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  1. zack_777z

    Lil Nas X

    How in the hell is there no thread? I have nothing, but he is HOT. Love love love.
  2. JayPR

    Grindr And Dating/hookup Apps: Do You Ignore Messages When Not Interested?

    I'm curious about this topic because I was the kind of person that never ignored messages on dating apps, even if I was not interested. I used to respond, a short conversation, good manners, you can meet great people as friends. If the person started hitting on me, I would just say: “Thanks, but...
  3. I

    Photos & Videos Ignoring The Pleasure/cum

    Pics & videos of guys ignoring the pleasure their in or the cum flowing from their cocks. I find it super hot for some reason and would love to see more examples! My collection