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hands free

  1. T

    Why do guys jerk off with their legs up and pants on like this?

    Recently I've started noticing guys in solo videos do this and im wondering if it's for the viewer or if it does something for them? They pull up their legs, with their pants slightly down, and their dick behind the back of them. It almost seems like most of the time they're cumming hands free...
  2. F

    Hands free cumming

    Hi guys I’m a total top and my boyfriend is a total bottom I really really want to give him hands free orgasms….any advice?
  3. C

    Handsfree cum GIF - Source?

    Does anyone know the source and/or the actor in this GIF? https://bobsvagene.club/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/cum_on_finger_art-4873.gif
  4. S

    Help Id This Hot Tied Guy

    Hey guys, can anyone help me please to id this tied guy with big cock, surrender his cum ruined 3 times by the masked man? His smile and surrendering act almost make me cum.. Help me find the source please - video 3 - ThisVid.com Thank you in advance..
  5. F

    Cumming Handsfree By Flexing

    Does anyone know of any videos of muscular guys cumming just from flexing? I don't mean jerking then flexing, but just cumming from flexing alone - like the intensity of the flex just makes them cum? Best one I found was a video of a huge guy cumming just by doing bicep curls, but I can't find...
  6. Leghunter

    Look mom, no hands! hands free cumshots

    Let’s see the best hands free cumshot don the net! Best I’ve seen so far: intense hands free cumshot and loud moaning
  7. blueballssoretip

    Cumming by exercise

    I always wanted to cum hands free. I even found this site while searching for a technique to do so. Recently I stumbled upon cumming hands free by exercising. http://thebananablog.com/blog1/2014/03/24/workout-cum-hands-free/ http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1623779512...