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help identify

  1. A

    Photo Help Me Find This Man

    Does anyone know who this is or if he has any social media?
  2. T

    Help Id This Hot Scene

    I’ve been trying to ID this guy or scene for years. Can someone help by telling me where this is from or who the guy is?
  3. T

    Help Id/back Story/share More Photos

    Can anyone share more photos of these guys from wnbr?
  4. T

    Long Shot - Help Find Vid/gif

    Ok so long shot here but does anyone from the tumblr days remember a post of a gif where a guy medium dark skin (possibly Latino or black?) with black hair and goatee. In the gif he is walking out of a room in what I assume is a home - he is naked post shower with a (blue?) towel around his...
  5. U

    Help Needed! What Are Their Names?

    Hi, does anyone recognise these male models? I need help trying to find their names to follow on social media. Tried reverse image searching them but their names/profiles are never given. Only thing I found is that one is a model for Kwan.Z underwear brand (never heard of it) and another for...
  6. M

    Know Something About Him?

    So I found this guy on my Instagram Feed (which is full of gay dudes lol) It might be cuz this guy has some crazy and that's one of my fetishes Know if he have onlyfans or is gay? Also, he looks like it's over 18 (I hope he is lmao) @kkendall_mmarin on Instagram (He's the guy on the right)
  7. L

    Anyone Know These Scenes?

    does anyone know where these are from? i’ve been trying to find it for quite some time so an extra help would be nice :)
  8. greenlit

    Help Please!!!

    I’m trying to find this guy I saw a few months ago from tiktok. He posts on twitter and has an onlyfans. Dark hair and tanned / Latino. I can also remember a pretty specific picture where he had busted on his chest and face and I think the caption had something about spilling frosting. That’s...
  9. vidal

    Who’s This Guy! Identify The Top

    Does somebody knows the name of the top? Does he has more gay sueñes maybe in other studios? Thanks xoxo
  10. marcmarc

    Mark Long

    ask for help about porn stars from Nextdoorstudios i have found his twitter but his accound is suspended do you know his other acount ? any social i can follow him
  11. L

    Help Me Name This Gay Porn Actor

    https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c6a614d5cbb5 Can someone give me the name ?
  12. F

    Photos & Videos Identify This Cocksucker Please

    I love this video. but the one i have doesn’t link to anywhere; i swear i saw a comment once saying there was a longer version somewhere else. i love how he’s sucking that big cock, anybody have leads!? I’d love to see more!
  13. wompity44

    Photo Does Anyone Know Who Is Actor

    He is on CFNM in the movie Nick's New Secretary he is called Nick Groves but I can't seem to find any other video of him. nicks-secretary-1. Porn - SpankBang
  14. A

    Photos & Videos Erick Dropbox Link? Bombbaits

    Does anyone have Erick from BombBaits' Dropbox folder
  15. Benlm

    Help Id This Model

    Hi guys! I need your help identifying this model. I tried finding who he is, but I had no luck. I hope you guys can help me! ;)
  16. 1

    Photo Help! Muscular Bearded Hunk Makes The Other Guy Grab His Dick Gif

    Hi, Does anyone know the source of these gifs?
  17. A

    Photo Need Help Id This Dude

    Hi idk his name or anything but this photo made me fall for him anyone know who this is?
  18. Y

    Does Anyone Know The Name Of This Actor?? Help!

    He appears in chapter 5 of the witcher (netflix)
  19. X

    Can Someone Tell Me The Name Of That Hot Top?

    Can someone tell me the name of that hot TOP guy on 9:00,11:30..also i m searching for the name of the bottom in the video with Darius Ferdynand pretty Tops Fuckfest Compilation three 6972197 720p at GayPorno.fm
  20. V

    Help Identify This Hung Guy!

    Anyone know who this is or have more of him? I think he used to have his own Tumblr? I just think he is HOT!
  21. A

    Photo Id This Hot Dude???

    I saw him and I’m in love with him
  22. A

    Help Id?

    This Twitter account wont say his account (@/bigbootybros) but does anyone know who the dude is or can figure out from the twitter page?
  23. A

    Help! Need To Identify Handsome Hot Brazilian Hunk, Perfectly Hairy, Long Cock

    Hey guys! I came across this hot guy on one of the blogs. Been trying to look for him elsewhere, the closest I've been to a name is "gustavo ferraz" who is supposedly a Brazilian escort - but i cannot find anything other than these pictures on his. Any help is appreciated!
  24. D

    Real Id Of This Guy

    Hi guys... i would really know if anyone knows who is this guy. It's supposed to be Tanner W. from Atlanta from SEXFLEXIBLE Real Guys but it's fake! Do you know who is he?
  25. T

    Who Is This?

  26. P

    Help Id'ing Exhibitionist

    Below are the video's I have found on this guy and I'm wondering if any of y'all know if he has more content and where to find it. He's an amateur exhibitionist and I've had no luck so far. Hot Young Stud Naked Cumming at the River - ThisVid.com Morning Masturbation - ThisVid.com Cumming while...
  27. Hishung

    Help Finding A Video

    Im looking for a porn vid i watched not to long ago but cant find it again. It starts with two friends in a room talking. The door knocks and a black dude comes in (i think he is wearing a red hat) one of the friends leaves the room like he doesn't want to be involved. The other guy sits on...
  28. S

    Help Finding Dvd Or Scenes

    I've tried searching everywhere with no luck. There isn't a great deal to go on but I remember a DVD from the early 2000s with a black male lead with some kind of short dreadlocks or something. I'm pretty sure the title of the DVD had the word 'wet' in it. The first scene was a sunny day. A...
  29. 1

    Help Me Find A Gay Movie!

    So when i was younger i remember watching a foriegn movie (i think russian or somewhere in eastern europe maybe) that i cant find anymore! It was on netflix's lgbt page and i remember it started in the 50s or 60s with the dad getting mad at the mother for buying the protagonist (a child here) a...
  30. Greyjoy_Dick

    Anyone Know Who This Twink Is?

    i came across his video while randomly looking through videos but it doesn’t show his name or anything and the comments on the videos aren’t any help. All I know is he’s possibly from Argentina. Rasta Boy Rasta Boy