1. P

    Ability to move balls

    Hey guys- I’m wondering if anyone knows what this movement or reflex is called (technically or colloquially). I’ve seen some guys be able to do it where they essentially can pull their balls up. I want to know what it’s called and why I can’t do it lol. It’s not kegels (I think). I can...
  2. MaleSquirting

    Videos where guy kegels to hold back cum

    I hear a ton of stories of guys being able to kegel to hold back ejaculating, but have never actually seen it in action. Does anyone know of any vids where this is done?
  3. Seblinger

    Do you do kegel or reverse kegel?

    Hi guys, As captioned, do you do kegel or reverse kegel? If so, would you mind to share you journey? - how long have you been doing it? - do you see any difference? - any tips for new beginners?
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    butthole clench

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  5. Elmer86

    Ejaculation With Reverse Kegels.

    Hi Fam, Earlier this year, I got into practicing kegels. I started out only doing regular kegels, but later found out about reverse kegels. It is basically exactly like it sounds. Relaxing the pelvic floor (pushing out) rather than contracting. I've noticed that it makes my erections stronger...
  6. H

    How To: Reverse Kegel

    Hello everyone, I am finding hard to perform reverse kegel exercise, I cannot feel if I am releasing the muscles correctly or I don't know if I am doing them the right way. If I try to do the exercise, It seems like my abs or lower abs or the lower part of my abdomen/intestine contracts or...
  7. jim_

    Has anybody tried "penis dumbbell"?

    Hi, I just bumped into this one and seemed interesting to me. I am curious about possible results. Has anyone tried and gained any results?