1. shy if you didn't look at it . . again

    shy if you didn't look at it . . again

  2. A

    Photos & Videos Coach Refereee Officials Sports Boner

    Anyone witness or have pic or videos of matches where the coach referee or official has a nice bulge, ass or boner lol would be a bonus or even too much hands on approach to the players or colleagues. I know NCAA has some hot wrestling referees that have a nice big ass, but I havent come across...
  3. julio_ortega9908

    Show Off Your Morning Hardons

    It's not a secret that every guy on earth has had a morning boner for apparently no reason, and is in you the decision of keep it going and jerk off or just ignore it. A possible explanation for this morning wood is based on the fact that testosterone levels are way higher in the morning, 8 -...
  4. M

    Hardon In Public Showers

    If you spotted a guy having an innocent hardon in public shower, as a straight man: 1. Don't even notice because you're not looking for it 2. Don't care, minding your own business 3. Surprised, yet ignore it. erections happen sometimes 4. Offended, doing nothing 5. Offended. makes it obvious...
  5. Berlin Williams

    Miko Pasamonte

    Does anyone have anything on this little cutie right here?
  6. fitandhung7in

    Locker Room Boners

    I have a thing for locker rooms, and especially seeing guys hard or with semi's in the locker room. For those with similar interests, here's a place to post pics, videos, stories, and personal experiences involving erections in the locker room or gym showers. Pics and videos can either be...
  7. J

    Have You Ever Add A Badly Timed/inappropriate Erection?

    A bit of background: I agreed to drive a neighbour to a recycling post yesterday. It was quite warm and humid so I was wearing shorts with a mesh lining in place of boxers. It's a good 40min drive and I naturally got a semi from the shorts rubbing on my cock head. By the time we got there I had...
  8. B

    Erections That Can't Be Contained By Speedos

    Think it's the hottest thing when a speedo is too small for a hardon
  9. bulgesfetish

    Only Real Bulge / Vpl Of Tv Presenters, Journalists, Panel Discussions, Debates, Tedx Talks, Etc.

    Post names, links to guys with big bulges and VPL here. It's about public figures, journalists, TV programs, debates on YouTube, panel guys, politicians, guys in suits. etc. Only real photos and videos, not fakes. Only impressive big bulges and VPL's.
  10. scyguy46

    Jo bathroom scene

    Actor jerking off on the toilet:
  11. 7

    I have a downward erection

    1521292\ You can see my hardon points slightly downward.

    Legs spread...

    Fooling around on cam...
  13. R

    All guys, sunday wood

    Get em out for LPSG 137926113792591379257
  14. S

    Expansion question for growers and showers

    As an extreme grower, one of the things that I really enjoy is the feeling of expansion within my cock as I grow to a full erection. There are times where I can feel the blood begin pulsing through and it is such a ongoing rush as it continues until I reach a full (and what will be a raging...
  15. A

    Anyone else horny?

    hit me up in my dms if anyone else is feeling a litttle horny