1. Slashman

    First Time OnlyFans And JFF Review

    Hi Everybody First Time Posting My Links On Here Wanted To Check And Make Sure Where And What I Was Allowed To Post LOL I'm A 25 Year Old,Gay,Chubby,Male,Versatile,Nerdy Geeky Guy, Born And Raised In Texas Both Of My Pages Have The Exact Same Content Only Differences Is That Onlyfans Has More...
  2. Slashman


    Anybody Else Get On Here To Make Sure There Onlyfans/Justforfans Page Isn't On Here?
  3. C

    Help ID this JFF creator

    Help who is this macho daddy
  4. D

    Indian onlyfans/justforfans

    I’m looking for some more Indian only fans / just for fans accounts to subscribe to. I’ve subscribed to all the major accounts at one time or another but none seem to do genuine ass play. Does anyone know of any accounts that do this and do it well? Accounts like sexymunda/bonghunk/charan are...
  5. C

    I do have old Branddkim cum vids also known as kijiro_bites now

    I want to trade with lancebynight OF and Stephanwaldt OF vids plz reply me. Thanks in advance!
  6. M

    Help with identifying Justforfans video

    Does anyone know who this JFF creator is ? Screenshot 20231223 211953 Telegram Thanks!
  7. B


    I'm surprised there's no thread or any posts about him at all. He's a hunky dad that loves cruising in public, exhibitionism, etc. His X (twitter) and Just For Fans is @oudoormexdad. Anyone subbed or have any full length content?
  8. C

    Multiple cum video/model/chaturabe

    Hey Everyone, I'm searching for hot male performers/model who can cum multiple times, where can I find multiple cum talent performers? After the pandemic, adult performers are increasingly turning to platforms like OnlyFans, and gay porn studios have stopped producing videos featuring multiple...
  9. A

    Does anyone know who the guy is

    Gay dude pulls thong aside to receive a firm cock Can anyone verify whose content this is or whose justforfans account this came from.
  10. M

    Video Who is that muscular dad

    Hey! any idea of who is that just for fans model ? found here : Pig adds dildo to workout routine - ThisVid.com
  11. 1

    Kurt III from Seancody

    Hi, does anyone know if Kurt (III) from Sean Cody has an OF/JFF account? He's so hot! Sean Cody: Kurt [Introductory Solo]
  12. 1

    Best ginger OF/JFF accounts?

    Can anyone help to list the ginger creators on OF/JFF? These are the ones I've found so far, mostly thanks to the collab account hotgingerguys: beachboy_ eddieburke diggory leander sethfornea furymaxx agusginger the0rangefr0g southpaw_gingy rough_ginger thirstyyguy ruivohelio redtashmyke...
  13. FuckMyBussy

    Swedish content creators

    Hey! What are the best and hottest Swedish content creators you know? are there any cute Swedish twinks worth subscribing to and following on X or OF? I’m not really into older men but feel free to share them too tho for people who are!
  14. I

    Gaytor.rent invite to download free OF content

    Hi guys, I know it can be hard to become a member on gaytorrent.ru so here`s an invite: gaytor.rent - Your favorite adult tracker Follow the link and then click on Sign up and create yourself a profile. This will also give me some bonus points, so win-win situation for everyone :) There are...
  15. Chris Levin

    Can't access creator's page on JustForFans

    Hey y'all! There this creator that I really want to subscribe to (https://justfor.fans/ddlovesundies) but it always brings me to my home feed and not on his page when I click the link on his twitter or google. Is there something I haven't done to see his profile? I'm still trying to figure out...
  16. B

    Korean content creators Onlyfans Justforfans whatever

    I noticed there wasn’t a thread on nsfw Korean content creators so I decided to make one, you may come here to post and talk about your favorite nsfw Korean dudes
  17. neinmike

    Photos & Videos NYC Judge CtrlZalt's OnlyFans

  18. A

    OF/JFF/SITE reviews

    This thread is going to be discussing if OFF/JFF/SITES ive seen are worth it and give a bit more detail into what they offer as i wish there was a preview before i subbed to some of these pages
  19. L

    Video Looking for this justforfans bottom from the video

    https://www.gayporno.fm/public-raw-sextape_1876071.html Hey, I’m looking for the name of the bottom from this video. There’s a justforfans watermark on the top right but I have no idea who he is or where to find more.
  20. B

    Photo Who is this?

    I know he does porn, mostly solos but I want to know if anyone knows his OF or if there's a thread of him on here?
  21. Danter11

    Photos & Videos @tattooking

    https://twitter.com/kingy4k1 https://justfor.fans/tattooking
  22. B

    Photo Help ID this guy?

    Hi, does anyone know who this guy is/what his OnlyFans is? Thank you!
  23. J

    RopeTrainKeep trainer is beautiful!

    RopeTrainKeep is known for having really hot models (MrBradford, Beau Butler, etc), but what I find hottest is the trainer. He is exactly my type and soooooo sexy! He has posted a couple pictures, but he isn’t in his video enough for me to subscribe again. Here are my questions to those who...
  24. Danter11

    Carlos Gutierrez @thecaitosuave

  25. coolguy1313

    Photos & Videos Pig Daddy Events (Pstars)

    Does anyone know where we can watch some content from the Pig Daddy events? Or at leats from the Pstars performing?
  26. W

    Anyone have an ID on this dude?

    Anyone have an id on him? Where can I find more l?
  27. bitchslapbitch

    ID needed!!

    Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I need help ID-ing this guy/his JustForFans. (They're both the same video) Latino guy enjoys as that while lad strokes his dick Horny twink fucks his partner in the face balls deep Thanks! :)
  28. SoTerry

    Michael Thomas

    Does anyone have any of his content?? His twitter is https://twitter.com/michaelthomasxd?lang=en
  29. C

    Asian OnlyFans Performers

    Some of my recommendations for some lesser-known Asian Americans. Also, these guys are all monthly-subscription based, and don't do PPV content. I don't want to share their paid content, because I don't want to take away from the broke boys haha. I just want to help promote them, and hear more...