing

    Does anyone know of any videos of muscular guys cumming just from flexing? I don't mean jerking then flexing, but just cumming from flexing alone - like the intensity of the flex just makes them cum? Best one I found was a video of a huge guy cumming just by doing bicep curls, but I can't find...
  12. 1

    Look mom, no hands! hands free cumshots

    Let’s see the best hands free cumshot don the net! Best I’ve seen so far: intense hands free cumshot and loud moaning
  13. blueballssoretip

    Cumming by exercise

    I always wanted to cum hands free. I even found this site while searching for a technique to do so. Recently I stumbled upon cumming hands free by exercising. http://thebananablog.com/blog1/2014/03/24/workout-cum-hands-free/ http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1623779512...