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  1. J

    Trying to find video - two friends talking, one jerking, second listening music/sleep

    I really try to find one video. The name of this video on PH in 2018 it was something like “russian boys webcam show”. Two young, cute boys on the webcam, one laying on bed on the left side, second sitting on the right with dick pop out. He starting slowly playing with this beautiful cock, he...
  2. Nelox

    Twinks show you off :)

    Here is me finally :) Other twinks welcome to post pictures too :) If you want the full video, it's on my onlyfans :)
  3. W

    Photo ID?

    Anyone know who this is and where I can get more videos?
  4. Nelox

    Totally new to onlyfans :) Here is kind of a preview

    I hope to see some of you on www.onlyfans.com/nelox :)
  5. T

    Who is this Guy?

    I want to know who is this guy jerking off in the first vid. The second one I believe is a tumblr guy popular but i forgot his name.. cna you help me guys?
  6. jw_kk_hw

    Masturbation joy!

    A thread dedicated to the joyous pleasure of masturbation, in all its forms. Coconut oil on hot, hard cock is exquisite.
  7. R

    Group Snapchat

    Drop your snap if you want to be a added to a Snapchat to send nudes, underwear pics and jerking videos. Anyone is welcome, just be respectful.
  8. O

    HELP identify this guy jerking off in a car

    Can someone help me identify this guy? Thanks a lot!
  9. C

    Str8 jerking off eachother

    Does anyone has this video? It's on private but i really wish i could see it Aaabbba: Jerking Off between Str8 Guys - Tr0yd4n - ThisVid.com
  10. Lumix552

    My Mym account

    Hello friend, My best friend and I love to spend intimate moments together. He is straight basic but when we are hot... I just opened a Mym account to share my most intimate, exclusive moments with my best friend! I hope you’ll like it Mym
  11. J

    Video Looking for Str8 for pay vid.

    Hey guys! I am looking for this video where 2 str8 guys and 1 bi guys jerk together and one the the guys take the bi guy to the bedroom and ask him for a blowjob. The other str8 guys comes later to the room and joins them and the two first guys end up blowing and rimming the third guy. Does...
  12. krisz80

    Photos & Videos Black&white

    Black&White Bigger Better ;)
  13. S_Dick

    Trying Not To Jerk Off In The Mornings

    Hey guys, curious if anyone has any thoughts on this. I am working from home (like a lot of us right now). I find that when I wake up and start my day I end up jerking off pretty much every morning. It is fun, and fine. But it kind of puts a cap on my day. Takes some of the 'edge' away. And...
  14. E

    Id Please

    Hey guys ! Having a really hard time finding anything about this guy... does anyone have a name or link or anything please ? Thanks a lot ! PS: Here's the link since the image doesn't seem to work https://im5.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif-5-55f2369035c2.gif
  15. D

    Jerking Off Over The Floor

    Does any one else get a rush out of jerking over the floor. For many it's just cleaning it up with tissue but I love using my tongue.
  16. J

    Jerk Your Meat In My Face - Raleigh Nc

    I've worshipped massive penis for years, drooling over thousands of cocks online. Now I need hung dick right in my face. I belong between your legs admiring your horse hung manhood. Put me in my place with your infinitely superior cock.
  17. U

    Reverse Joi Pov

    I have been looking for about a year on and off. Figured with the resources here might be able to help!! I would love to find some JOI POV videos where a guy is telling you how he fucked your girlfriend or wife. There has to be something out there like this... any help would be AMAZING
  18. B

    Rate My Load

    Got 2 nice cumshots im proud of like to see what you think on a scale of 1/10
  19. M

    Montreal Jerk Buddies

    I've just recently moved to Montreal, currently located on the Island. I'm 28 and mainly straight but looking for my first bit of fun with a guy, so I'm hoping to find and guys up for a jerking session together nearby.
  20. navywill83

    Initiating Idea To Jerk W/close Friend

    Best friend of mine from college plans to vacation together and prob share room. He was bi then straight in college and I’m gay. We talk sex to this day in detail. For every str8 bar I go to w/him, he goes to gay ones w/me...likes the attn of guys even. We’re in our 30s. How do I start the...
  21. 1

    Mystery Boy

    Anyone know who this is?
  22. L

    Photos & Videos Czech Amateur Jackoff

  23. L

    Looking For Xxl Cocks In Denmark

    Danish man living near Copenhagen but travel a lot in the rest of Denmark due to work. I get really turned on by watching big soft cocks and would like to try a BBC. Looking for jerk session (maybe with more guys), sucking and I love to get the cum in my mouth, face or over me. Have this...
  24. Bhabie

    Str8 Boys Getting Sexual

    I think photos/videos of buddys goofing around are so hot.. but it's very hard to find smth where they get really sexual, for example finger asses, sucking friends dick, rimming Etc. Etc. And please only post genuine material :)
  25. Nowaybrose

    Jizz Rags

    Does anyone else like to see their jizz on a rag?
  26. D

    Licking Up Cum

    Do you like to shoot your cum everywhere ? Would you let someone lick it back up
  27. T

    Aumphreak4 (andrew Umphreak)

    Anyone got stuff on this dude? The little bit I have seen of him is great but idk if it want a full video yet. Pre-onlyfans and stuff he'd make really hot cumshot stuff but now it looks like he's focusing more on servicing/sex with others
  28. johnsirvaa

    Video Id This Please

    Who is him? Watch Onlyfans Gay Straight Man Muscle Solo Collection (61) mp4
  29. SlimNYC7

    Video Id Of Hot Stroking Daddy

    Came across this video, and would love to know who this guy is...anyone?
  30. C

    Video Jerking Off To Other Users/mutual Jerkoff Videos

    Looking for videos of guys on pornhub/xhamster ect. jerking off to other users' cumshot videos? (Typically all I can find are videos of users watching straight porn or professional gay porn.) Something along the lines of this is what I crave...