Photo Can't stop jerking off - SouthAsianBull

    Hey lpsg buds,this is my 10th post. Working for entire week tirelessly and as weekend approaches, i can't wait to get in my comfort zone ( aka locked in my room),get naked and stroking my cock , showering love myself. As I have been posting here from many months ,ik y'all love seeing me naked...
  2. bigbrownie18

    22yo attention whore here

    Hi all, I recently started webcamming and am honestly just looking for some new fans/friends :). My username is the same as my cam name and I would love to see u hornballs on my streammate!
  3. D

    St. Bald, instagram influencer gone off the grid

    Several year go, this guy from India was somewhat popular on insta. Before he dissapeared from social media his IG handle was St. Bald. His content was always spicy and teasing. Any idea what happened to him?
  4. H

    Pure Pharoah ( @purepharaoh_ ) Hot Egyptian Arab OnlyFans Stud

    Didn't see a thread for Pure Pharoah, a super sexy Egyptian American OnlyFans creator and total Twitter slut. Beyond traditional OF content the guy also posts smutty stuff -- like him giving rim jobs in the middle of a dance club. He's very sexy. OnlyFans Twitter Some fun, below, from his...
  5. S


  6. H

    Looking horny Asian/arab guys in Raynes Park/wimbledon

    Msg me if you’re in need of some good head
  7. Jose alle

    ID this Indian/Latino please
  8. H

    Kirsten Varela | kirstenvarela

    These photos don't do him justice. Anyone have anything on him? He does calisthenics. Login • Instagram
  9. G

    Photo Sb Fitness photography2023 does any one have this ebook

    Does Anyone have this ebook his Instagram name is sb_fitness_photography2023
  10. D

    Gaurav Yadav (IG: gaurav_yadav_5575)

    Almost 900K followers and not a single thread about him. Thought I’d change that.
  11. D

    Indian onlyfans/justforfans

    I’m looking for some more Indian only fans / just for fans accounts to subscribe to. I’ve subscribed to all the major accounts at one time or another but none seem to do genuine ass play. Does anyone know of any accounts that do this and do it well? Accounts like sexymunda/bonghunk/charan are...
  12. H

    Farhan Khan (bobthebuildeerrrr__)

    Does anyone follow Farhan Khan or have anything on him? He’s a young Indian alpha male. Says he’s 18. He’s very attractive and really muscular. His pecs are insanely huge. He loves bouncing them and showing off.
  13. S

    Any idea about this Indian hottie

    Recently came across his few videos in twitter. Any idea about his Instagram or other social media profiles.
  14. N

    Photos & Videos Indian hunk Sudhir

    First post here. I recently stumbled upon a hot Indian man Sudhir, he has been discussed a bit on another thread but nothing too serious. I was hopong if you guys can share his content. His socials Insta:fitness001sudhir Twitter: sudhirk85054328 His WhatsApp is also on the pictures
  15. M

    This hot Indian man

    who know this Indian guy’s name or instagram,he’s too hot
  16. F

    Kunal Verma (i_am_kunal_verma)

    Kunal Verma @i_am_kunal_verma Incredible handsome hunk from india
  17. K

    Video SOS! HELP ID Who's this DESI/INDIAN guy? BIG ASS
  18. P

    U.G. Krishnamurti: A “Wild” Man

    As a first dive into Et Cetera Forum, I would like to (unfortunately) ”commemorate” this ordinarily unordinary guy. I’m fully aware of this man’s reputation. He is very controversial for a “random dude”. He said a lot of … well, unconventional things which would normally make anyone who said it...
  19. K

    Photos & Videos Desi Indian Hunk Amey @the.amrio @amey_saawant_01

    Does anyone have anything on @the.amrio? That is is current insta id. He has changed his @ few times and I remember one used to be @amey_saawant_01. He had a bunch of bulge photos on that white underwear and I can't find them anymore.
  20. T

    Varun Dikshit (varun1591)

    Anyone is having this Indian hunk's videos? He offers massage videos on YouTube subscription.
  21. V

    Noor Ullah

    I need see thys guy naked @noorullah_fitness_world
  22. O

    Anyone Know this Desi Indian Guy???

    i've been looking for this hot model for a while. Does anyone know of him or anymore of his videos? Skinny indian nerd takes a study break to wank - Desi curved penis guy - Jerking off 880 indian -
  23. E

    Kartikey Bhardwaj

    Indian Fitness Influencer. I find him incredibly sexy.
  24. Littlebitch35

    Photos & Videos Help me found more of this men!

  25. Unbothered Spongebob

    Ranveer Singh

    Hello everyone! I've noticed that there isn't a thread (exclusively) on this hunk right here. His name is Ranveer Singh! He is one of Bollywood's biggest actors. Is there any tea on him?
  26. DeDude

    Photos & Videos South Asian Male Beauty (Indian/Pakistani/Bengali/Tamil/Afghan/Iranian/etc) both born and heritage - NO REQUESTS/PROMO/ADDS, please

    Hello all South Asian Male Beauty lovers! A place for posting pics and videos celebrating all these gorgeous men. DO NOT: - Be rude - Spam - Post unrelated content - Request pics/videos from OF, JFF, Discord or any other paid content services - Request leaks of pics/videos - Promote anything...
  27. H

    Snapchat for Indian / Paki curious lads <40

    Join my Group on Snapchat

    Photo SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE ( ft.southasianbull )

    Hii...your wannabe pornstar here again and here comes my 6th post btw I have received few DMs Askin why i stopped posting,I was Lil busy and was away from internet but anyways I'm bacc and here are my few pics, just enjoy it and I will post this ' SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE ' in three parts Btw...
  29. Senpa123

    Sourav Bagri

    I just drool at how amazing his body and genetics is. His hair, biceps, chest, everything!!! Got to admire how good this man looks. Holy!! His body is so eye catching.. even guys in public stare at him. I wonder what they are thinking about when looking at him.
  30. K

    Indians Abroad Snapchat Group

    Drop your Snapchat to be added to a group for Indians living abroad.