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happy ending

  1. J

    Any M4M happy ending places in San Diego California

    Hey guys, just was wondering if anyone knew any m4m massage happy ending places in San Diego or near San Diego. Please let me know just moved here
  2. kyleljeffreyphx

    Phoenix Arizona Here

    Looking to chat and get to know other like-minded guys living in and around or visiting Phoenix. Always up for a nice hike, coffee, beer and good story sharing about life and dudes.
  3. kcdave

    Massage With A Happy Ending!

    I'm an Guy that used to travel some for work. When out of town and I find myself with some free time I enjoy a massage. Earlier this year in Chicago I found a good one in boys town Booked a guy off masseurfinder , but when I arrived Met the masseur a guy about my age, but with long hair. He had...
  4. H

    Anyone Had A Hot Massage/turkish Bath Experience?

    I don’t mean the ones you hire specifically for that kind of thing but more like going to a professional spa, or Turkish bath and getting a spontaneous happy ending or playing with a guy. That’s definitely a turn on of mine. Would love to hear any hot stories?
  5. B

    Question For Massage Therapists

    Hey guys - hope there are some massage therapists out there that can offer some insight! Have had a number of massages from gay guys that ended with a Happy Ending - amazing experience. A couple of the guys also pulled out their dick and let me stroke it while he was stroking me... So here is...
  6. thickoneinLA

    Gay Massage Review Site

    Hello LPSG-ers. Does anyone have a link to a site the reviews massage therapists and escorts? Not Daddy's Reviews, but another one with a link called "the spa" and other links. I cannot locate it! Thanks!
  7. 8

    Korean spa body scrub

    Hey I’ve recently been to century spa in Los Angeles and had such a good time. Most guys are there to show off and stroke in the steam room or outside in the sun. I got a body scrub last time and was rock hard as soon as he started scrubbing my balls and shaft. I stayed hard throughout expecting...
  8. kcdave

    Relaxing massage

    Gary was a nice looking, well built man of around 40. He had a massage studio set up in an upstairs room of his home. Being upstairs the natural light could shine in but you couldn't see in from the road. The house right across the street could see in the room if they were looking but other than...
  9. sparkta

    Male massage by asian guys

    I'm a fan of massage, have gotten them regularly for a long time. I stopped going to females long ago, just not strong enough. I like it deep. I've been to hotel, independent and parlor therapists and had a variety of styles and experiences. In the last several years I frequent any one of the...