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  1. M

    Hyperspermia CT

    I am new to this so I have no idea how this works but I was wondering if there was a guy in the Connecticut area/mass border who has hyperspermia. Always wanted to see how much i could swallow
  2. T

    Who is this mega-cummer?

    His videos are old and I've never been able to get a name on him. He's an edger who posted genuine, massive cumshots.
  3. M

    What comes to mind whrn you see this big dick?

  4. Drummerjock

    TXCUMBLASTER - hyperspermia

    Anyone else gets as turned as me by this stud of a man?? https://twitter.com/txcumblaster?s=21
  5. F

    Video [HUNT] Help me identify this clip - dude getting startled by massive load on face

    Trying to find the full version of this clip. Cum explosion at around 00:06 (might look fake, but hot regardless) None of the usual reverse image search engines (Google, Yandex, TinEye) were particularly helpful, this clip is the longest I could find. Thanks!
  6. M

    Pumping out an impressive load..!!

  7. M

    Video What do you think of my cum explosions?

  8. T

    Do I Have Hyperspermia?

    So according to what i found on google hyperspermia is defined by shooting more than 6 ml's of cum at a time on a regular basis. I'm pretty concerned because I shoot more than that... Like, a LOT more. I usually jerk off between 4-5 times a day just to keep from feeling swollen and backed up in...
  9. 1

    Cum Like A God… "hyperspermia"...

    Hey guys… Heard about some guys taking pills from the UK that make them "Hyperpotent" so let them cum like a god. So thats not all. With these tablets they also can cum again and again after a short break with the same amount… Maybe the big guys here have a good Tip what this could be…
  10. MichiganExposure

    Large Dick For My Birthday

    All I want for Christmas is a 9" prick :cool: It's my birthday week and I'm well deserved good time to finish off the year. Talented, piggy bttm who needs a little drilling and filling. If you're in Michigan anything is doable so pm me if you have ideas.
  11. J

    San antonio cum buddy

    30 y/o single transmale in San Antonio Texas seeking a jack off and fantasy/fetish play buddy. A guy lookin for a good time to get his cock and balls drained with nothing extra. Preferably someone with hyperspermia I have a slight cum fetish.
  12. J

    What’s the most recent testosterone fueled fantasy

    I know there might not be many guys familiar with actually taking testosterone, for whatever many reasons there may be. I however do have to take it 1 of the side effects is ur sex drive going up. Mine was alive and well before having to add extra. Now my dick Is extra attentive in the most...