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  1. M

    Photos & Videos Cuddling, hugging, comforting

    Just cuddling and touching is so fucking hot. Post pics and vids here i need more of that kind of content :O
  2. Amaxourus

    A Birthday Present from Mr. J (Non-fiction)

    I turned 30 yesterday. After spending the day with my best friend, I wanted to end my birthday the best way I knew how hooking up with Mr. J. He and I had been texting this weekend to discuss when we could meet up. It was a long while since I last had a fling with him. Life and the other...
  3. pharaoh44onearth

    Anyone on amazon prime able to share episodes from this hot show?

    Hi, I've been desperately trying to find more episodes of these for years, i found a few on youtube back in 2019\2020 and saved some, which i made a thread on, but i can't access these which i really wanna watch, in my country doesnt let me purchase them cause i am not in italy or uk. The UK...
  4. J

    Photos & Videos anyone knows where's this from?

    anyone knows where is this photo from?
  5. F

    Photo Anyone know who these guys are?

  6. C

    I don’t like kissing

    Hi, unsure bi here. I’m young and crazy into woman, but very open sexually, where I found anal estimation and trans porn in my teen age years very pleasurable. Now almost at my thirties, with a girlfriend, I think I want to get fucked. The problem is I don’t like men. I have a very specific...
  7. R

    Help id this guys

  8. D

    gay/bi guys not always into kissing?

    It's funny looking back on it now, but I had done a fair bit with a couple of guys before kissing another man. I had been sucked off, sucked a cock, even topped a guy a couple of times before even the slightest kiss on the lips. To this day I still sometimes do not want to (at all) kiss another...
  9. HunkReinolds

    Passionate Making out/kissing videos

    Recently I’ve started hooking up with this guy I have a massive crush on, and as we start making out we get extremely intense, to the point it sets us both on fucking fire. I never had this kind of intense chemistry before with anyone else and now I’m realizing this is one of my fetishes. So...
  10. Welshcupid44

    BBC 3 I Kissed a Boy!

    New BBC three/ Iplayer show - First ever Gay dating show in the UK.
  11. S

    Super hot White and Asian guy kissing - Help ID?

    Super hot White and Asian guy kissing - Anyone have the full video or know who they are?
  12. H

    Antoine Harper (gay pornstar)

    He's really hot so I'm starting a thread about him. Here's a link to a video with him and Ty Santana. It's called 'Winner Gets Ass'. https://www.boyfriendtv.com/videos/665952/winner-gets-ass/
  13. K

    Photos & Videos Deep/ Tongue Sucking Kissing Fetish

    A custom kissing video from Petrick Garcia. More to cum for the guys who have a kissing fetish :)
  14. D

    Help ID (Smoke Kissing/Swapping)

    Can anyone help me ID the guy from these videos? https://thisvid.com/videos/daddy-and-son-smoke/ https://thisvid.com/videos/smoking-with-a-buddy/ https://thisvid.com/videos/smoke-dad-n-boy/
  15. M

    Links Does anyone know the name of these guys ?? It also helps if you have the name of the scene or the producer of the video.

    The link if to a GIF image where you can see the scene of them kissing. I am not sure the name of any of these sexy guys. It would also help if you have the name of the two of them, the name of the scene or even the producer of these scene. Please help...
  16. greenbin

    Photos & Videos Intimate guys touching, kissing, hugging

    I love photos and videos of guys getting intimate, either romantic or platonic, straight or gay, whether kissing, hugging, or touching in whatever way.
  17. R

    Video Hot kissing scene identify?

    Could any of you identify this hot kissing scene from Sketchy Sex? It's really really hot Post in thread 'Hot males kissing!!' Photo - Hot males kissing!!
  18. W

    Need help identifying guy

    Any help would be appreciated!!
  19. N

    Video Looking for full video: Desi Kissing

    Hey guys... I am looking for the full version of this video. This clip I found on FB is just the kissing part, but the full video includes cock sucking and cum shot in the mouth. I saw it a few times years ago and it was so hot. However, for the life of me, I cannot find it again. Anyone...
  20. Astx222

    Photos & Videos Clips where cammers make out with the screen

    HI! Do you have clips where the cammers do a POV scene where they make out with the screen?
  21. R

    Vegas weekend to chill

    I'll be in town Metallica weekend and seeking another guy to chill with. Masculine preferred. I'm 44yo, 180lbs, single, DDF. Just wanna enjoy the company of another man for the weekend.
  22. Nikserof

    How intimate or casual do you find kissing strangers?

    Me and my bf have a healthy relationship. It’s my first serious relationship, and his first healthy long-term relationship. Although we feel the same way about most things, this is one on which we differ. For context, I’m an introvert and usually don’t get out and socialize much. He’s a total...
  23. B

    Links ID this hot top in a passionate sex

    Can someone id this hot top making love to the bottom so good that he said the top gonna make him cum? Thank you Link to the video: Breeding Couple Gay Jock Romantic Porn GIF by fixator12
  24. M

    Romantic / Real Boyfriends Gay Porn

    Hey guys, i'm kinda missing a thread about romantic gay porn, especially amateur or real boyfriends with lots of kisses and other expressions of love. Do you have any videos to share? I'm giving an example below. Thanks
  25. B

    Video What Is The Name Of This Inked Top?

    Can someone id the name of this hunky top? He had great chemistry with the bottom when fucking him in this clip. Thanks! Anal Bareback Gay Porn GIF by sharteisha
  26. bigboaster

    Hot Fucking In Lotus Position

  27. C

    Passionate Kissing / Sensual Sex / Erotic Love Making Porn - Straight, Gay/lesbian, Transgender

    this is for the ones who love passionate kissing and some foreplay during a scene. the entire scene doesnt have to be slow and passionate, it could be rough fucking and hardcore, all that matters is that some part of the scene features some kissing, foreplay, massage, slow touching, cunnilingus...
  28. P

    Hot Videos From Twitter

    Hi i found some hot videos on Twitter I want to find the full version of the videos, if someone can help me I'd be so grateful.
  29. U

    Gay Tongue Kissing

    Thread is videos of gay kissing with a lot of tongue. Videos can be long or short as long as someone's tongue is on another. Favorite video is: Or Tommy and Harvey from Chaturbate https://mobile.twitter.com/AndreJr56536553/status/1322127886325813248
  30. B

    Onlyfans Guys With A Lot Of Kissing?

    I have a bit of a fetish for kissing. It’s my go to for cumming in person and in porn. Has anyone come across any OF sites that are heavy on some intimate long kissing scenes? If they’re hung and enjoy frotting that would be a big bonus too ;)