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  1. O

    Help: Can someone please ID this guy?

  2. A

    Can Anyone Identify This Stoner

    Does anyone know who is this guy?
  3. B

    ID this himbo on twt

    scrolling through my twitter timeline when i saw this pic of this himbo on a rp acc. • glasses • toned, not super buff • tattoos • red iphone
  4. Ihper

    ID of this guy with hot bulge?

    does anyone know who is he?
  5. M

    Video Need help with ID

    well i need help identifying this dude or if no one can ID him just send the full vid thanks in advance
  6. G

    Please Help Me What Is My Sexual Identity??

    I am a guy in my 40s now but i have always been confused sexually and not known my identity it started when i was 21 i lost my virginity but i never came it was all a bit of a joke really lasted about 4 months when i was about 31 i started seeing another woman but again intercourse was too big...
  7. C

    Identify Please

    Hello, can anyone identify the guys in the below videos or know where they come from? Jock riding cock - video 2 - ThisVid.com Muscular str8 guy serviced - ThisVid.com
  8. J

    Photo Identify This Porn Star (?)

    Can y'all tell me who's the guy in the red shirt? Is he even a porn star? Thanks :)
  9. F

    Links Id This Instagram / Reddit Whore

    https://instagram.com/excuseme_its_prada_backup?igshid=17r7q9fjkne0v His raunchier (and I mean extra filthy) photos and vids on Reddit are under cmenswallower but I don’t think that’s him posting it. Pretty sure his other Instagram was taken down recently because the photos were of someone...
  10. R

    Photo Please Help Identify This Hot Guy

    This guy is on Hornet and he's selling his sex videos. I have a suspicion he stole these photos from somebody else, maybe from Instagram, so can anyone ID this person? I tried Google image search, but found no matches.
  11. J

    Happy Ace Week!

    Just wanted to say Happy Ace Week to all our asexual, grey ace, demi-ace and other ace-spec identity friends here on LPSG. You are valid and it is my sincere hope you receive the respect that you deserve both IRL and online. I'm hoping that those that wish to, are still able to participate in...
  12. Goldigger

    Id Hung Guy Help

    Hello, could anyone help me to whose that guy's name is please? he is a webcam model
  13. Z

    Help Me Id This Guy

    He has a super sexy chest, he could also milk his nipples He had a Twitter but his account got closed. Can anybody help me ID this stud?
  14. L

    Gay Guys Who Don't Like Penetration

    I was curious if there was anyone else out there who is not turned on by penetration, including oral. I've been reading some of the other discussions like "Why do guys like to suck cock", and just cannot relate to any of the desire people are describing. Similarly, with some of the other threads...
  15. K

    Bait Bus Guys Identity

    Soooo i just stumbled upon a bait bus ad and i really wanna look for the models in d gif. Does any1 know who they r?