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  1. B

    Lotions for jelqing after pumping

    I pump every day in the shower with my Bathmate Hydromax 7. Afterwards I like to jelq for about 10 or 15 minutes. I have been using Bathmate’s “Max Out” lotion but I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for alternatives to Bathmate’s lotion. It seems very expensive for what it is...
  2. E

    Asian Jelqing Success

    Hello everyone, I've been a huge fan of this community although I'm new here, I was wondering if there are any asians here who used to have small dicks and now have bigger dicks by jelqing or other routines? As an asian myself, specifically filipino we're not really gifted down there, mine is...
  3. justaverage3327


    Hey guys been wanting to "seriously" jelq and PE for years. Since becoming more active on this site ive now wanted to get as big as possible. I know jelqing gains can take years, but im in it for as "loooong" as possible. Anyway ive gone to so many different sites that ive gotten lost and...
  4. S

    What Is Your Jelqing Technique/routine?

    I'm new to this and would like to know what other peoples jelqing techniques/routines are, the results they have got, and how long they have been doing that technique/routine. My goal is to gain some girth. Im ok with my length but if that grows I will not be mad. Haha.
  5. GettingBigger9

    I'm Teaching Guys How To Get Bigger But...

    As many of you know I teach guys on my Pornhub how to get bigger through enlargement techniques but I've been gone for a while for two reasons. One, to lose weight in which with all of the Kik message requests I've gotten for more videos. Or asking me questions I've decided to return on 7/22 to...
  6. E

    Increase in size

    ive been using a bathmate x30 for a 3-4 months and also an air pump a little bigger...but I just got a smaller air pump that has a pocket puss in it!...it’s a small pump only 6inch which is what I’ve been pumping my dick to in the bathmate. I pumped in the new 6 inch pump and packed it...also I...
  7. M

    Looking for a skype pe buddy

    Looking for a PE buddy to chat with in Skype, maybe share jelqing techniques and progress and hold each other accountable. mushroomhead7in on skype
  8. 1

    Skype pe group

    Hi guys! Any of you is interested in a Penis Enlargement skype group where to share tips, routines that really work, share experiences, and make connections with other PErs? Write your Skype name or PM it to me with age and location and you will be added!
  9. GettingBigger9

    I can't get bigger...

    ...without knowledge so I am curious where did you find your PE information from? I want to read as much as I can so if you have any informational forums you can link me or even PDF's please let me know. I always like to learn more and even though I am teaching PE to others I want to be taught...