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  1. M

    Hiv From Swallowing?

    I’m going through the middle of a health scare right now. I hooked up with a guy on July 30 and swallowed his load. We didn’t fuck at all. Yesterday he told me he tested positive for hiv. He doesn’t know when he contracted it. Im obviously going to get tested soon. I don’t know how long I...
  2. 9

    Hiv And Today

    As a doctor in the UK I have several friends who work in genitourinary medicine and the one statement close friend is hearing from gay men is that today they believe HIV is harder to transmit and therefore take more risks. She pointed me to a study conducted in Australia which also highlighted...
  3. JayPR

    How Was Gay Sex Before Hiv?

    Since I was born, AIDS existed. When I started having sex in the late 90s and early 2000s, HIV and AIDS shaped how I saw sex and how my sex life has been, from not having sex in order to avoid it, choosing very careful who my sex partners were, to avoiding any sex practices that were considered...
  4. T-800S

    I’m An Undetectable + Gay Guy And I Want To Find Love ‍♂️

    I really wanna believe that there are decent guys out there who wouldn’t mind dating with undetectable positive people Are there?
  5. twtrob88

    Dating with the looming stigma attached to hiv.

    Hey everyone, I rarely post, but I have seen many older posts on this topic and wanted to revive the conversation, because I’m sure it can help positive and negative guys. I myself was diagnosed as being positive when I was around 23 years old. As soon as I found out, I was in total shock. It...
  6. 2

    I think someone may have cum inside me if though i didnt want them to!

    Yea so im holiday and last night i met two older guys (like 30) they were boyfreinds and they were both hot and one had a 9" dick i told them before i met i didnt want bareback... and they both put condoms on in front of me. The seemed like really nice guys they told me where they worked and...
  7. 1

    Dating when you're hiv+

    Hi guys, I was wondering what everyone thinks about this? I've been positive since April 2017 and undetectable since June 2017. Which means I can't pass on and I'm a healthy guy. I always prefer having sex with condom of course. I did just one mistake in 2016 and now have to take one tablet...