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hook up

  1. Z

    The Roommate

    Fresh out of college, and ready to begin a career, my brazeness to move away from home put me somewhere new and unfamiliar. My naïveté about how easy it is to actually land a job and begin life in a area placed me in a situation where I bit off more than I could chew living on my own. I had...
  2. P

    Glory hole in Bluffton South Carolina

    NSA head at private gh in Bluffton/HHI. Big shooters and leakers are VIPs. Hmu
  3. Michaelbr

    Fort Polk Army Base fun

    I come to Fort Polk a few times a month. While there I have tried a few of the apps but nothing ever seems to come to fruition. Also - seems like most ppl on them are from the surrounding area NOT military guys from base. My question is - is there a place on base to meet guys and maybe mess...
  4. Hornyartist

    Taking the most massive cock

    (Stay to the end for pictures and videos!) This is a true story of my first year of college (im a second year 19M as of now). Its a long read but I swear its worth it! (at least I think so! lol). I knew this guy from some of my classes (18M) with whom I truly did not enjoy much- he sort...
  5. P

    London XXL - Heavy Cummer

    Young, slim and very hung. High sex drive so ideally looking for some regular fun. Top, very open minded and also love oral. Message me for pictures etc or to chat. Things I'm into: MMF Muscular bottoms with bubble butts who love to be bred and take multiple loads from me over the course of a...
  6. S

    Montreal fun

    Aussie travelling to Montreal from 18 June 2021 to compete in a sporting competition. Looking for local Montreal guys for some fun post event. Starting a little kik group for easy communication while I’m there.. send me a message and I’ll give you the kik information
  7. C

    Visiting Mexico - Friends Meetup

    My partner and I are traveling around Mexico in March, and would love to make friends and meet people along the way. We'll be in in the following places: Mexico City: March 14-23rd Puerto Vallarta: March 23rd to 28th Merida: April 01st to 07th If you plan on being there, hit us up! We're...
  8. bootyfull

    Why Is It So Hard To Find A Big Dick In Cape Town???

    I need to vent. I am a woman with an incredibly high sex drive. And all I want is to find a man with a very thick dick to fold me like pretzel and break my back like a glow stick. I don't think it's too much to ask. LOL :laughing:But finding one is as easy as adulting... Basically near...
  9. bobbythesmurf

    Most Embarrassing Sex Stories (gay)

    We would most likely keep this like of things to ourselves. But why not share it for laughs and learning from our rather embarrassing experience.
  10. D

    Please I Need Advice.

    I met a guy in scruff and I need help. He messaged me and I went to his house to hook up. I knew he was going to be big. I thought muscular but, I was wrong he was fat but I still have him a chance, I didn't wanna judge. Went to his room and started making out. He had cigarette breath. We took...
  11. D

    Please I Need Advice.

    I met a guy in scruff and I need help. He messaged me and I went to his house to hook up. I knew he was going to be big. I thought muscular but, I was wrong he was fat but I still have him a chance, I didn't wanna judge. Went to his room and started making out. He had cigarette breath. We took...
  12. Susanonyc

    Hook Up Culture

    I’m a bisexual man by the way. Fully attracted to men and women. Anyway, I wanted to open a discussion on hook up culture. I’m fairly young, and people my age are always hooking up with people from tinder, Grindr, hinge, or whatever app they use. And I’ve always wanted to be a part of this...
  13. R

    Feet: Do You Notice Your Partner's Feet While Hooking Up?

    Quick Backstory: I suffer from eczema so my hands & feet naturally tend to be on the dryer side even when I use moisturizer and petrolatum based products. I do my own pedicures since I don't want to add foot fungus to the problem either. No matter how much I care for feet, they are never...
  14. H

    Favorite Sites

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone , New to the site and trying to get more comfortable with myself and sex in general . i hate the apps they are so full of ads and upgrades upon upgrades. I remember when I was curious about Craigslist or connection, they were a great way to meet people for...
  15. F

    Random Encounters

    Interested to hear stories of random encounters. Hottest thing that has happened to you in most unlikely place / situation
  16. H

    10” Bbc & Grindr Twink

  17. B

    Guys With Multiple Videos Of Themselves Hooking Up With Different Girls

    I remember a thread with a guy who talks about how he picks up hot girls then posted videos of the girls he found. Anyone have anything? (Amateur)
  18. Sexyscot3

    Albany New York

    Who’s based in the capitol region fellas? Just moved over here from Scotland
  19. T

    Any Gay Men In Phoenix?

    is anyone out there that wants to hang?
  20. JayPR

    Grindr And Dating/hookup Apps: Do You Ignore Messages When Not Interested?

    I'm curious about this topic because I was the kind of person that never ignored messages on dating apps, even if I was not interested. I used to respond, a short conversation, good manners, you can meet great people as friends. If the person started hitting on me, I would just say: “Thanks, but...
  21. curiousskpr

    Cayo Coco

    Hey folks! I'll be at the Melia Jardines des Rey mid-January 2020 and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on cruising, nude beach, hooking up, bj/hj spots, etc... Going down south to resource... And relieve pressure ;) !!! Thnx
  22. M

    Need Squirting Fantasy Fulfilled... West Coast (wa, Or, Ca)

    I am 26, athletic, toned, part pacific islander who loves giving women orgasms. However, I have never had the good fortune to come across a squirter. I've been with an average amount of girls in my life, but I feel the need to satisfy what is my biggest sexual fantasy, making an amazing woman...
  23. M

    Looking For A Squirter

    Hi there! It's been my biggest fantasy to one day have sex with a woman who squirts. I think it's the biggest turn on but have never had the fortune to experience it. I love pleasing women and making them cum more than I enjoy being pleased. I've never not made a woman cum using fingers...
  24. J

    Skype Voyeurs & Exhibitionists List

    Thought I'd start another thread to try and find what I'm after, I prefer to just watch and am looking for a straight/straight acting dude under 25 to show off for me. Role: Voyeur Age: 31 Location: Australia Incentive: Yes Skype ID: live:gimmie7731 If people use the questions above to post...
  25. C

    Looking for cock to suck on in orange county area

    Hey trying to find some cock to suck on. You lay back drop ur pants and let me suck you. Hung preferred
  26. Nicks_Dick

    Any long island guys?

    I'm a young 24 year old guy looking to see whose around on Long Island. Anyone?
  27. Sexyscot3

    Western mass

    I’m spending the summer in western mass near Pittsfield and was wondering if there were any hot guys or girls in the area looking to hang out or hook up. Here until the start of September. Got Snapchat and kik so just hit me up for my usernames
  28. Devin J Sizling

    Ok how about meeting me somewhere in iowa

    My Idea is that there are more of you in Iowa than in Minnesota, I could travel down to a number of places and I have lots of places down there that I like to sit and hide away and pull it out. But I am in the mood to face the dude and his buddies if he wants. I never say no when it comes to...