1. C

    DOUBLE艾 double3852 Youtubers

    Did anyone have anything more spicy on these Chinese hunks? Sexy Photoshoot
  2. J


    For my money, the best OnlyFans page is UK Pleasure Boys OnlyFans This page is full of hot men, stripping completely naked in front of screaming women at their live shows. They update regularly. If you like CFNM, Public Nudity, Strippers, Exhibitionism, it is the best bang for your buck. Not to...
  3. Q

    Indo - Malay & South East Asian Hunks

    only share Indo - Malay & South East Asian Hunks, muscle model & bodybuilders. NO TWINK
  4. fireice42

    Working For My Girlfriend's Dad

    Timothy sat on his bed, frustrated and stressed out. Two weeks ago, he had been let go from his job and now, he was struggling to find a new one. He had been sending out countless resumes and attending job interviews, but nothing seemed to be working out. He turned to his girlfriend, Frances...
  5. P

    ID please this hot guys

    Anyone, please ID them..
  6. L

    Help Me Find This Guy

    Does anyone know who this blonde guy in the video is?
  7. OdysseusRex

    Photo Muscle Hunks AI Fantasy

  8. pharaoh44onearth

    "Undressed" (the hot global tv show)

    Hey all, I'm sure many of you have heard of the show "Undressed" there is an italian one, a UK one (which i realllllly wanna see and can't find anywhere outside of amazon prime where u must pay but i am also in portugal lol, any help), there is an australian version and a french to my...
  9. pharaoh44onearth

    The Best of portuguese hunks (feel free to post)

    Hey\ Oláá to all! I decided to make a thread for anyone to post here all the hot male portuguese hunks (actors, models, influencers. whatever u name it, as long as they are 18 or over), for everyone to enjoyyyy and discuss
  10. J

    Help with ID

    I found these guys on from on a different thread, but nobody seemed to ID them there. I was wondering if anyone can help?
  11. SAGN

    My Favorite Actors Hunks

    Let's start with 1. Nolan Gerard Funk
  12. F

    Photo Anyone know who these guys are?

  13. linebacker69

    Which Baller to write about first?

    CREW JULIO — San Francisco Giants jersey, Hispanic male, 6’5, 21, fraternity bro. On the baseball, football, and lacrosse college teams. ETHAN — Boston Red Sox’s jersey, White male, 6’5, 21, fraternity bro. On the football, wrestling, and baseball college teams. Who should get written about...
  14. C

    Has Rafael Alencar ever bottomed in his OF videos?

    I don't wanna waste time downloading videos I don't like so I'm here to ask
  15. Angelgoodguy


  16. cockyjakey

    ID these hot hunks

    any info who are these hot guys? they really looks so hot!! damn please help! thanks
  17. Iridyceum

    Photos & Videos The Sexy V Taper Thread

    I am in love with muscular and buff men who flex and show off their wide shoulders and huge lats which is why I made this thread in particular for those who are also into these kinds of stuff. Feel free to post content of hunks highlighting and flexing their wide v taper in any way possible...
  18. D

    Can someone ID this guy?

    Does somebody know this guy? If you do can you post his twitter, OF or his thread here? I will be forever thankful <3
  19. L

    Mike Buffalari (SmokingHunks)

    does anyone have or know where i can watch these videos of the Smoking Hunks with Mike Buffalari? (other than on the studio's website because I'm broke). I would be grateful
  20. M

    Help ID this Creator. Anyone know him? His OF?

    Can't remember where I got his from. But he's so hot. Anyone know him? I think I got this from Twitter.
  21. S

    Muscular guys with small dicks

    This thread is to post photos of only muscular guys with small dicks. I find muscular guys with small dicks very sexy. I like the contradiction.
  22. D

    Can someone help me ID this guy?

    I need help on finding this guy chaturbate or thread on the site, if someone can post it here it will be great. Hope someone ID him :$
  23. toshii26


    Hello! Im new to this forum and im using this too for finding people who have videos of this site.... kindly pls help my find a way, btw they are extremely hot and kinda kinky. can anybody share the links? or share the videos? i would be eternally grateful for it. ;):sweat::):):):blush::yum:heart:
  24. D

    Please help to identify these sexy guys

    Hey, guys! I just found these shorts on YouTube featuring two hot guys, but, unfortunately, there wasn't any credit. Hope you can help to identify them. Thanks in advance!
  25. F

    Anyone know the vid or the actors

  26. M

    Hunks With Small Cocks?

    Hello All! About a month ago there was a really awesome thread titled “Hunks With Small Cocks” or something similar. Does anyone know what happened to it, or have a backup of the photos?
  27. N

    Photos & Videos Greek Hunks

    A new thread about Greek Hunks.
  28. S

    Alejandro Montoya modelo Costa Rica

    ¿Alguien tiene fotos desnudo de este chico super guapo? ¿Does someone have naked pics of this awesome guy?
  29. fireice42

    Favorite 90s Horror Hot Guys Ever

    Brad Pitt in Interview With The Vampire (1994)
  30. ridgewalker2015

    Candid shots of Men

    I thought that it would be fun to have a thread of those gorgeous men that you see every day. I will start with these 2 shots.