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  1. A

    OF/JFF/SITE reviews

    This thread is going to be discussing if OFF/JFF/SITES ive seen are worth it and give a bit more detail into what they offer as i wish there was a preview before i subbed to some of these pages
  2. L

    Video Looking for this justforfans bottom from the video

    https://www.gayporno.fm/public-raw-sextape_1876071.html Hey, I’m looking for the name of the bottom from this video. There’s a justforfans watermark on the top right but I have no idea who he is or where to find more.
  3. B

    Photo Who is this?

    I know he does porn, mostly solos but I want to know if anyone knows his OF or if there's a thread of him on here?
  4. Danter11

    Photos & Videos @tattooking

    https://twitter.com/kingy4k1 https://justfor.fans/tattooking
  5. B

    Photo Help ID this guy?

    Hi, does anyone know who this guy is/what his OnlyFans is? Thank you!
  6. J

    RopeTrainKeep trainer is beautiful!

    RopeTrainKeep is known for having really hot models (MrBradford, Beau Butler, etc), but what I find hottest is the trainer. He is exactly my type and soooooo sexy! He has posted a couple pictures, but he isn’t in his video enough for me to subscribe again. Here are my questions to those who...
  7. Danter11

    Carlos Gutierrez @thecaitosuave

  8. coolguy1313

    Photos & Videos Pig Daddy Events (Pstars)

    Does anyone know where we can watch some content from the Pig Daddy events? Or at leats from the Pstars performing?
  9. W

    Anyone have an ID on this dude?

    Anyone have an id on him? Where can I find more l?
  10. bitchslapbitch

    ID needed!!

    Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I need help ID-ing this guy/his JustForFans. (They're both the same video) Latino guy enjoys as that while lad strokes his dick Horny twink fucks his partner in the face balls deep Thanks! :)
  11. SoTerry

    Michael Thomas

    Does anyone have any of his content?? His twitter is https://twitter.com/michaelthomasxd?lang=en
  12. C

    Asian OnlyFans Performers

    Some of my recommendations for some lesser-known Asian Americans. Also, these guys are all monthly-subscription based, and don't do PPV content. I don't want to share their paid content, because I don't want to take away from the broke boys haha. I just want to help promote them, and hear more...
  13. d3m3trius

    Should onlyfans and justforfans content creators be tested for STD’s like the porn industry??

    I thought about this topic and give this topic great thought. Also I am interested in how others feel about this topic as well. do y'all feel like this will open Pandoras box if it becomes a requirement for std checks to be screened before shooting with other content creator...
  14. iamloved

    Video Can anyone ID this guy? Pls.

    His name plsss.
  15. Roary

    Photo Recognize This Twink?

    Can anyone ID this beauty? Thanks! ^-^
  16. yourgoodboy87

    The Binder - Guide To Onlyfans & Alts

    Hey guys — I'm working on a new website to make it easier to find new guys to follow or subscribe to. It's called The Binder — The Binder You can search by different Tags to find guys you like: Top, Bottom, Couple, Dom/Sub, Uncut, etc. It's still quite new, so, would love any feedback you may...
  17. D

    Yvng Damien @ Theenticr

    Name: TheEnticr Price: 14.49 a month or $40 for 3 months (He has a $2 trial if you subscribe to his site) Yvng Damien is one of the lesser known instagram fuccbois but he's cute(at least in my opinion). He definitely delivers with lengthy solo clips and high quality nudes. He loves ass play and...
  18. J

    Video Jff - Wr ( Who Are These Guys?)

    Anyone know where these vids are from and where I can find more? JFF - WR JFF - WR - ORGY
  19. P

    @guilherme123btt / @gui123bt / Porta_aberta #xotademacho

    Alguém tem foto do rosto desse boy? Does anyone has any face pics of him?
  20. R

    Photos & Videos @toi_ano / Tony Cordiliko (leather Harnesses Designer)

    Anyone has more of Tony Cordiliko a.k.a. Toi Ano? Instagram: @toi.ano / @tcordiliko Twitter: @toi_ano JustForFans: toi ano leather @ JustFor.Fans I found these pics and videos on his Twitter but I wanna see more
  21. A

    Identify This Adam Killian Top

    Can someone identify this hot young guy who topped Adam Killian in this webcam session? He just graduated from college and he’s so fucking beautiful like boyish face Adam Fans - Sextape 6 - BoyFriendTV.com
  22. Jeffer2580

    Dr Soultan Luca

    There he is, he's a plastic surgeon and model residing in Dubai and yes, the plastic is evident on him He's also gay and just celebrated 33 on Valentine's day Time to dig, if you know he has nudes, share them and the sugar daddy experts, get in here.... I need the tea, also those living in Dubai...
  23. R

    Photo Hot Crossfitter Justin Parker (jparkerfit824)

    I would definitely recommend subscribing to Justin Parker's OnlyFans. He is very handsome, really lean and fit, and has a seriously hot cock. In one of his videos, he does a modeling shoot and has his cock sucked by the photographer. He also has a couple videos where he fucks some hot guys at a...
  24. L

    Max Zarec Of

    https://twitter.com/maxzarec Anyone who had content from max? He's so fucking hot
  25. Y

    Who Is This?

    Can someone tell who this cocksucker is? Or the onlyfans/justforfans? Or maybe the guy being sucked...
  26. kinglovely

    Video [justforfans] Armond Rizzo + Colby Jansen + Jaxton Wheeler

    Hello everyone! I wonder if anyone would have a full version of a video by JUSTFORFANS by ARMOND RIZZO. Participated by JAXTON WHEELER and COLBY JANSEN. Here sneakpeaks of the video:
  27. D

    Hudson Blair Woods

    did anyone have something of him? Any pic or video?
  28. N

    Jff Karlozg5

    Performer Name: Karlozg5 JustforFans: karlozg @ JustFor.Fans Twitter: https://twitter.com/karlozg5 Cost to Join: $8.90 per month Discounts for several months available. New to the platform with 27 posts (of which 13 videos) so far. Another guy from Croatia who joined JustforFans recently. He...
  29. T

    Photos & Videos Felix Ferraro

    https://twitter.com/FelixFerraroXXX/status/1161154249692049410?s=19 Anyone have any of his stuff? Hes hot as hell