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hot men

  1. Bullbate

    FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 - The Hottest

    With the World Cup approaching, I thought it was a good idea to have a place to share the hottest players on the squads going - as well as those who look the hottest whilst they're there. Pleased Grealish got picked for England.
  2. H

    Photos & Videos Tony Knight @tjkwild

    Any hoy content from this stud? His Instagram is @tjkwild
  3. K

    Hot Men of Reddit

    Let's post pictures of ALL the hot men we can find on Reddit. Especially the ones that deleted their pictures. I'll begin, this is u/Southfollowing9694
  4. JayPR

    What type of men are you attracted to most and why?

    To give context on the options: Pretty boy: it's all about a pretty face, usually a boyish look, kind of a twink but not necessarily, also can be any age (Matt Bomer is a pretty face at 44 years old) A male model with a slim body and pretty face fits here (Harry Styles, Timothee Chalamet, Jaden...
  5. O

    Photo Sexy Straight Men of Pacific Islands (groins and pubes)

  6. N

    Nick Luciano

    So anyone sub to his patreon :)
  7. F

    Video Does anyone know who they are?

  8. P

    Who is this Cam Show Guy?

    Any hint who is this
  9. julioiomes

    best snap group of hot guys

    Let's create a group on snapchat, with a lot of hot men! Great for engaging and making friends, as well as good sexting Add me to the "julioiomes" snap and send me a photo for me to put in the group or you can click in the link...
  10. J

    Boone Smith (Big Cat Expert)

    This man who's appeared on Nat Geo and 72 Deadliest. His profession is a "Big Cat Tracker" He is soooo sexy. If he can handle big wild animals, imagine what else he can do
  11. A

    Dalton Brown

    Does anyone have anything on Dalton Brown? IG: daltonbbrown I know he’s on Snap, and I’m pretty sure he does ‘pay for content’ via DMs.
  12. K

    Brian Miller (@bnstym)

    Anyone got anything on handsome and sexy asf Brian Miller?
  13. 1

    Isaac (juiceman) Of

    anything from this guy? what's his Instagram or Twitter?
  14. B

    Hot Men On Sex And The City

    With SATC coming back, I was thinking of all the male actors who appeared on the show and so I wanted to post a thread where we share their hottest pics... Who was your favorite and who had the best sex scene/s? :rolleyes:
  15. J

    Straight Sex For Gay / Female Eyes

    Hi! This thread is to share straight sex videos for gay and female eyes. Let's enjoy delicious guys.
  16. B

    Photo Hot Male Model

    I was just shopping fot clothes until i found this hot model anyone know his name?
  17. L

    Robert John

  18. LurkerTA

    Video Videos Of Hot Men Trying On Underwear (with Vpl/ Bulge)

  19. J

    Fitdadblue Onlyfans Posts

    Please post photos and videos of fitdadblue OnlyFans
  20. T

    Emilio Mucho / Onlyfans

    Does anyone have any stuff from Emilio Mucho (ig - emilio_mucho) He's kinda hot and his OF is free so you can subscribe to him and post his stuff here please
  21. 1

    Who Is This Guy

  22. D

    Photo Hottest Women Of Asmr

    Some of you may know what ASMR is already...Audi Sensory Meridian Response, I think it is. Basically if you find certain sounds or voices calming and relaxing ASMR is for you. I use it to help me get to sleep. Apparently if you are susceptible to gentle stroking/tickling for example on the...
  23. F

    Cody Scheller

    This man is beyond gorgeous. Anything on @codyscheller on IG?
  24. F

    Michael_perdacher On Ig

    Anything on this gorgeous man? Does anyone know if he's gay or straight? He's so hot and has one of the most wholesome Instagrams out there imo
  25. K

    Jesús lucena (jjls_93)

    Any nude pics of him? Here is his IG account Jesús (@jjls_93) • Instagram photos and videos
  26. A

    Fabian garcia fitness model

    Muscle latino hunk in underwear with amazing bubble butt
  27. DaveyM

    Billy strummer

    Does anyone subscribe to his OnlyFans https://onlyfans.com/bigvernon30 ? His Twitter is so damn hot and quite revealing. Wondered whether it was worth subscribing to his OF