1. voyeurfan

    How to improve sensation during anal sex ?

    How to improve the sensation for the top during anal sex ? From my experience so far with different partners, once the penis penetrates the hole and the tip goes past the anus , it feels hollow like a cave inside and I have no sensation from it. I have tried different positions such as doggy...
  2. Harambae

    Guys Showing Off Swampey Holes

    Didn't even know there was a whole ass 'nother thing for me to go mad over in relation to dudes and that sexy AF uncontrollable flooding out of them man panties after hard workouts with the rest of the team! There's something about possibly being embarrassed about noticeably soaking up that...
  3. S

    Holes Or Faces. What Type Of Porn Do You Like?

    Two major types of porn seem to fall into the categories of a penis in a hole or more full body with facial expressions. What type do you prefer. Personally I'm not crazy about any vid that is basically a penis in a hole for 90% (or whatever) of the vid. I like plenty of full body action so you...
  4. H

    Hairy Holes

    4202851 Anyone else have an untamable hairy ass? I used to try to keep it groomed but have come to love it. Drop your holes below! ;)
  5. 87654r

    Guys gaping

    Post pics and vids of guys with gaping holes. Love seeing used guys