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  1. A

    Ty’reece @supremetyreece

    He does custom DMs on his Twitter. Has a massive cock. Any one have any more on him?
  2. R

    Photos & Videos Skinny toned guys 18+ any size, any sexuality!

    @ ChrisLockwoodX on Twitter
  3. Moniqa

    Shower bf

    So I got lucky and have a bf with enormous dick I always wanted, the thing is she's totally a shower, exactly 8inches all the time with huge girth aswell, so he mostly wear sweats, he look good ngl but sometimes its showing too much, any idea how to make it less obvious? I mean its good for it...
  4. Wild_Bill_Big_Cock

    Australian cock!

    Seems to be plenty of Aussies here. I think there should be a thread just for Aussie blokes with massive cocks, so we are easier to find. So, Australian men only, post your best photographic résumé. Include if you are straight or not, and your town or city, if you want. I'll kick off by...
  5. W

    Do you think I am huge?

  6. J


    Can someone ID this guy? Untitled
  7. knotbttmbitch

    Anybody know who own this pumped cock?

    Does anybody know who this guy is and where I can see more of his content! I absolutely love love love pumped uncut dicks and siliconed uncut dicks! The bigger the foreskin the better
  8. W

    ID this OG Chaturbate Star

    Just need help ID-ing this OG chaturbate model. I remember watching him a while back, but don't know if he still streams or even produces content any more. I would appreciate any help identifying this model's chaturbate username. If he currently has an Only Fans, or similar subscription site I...
  9. W

    “Huge” BBC but trying to get bigger

    Here is video of my penis, not here to show off or anything. I hear from a lot of people online that anything above 8inches is huge and i’ve had women I’ve been with tell me it’s huge but to me when I look at it, it doesn’t seem that big. Honestly I feel really average, I think that may be due...
  10. J


    Anyone got anything from Norwegianhulk onlyfans??
  11. C

    Compton King

    This man is huge and deserves to be served properly.
  12. B

    Video Who is this? Does anyone know this guy?

    Does anyone know this guy's name?
  13. Z


  14. S

    Can anybody ID him?

    Can someone tell me who he is? He has a video on nudesboys titled “athlete monster cock cum”
  15. Dropplers

    Biggest twink cocks on chaturbate

    Guys like tatanwalker, tw1nkfun and lobito_xxxl are pretty well endowed, but what are some other examples of HUGE twink cocks on chaturbate (previous and current)? Let's share our findings
  16. 2

    Dating App Huge Cock Advice

    Hey beautiful members of LPSG, long time listener, first time caller here. I’m 32, dating in LA, and i’ve heard i’m normally one of the cutest (& biggest) in most rooms. I’m into all types physically, but prefer huge cocks. How do I make that clear on dating apps (except Grindr), and which...
  17. xinac

    soycain / PavloCain

    This hot guy has OF and also cam4 account. Twitter: pavlocain CAM4 OnlyFans
  18. C

    Can anyone id this guy?He is fxxking hot!

  19. C

    TallCroatianXXL - Giant Croatian with Giant Cock

    Does anyone have any material on this guy? TallCroatianXXL He looks 2-meter tall and has a big and thick cock. here is his twitter: https://twitter.com/TallCroatianXXL
  20. T

    Video Who is this gorgeous boy?

  21. HungJC

    Clubs / Bars / Saunas Where Big Cocks Are Measured To Get In For Free

    Hey guys, I lived in Barcelona a while back and found about a sauna that had a big cock night where huge guys are measured at the door to get in for free. It was the Sauna Casanova and think it’s still open for business. I know in São Paulo brasil there is something similar at another...
  22. M

    @leo_buona instagram

    Anyone knows Leo Buona? L. B. (@leo_buona) • Instagram photos and videos
  23. camiloramorim

    Marrentojc \ Jeanchcs | ONLYFANS

    NEW BIG BRAZILIAN COCK BOY Twitter : https://twitter.com/marrentojc Onlyfans : onlyfans.com/marrentojc Brazilian pothead and giant dick :heart_eyes: :imp:
  24. Sabrine

    My cervix was hitted, pain and pleasure.

    Few hours ago I had sex with a German guy, and yes he was pretty big. It never happened to me before but during prone bone when he was on climax he hit my cervix. First time for me, first was pain then lot of pleasure. I scream in the pillow then hit by an unexpected orgasm. You guys have never...
  25. pijonmon

    Me and My Dick

    Hello, I'm from Argentina and I'm thinking of posting more photos/videos but I don't know yet :neutral:
  26. Amphlett

    Video Please ID this huge uncut cock

  27. rangisrovus19

    Who is this god

    Can't even look without bustin'
  28. U

    Please help me who is this boy ?

    Hello Please anyone know his name or his twitter ?
  29. Bathtime


  30. Beer bottle vs a big white dick

    Beer bottle vs a big white dick