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  1. THATBOI01

    18 M UK, hello

    Into chavs and masculine men. I'm bi myself. Love curly hair and buzzcuts. But I like anything really. Here's a few pics :)
  2. H

    Wait, LPSG means "Let's Praise and Serve God" right? ;-)

    So grateful to be here amongst my fellow believers :innocent: 27 year old twink top from California here, with a 7.5-inch dick that's loved by critics and audiences alike and is certified 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. PRAISE FOR THIS DICK THO ★★★★ "I love your dick so much that if your...
  3. logan23

    Hairy Skinny Bottom from Portugal

    60kg 177cm tall portuguese bottom, born in 1990. Love me some hairy bears, dirty daddies etc.Undies are a big turn on as well as mushroom cockheads. Dirty talking is a plus. Nice to see all the good stuff around these parts.
  4. D

    Is my dick Big?

    Hey i'm 20 and from Germany. You think my dick is big?
  5. L


    Hey I’m new here Just turned 18 ! I’m from Germany I’ve been On here for quite a while but wanted to finally introduce myself I have a snap for "trading" If ur interested it’s Stueletso
  6. Itsamemarioo

    Just a nice and down to earth guy saying "Hi"

    Hi everyone :) My Name is Mario. Im 25 years old and live in germany. Im a pretty chill guy looking for something new and this might just be that :p So far im just lurking through the forum and try to get an impression what this site is about. Once the water is thoroughly tested im sure ill...
  7. Itsdelicate

    Hi, beautiful creatures

    I am Ivan, 24 years old from Bulgaria. I signed up today and I'm glad to be added to your community. I don't know what presentation to make for myself. I think it would be better to ask me what you are interested in so that we can communicate. Thank you and I look forward to your questions. =)
  8. D


    Just wanted to drop a quick intro here & say hello! Happy to be here, and can’t wait to check out the content on here, especially some ass Feel free to message me with ass pics if you want or to just chat. I’m an ass man after all
  9. P

    Uncut Midwesterner Here

    Hey, everyone! I am a 22 year old guy from the wonderful Midwestern United States. I have a general preference for women, but open to experimenting with other guys, and consider myself somewhere being heteroflexible and bisexual. In terms of my penis, it is thicker than average and proudly au...
  10. whomstaron

    Newbie from the Philippines

    Hello! I'm 19. I made this account back in April 2021 however this is the first time I'm posting haha. I'm a slim bisexual who is currently in a relationship with a girl however I still enjoy watching gay porn haha. I enjoy listening to music and I am currently fond of reading books especially...
  11. 1

    Wrasslinfan Is Back!

    Somehow my old account was no longer active, but anyways, I’m back! 27, US, Gay. Mainly here to chat, get to know people, and admire some ASSets. Message & follow me and let’s talk! :)
  12. 8

    I’m An Ass Man ;)

    Hey! Never did a proper intro on here, so here it is. I’m 27, and I live in the U.S. Mainly on here for fun and to talk to & get to know new people. I’m a very sex positive person that loves talking dirty & loves ass, so message me some pics if you want or just to talk ;)
  13. D

    Romantic Sub London

    Hey everyone :) I've been around but never formally introduced myself. Insatiable guy with extreme stamina, high education and a big heart. Many interests, love meeting people! :) Would love to find a boyfriend here, I'm surprised there isn't a thread for romantic relationships in London/UK yet...
  14. Golden Falcon

    Hello From New York!

    Hi, I'm just saying - what's up? I'm a young Black guy from New York. I identify as being mostly straight. I hope that's OK on this forum, I'm just on here to have fun!. This forum seems pretty cool. Peace and much love! :cool:
  15. tisid1929

    Hello! [23 - Exhib]

    Hi everyone, I recently discovered a passion for taking nudes and post them online, and I wanted to show them here too! What do you think about them? :) 857381
  16. wailmerfanatic

    Sorta Newbie

    hi everyone! not super new to the site but my first time posting photos and getting a verification! you all can check them out and see what you think! hope everyone is doing good today!
  17. T

    Hello There! :d

    Heyo, I’m Tattletale, and a new member of this forum! I’ve been a lurker for quite some time, so I finally decided to make an actual account! I like telling stories from my life, although I don’t have many because I’m still a student, studying my undergrads at Scotland. The few stories that I...
  18. G

    Kinda New

    yoo, im kind of new to this. Im straight but im curious, hopefully this website will help me have some fun, and hopefully the community will be welcoming enough as well. cant wait to meet and talk to yall!
  19. freshbussy

    Hey Y’all

    Hello all the names Kai. 26. from NC. Environmentalist. Ace Slut lol. I’ve know about this site for a couple of years and finally said fuck it why not join in on the fun! I hope you like what you see from me and enjoy my presence up here!
  20. Hot-n-Heavy69

    Hey Guys..i'm New Here, And Looking To Make Some Friends!

    Hello everyone! I just signed up, and thought I should say hi! I'd love to chat, so hit me up, and let's get acquainted! Thank you..
  21. D

    Greetings From Belgium

    I've been a lurker here for a while, but decided it's high time for a formal introduction. Hey, I'm Decakapo :D I'm from Belgium, 29 years old, happily married since a few years in an open relationship :) If you guys got questions, I'm more than willing to answer all I can - I've got loads of...
  22. stiffpoles

    The Welcoming

    Hiya LPSG! I've been a member since October but I do not remember signing up so, please let me introduce myself. I'm a single, sexy Latino fella that is educated, motivated, adventurous, sexy, Latino guy here! Looking for fun, interesting, open-minded people looking to share some fun! I am big...
  23. lynx lux


    Hi, im lynx, Canadian asf, gay asf, and bulges are hot asf. @sterlinglynx
  24. Z

    Hi Everyone!

    Hello everyone, I just recently joined this site. Looking for David Boreanaz's leaked video led me here in LSPG but I stayed because I liked the contents the you guys posts here. ;) I'm looking forward into interacting to you guys so feel free to start a conversation with me. :)
  25. Vidaloca

    Hey Everyone! Bi California Guy Here

    Been on the site for a while but haven’t done a proper introduction. I am a down to earth guy who loves to be naked and show off his cock! Love mild to wild play from chill bro time kicking back jacking off to porn to balls to the wall group play passing around a hungry pussy (guys or girls)...
  26. M


    Hey Everyone, I’m Kieran here to make more connections while having a little fun! From London, 25 years old. I have Snapchat: ionicgecko95
  27. I

    24 Spanish And Hairy

    Hello! I am new to LPSG :) I hope I can find interesting content here... and maybe post some! ;)
  28. 8

    Hi Everyone! Greetings From The Netherlands!

    Hi all! I'd like to introduce myself: I actually found this forum by Googling myself () and noticing I was mentioned in a thread. Guess that's quite an original way of ending up here! I've been together with my BF for 5 years, and for several years now we've also been dating with other girls...
  29. SomedoodeMe


    Hey all I joined a few days ago, I'm pretty awkward and struggle with talking to people sometimes. I'm 27 from Adelaide. Hope we can be friends :)
  30. D

    Never Really Introduced Myself So... Hi

    This is actually my third time in this site, my previous experiences were good I just had to shutdown my profile cuz I had some problems to solve on my personal life. But lets talk about introducing: :pHi Im 21 yrs old, Brazilian, Always horny af LOL, love to talk, a good convo is 10/10 to me...