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  1. B

    Help ID this Handsome guy giving a blowjob at a club/bathroom

  2. iamloved

    Photos & Videos JAPANESE GAY PORN ❤️

    Does anyone know where to find the full video ? Thanks in advance :blush:
  3. D

    Onlyfans Danirubio // Twitter @yosolosoyeste

    I need more of this man....
  4. C

    Help me ID this hottie!

    can someone help me id him he is too hot to ignore!! thank you!
  5. G

    Ahn Hyo-seop

    Ahn Hyo-seop is a great actor and singer. His recent outing, Business Proposal (netflix) is so cute and amazing. He’s perfect as Kang Tae-Mu
  6. ikarisdruig

    Video Does anyone know who he is?

    I reverse searched this but all I got was a bunch of twitter accounts posting the same video.
  7. R

    Photo Thaltaphaj on twitter

    I wonder if this account is real or not. Does anyone know him? Twitter
  8. iamloved

    Photos & Videos Name ?

    Does anyone know who the guy is ? Pleaseee! TIA :heart:
  9. J

    Handsome Fit Nudecaster

    Does anyone know more about this guy? The vids are a bit old from Clothesfree, but his name is apparently Adrian Diaz. He appeared in shows 130-134 and is never seen anywhere else. I’ve had no luck finding him online and what he’s up to now. Attached are the pics. :heart_eyes:
  10. bgwl21

    Photos & Videos Aidan Mcculley (tiktok @reallyfunnyhuman)

    This sexy guy (gay, uses grindr) has been my obsession for the past few days, and I KNOW he has nudes online; I actually found a censored one. I NEED HELP finding his twitter account though! He keeps saying he has one but never links. Enjoy these pics, and please give your input, internet...
  11. O

    Help ID this guy

    Does anyone know who this is? Or have a full video of this?
  12. iamloved

    Photos & Videos Hunk guys name?

    Helloooo! Guys can someone tell their names if you know them. If posting their names is not allowed can u pm it to me. Thanks in advance :heart_eyes:
  13. M

    Myles Harris

    This journalist went viral on social media with his mamas infamous “hi baby!” moment while filming a segment. I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. You have to love a man who loves their mama. I want to marry him lol! Thoughts?? IG: mylestharris
  14. J

    Anyone know who this Tiktok guy is?

    Saw this guy's video over at HOT GUY Wank his HUGE COCK which originated from here Read some comments on Twitter that said he was a Tiktok guy but other than that I really have no clue who this guy is. Thanks.
  15. L

    Help me identify this handsome guy

    Does anyone know who this is? He's so fucking handsome D:
  16. DangerM

    Chase Demoor

    Any word on Chase!??
  17. What happen to this pornstar?

    What happen to this pornstar?

    Benjamin Dover from Broke Straight Boys and Raw Hole is one of my all time favourite top. He was your normal corn feed cute guy from the midwest with a massive perfect dick. Every bottom that got to work with him all said he was one of their favourite to work with. I wonder what happened to him :(
  18. A

    Photos & Videos Help ID the guy or link the full version ASAP

    someone ID this guy or link the full vid please
  19. C

    Photo Tato Outor

    This hot sexy brazilian athlete just opened an OF account. I think we can get him to show off some of his goodies with just more encouragement (and tips of course). He's sooooooo hot!
  20. P

    Photos & Videos Richie Tormo @richratch

    Any more on this model/tiktoker? He went viral for some wolverine videos. @ is richratch
  21. MomentoMori92

    GamerSault AKA R

    Don’t know much about this handsome man aside from he resides in the U.K. and runs a horror themed lore channel. Here’s a thread just to pay some homage to his good looks and nice backside:D
  22. bigboaster

    Hottest Gay, Bi (Queer) Actors

    Let's share, discuss and appreciate your favorite sexy gay, bisexual, pan or queer actors that exist (from anywhere in the world). Maybe you'll discover someone you didn't know about. Legit Nudes are very welcome. I'll start Jonathan Bailey
  23. M

    Video please help me ID this guy

  24. lish

    Photos & Videos Pics and video of me

    Hey, Here are some pics of me from my gallery: And a video of me in the shower: Share your thoughts. Do you want me to upload more photos? videos? any requests? You can also add me on insta and tell what you think - lishais11
  25. Marco86

    Photo ID this ripped blond stud?

    Anyone know who this guy is? Amazing pecs and abs. OK, and arms. And delts. And ass …
  26. J


    His ass is so nice it’s unbelievable and he is very handsome. His name is ralphhyperdomo on tiktok. Ralphy Perdomo ✪ on TikTok
  27. A

    @ of this guy

    can someone ID this guy pls. he looks so hot.
  28. D

    Toksik69rus - Chaturbate

    hot couple, i love them
  29. T

    Caleb Brossette (calebbrossette tiktok)

    This is Caleb Brossette - sexy tik toker. Anything on this stud? @calebbrossette on Tiktok and IG
  30. T

    Blaze Lowery (tiktok / wrestler)

    Anyone have anything on this tik tok / wrestler stud? His tiktok is now @blazy2brazy on tiktok and @blazelowery on IG