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  1. A

    Indian Bulges on the gram/snap

    Posting Indian men baiting gays with straight up VPLs and bulges.
  2. 1

    who is this bottom?

    Hey, does anybody know who the bottom in this video is? https://m.boyfriendtv.com/videos/448768/kept-secret-fucks-indian-twink-bare-and-cumming-in-his-mouth/
  3. Jose alle


    @shuxhm on instagram
  4. Jose alle

    _nikinoz nick_nz

    Indian Australian doctor turned management consultant who used to be pretty normal med student but in recent years turned into a basic sydney barbie gay Twitter is @Nico_Nashh Snap is @nick_nz
  5. J

    Indian Movie & TV stars

    Hello folks, I think the old Indian thread has been deleted. Creating this one here for Indian Movie and TV stars only, please make a different thread for the porn stuff and the random rando stuff. Please keep this for professional movie stars (across the different industries) and TV stars...
  6. A

    Photos & Videos Mihir Jog (@jogmihir) - Indian Yoga Trainer, Model

  7. A

    Photos & Videos Ritwik Bhowmik (Indian, Bollywood Actor; "Modern Love: Mumbai")

  8. Indianbull4ladies

    Indian PussyEater And Fucker for milf ,mom,doughter and teen

    A good-hearted and caring gentleman, respectful, straight and well-groomed. Have a good sense of humour, great manners, polite, discreet and highly educated. I have great passion and go easy with mature ladies in their forties, fifties and sixties of a golden age I do not claim to be a playboy...
  9. elkynder

    IG jetplane007

    IG jetplane007 Anyone got anything pics, nudes, videos, OF of him? He is an Indian hunk and is super hot! Some guys on reddit (deleted) apparently said he's a stallion lol
  10. Jose alle


    Instagram: isthatzachary Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/isthatzachary22/ OnlyFans Longest video in OF is 33 seconds don’t bother
  11. SaurabhK

    Having a taste in men in INDIA

    Hi, this is an Indian, bi, in my twenties and struggling to breathe and have an expansion of possibilities as opposed to opportunities given to being as of course my geological position on the map. Here I live in tier 2 city up north part of India, the city itself is buisness driven and most of...
  12. B


    Nothing on this hottie?
  13. S

    Dc exhibitionist, Small balls thick cock - 47xxy

    47xxy - Wondering if anyone else here has Klinefelters Syndrome 47xxy, a small chromosomal difference that gives me small tiny balls, and sterility but I gaaaay… [deleted inappropriate content] but a very thick 6.5” cock. Most often I hear “damn juicy” and “so thick.” Also, i cum, A LOT. While...
  14. Z

    Indian in Atlanta

    Would love to hear from anyone who would like to meet up. Zero0six66@gmail.com
  15. Jose alle

    Sunny Raghunath

    Looks great in this
  16. D

    Hi everyone, I'm new here

    Hello everyone, About myself, I'm 28 yr old Indian, Gay Ht -6ft,75kgs. Uncut. I love to chat and little bit of exhibitionism.
  17. B

    I need help ID a relatively new pornstar from India

    I'm sorry but I don't have a picture of him but he is new guy that moved to the USA from India, he did a scene for a major studio muscular young jock with quite pale skin. He is very aggresive and has done some amateur videos. This is kind of a shot in the dark but I figured that a pornstar from...
  18. C

    Puneet Rao (Indian trainer WOLF).

    Puneet Rao (_puneetrao_ on instagram) aka WOLF. He has an onlyfans that I cannot find. Anyone has anything else on him?
  19. C

    Dick xxx

    Rate my dick
  20. C

    Big dick

    Cock porn penis dick sex
  21. K


    Hey LPSG users, i was wondering if anyone has any (full) videos of undieguy1 from undieguy.online or that they have found on the internet, he is so hot to me and he would be hotter if anyone has any videos to share
  22. S

    Can Anyone Identify This Gorgeous Indian (or Pakistni) Man

    Yesterday I cam across this picture on instagram and now I cannot remove him from my mind. Unfortunately his identity is unknown. Can anyone identify him?
  23. rahulsharmaindianbbc

    Looking To Connect In Bangalore

    Hi All, Looking to meet people from Bangalore ... any ladies looking for a fuck friend ??
  24. L

    Silverback_aj / Shihabmalik_

    Anybody got anything on them? They both have nice juicy asses!!
  25. P

    J-pan Joined

    Hello! Hope to see some Handsome Indian
  26. S


    Anything on him? He's so sexy!
  27. S

    Indian Onlyfans Accounts

    Over the course of the lockdown my horniness and the need to jack off was fulfilled by a lot of Onlyfans account and here is what I feel about them. Charan Bangaram : Though he is not your typical sexy guy he is a stud and he is a versatile and he is one of the few who has opened up the...
  28. M

    Links Who This Sexy Straight Looking Man Doing Solo

    Who this sexy straight guy doing soloA bull and his milk -.mp4
  29. 18young

    Photo Mega Thread For Real Amateur Girls Photos!

    I already uploaded a few albums to my profile. I will share those in here too. I am trying to update this thread daily basic. You guys also can help me to keep this thread alive! Lets start with my albums :)
  30. U

    Vin Rana

    Just a page for VinRana stans and thirsty troupes. To start - here's my 4 biggest turn ons: 1. Vin Rana shirtless 2. Vin Rana admiring himself taking a selfie 3. Vin Rana grinning at how sexy he looks. 4. Piercings