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  1. R

    Video Hot kissing scene identify?

    Could any of you identify this hot kissing scene from Sketchy Sex? It's really really hot Post in thread 'Hot males kissing!!' Photo - Hot males kissing!!
  2. W

    Need help identifying guy

    Any help would be appreciated!!
  3. N

    Video Looking for full video: Desi Kissing

    Hey guys... I am looking for the full version of this video. This clip I found on FB is just the kissing part, but the full video includes cock sucking and cum shot in the mouth. I saw it a few times years ago and it was so hot. However, for the life of me, I cannot find it again. Anyone...
  4. Astx222

    Photos & Videos Clips where cammers make out with the screen

    HI! Do you have clips where the cammers do a POV scene where they make out with the screen?
  5. R

    Vegas weekend to chill

    I'll be in town Metallica weekend and seeking another guy to chill with. Masculine preferred. I'm 44yo, 180lbs, single, DDF. Just wanna enjoy the company of another man for the weekend.
  6. Nikserof

    How intimate or casual do you find kissing strangers?

    Me and my bf have a healthy relationship. It’s my first serious relationship, and his first healthy long-term relationship. Although we feel the same way about most things, this is one on which we differ. For context, I’m an introvert and usually don’t get out and socialize much. He’s a total...
  7. B

    Links ID this hot top in a passionate sex

    Can someone id this hot top making love to the bottom so good that he said the top gonna make him cum? Thank you Link to the video: Breeding Couple Gay Jock Romantic Porn GIF by fixator12
  8. M

    Romantic / Real Boyfriends Gay Porn

    Hey guys, i'm kinda missing a thread about romantic gay porn, especially amateur or real boyfriends with lots of kisses and other expressions of love. Do you have any videos to share? I'm giving an example below. Thanks
  9. B

    Video What Is The Name Of This Inked Top?

    Can someone id the name of this hunky top? He had great chemistry with the bottom when fucking him in this clip. Thanks! Anal Bareback Gay Porn GIF by sharteisha
  10. bigboaster

    Hot Fucking In Lotus Position

  11. C

    Passionate Kissing / Sensual Sex / Erotic Love Making Porn - Straight, Gay/lesbian, Transgender

    this is for the ones who love passionate kissing and some foreplay during a scene. the entire scene doesnt have to be slow and passionate, it could be rough fucking and hardcore, all that matters is that some part of the scene features some kissing, foreplay, massage, slow touching, cunnilingus...
  12. P

    Hot Videos From Twitter

    Hi i found some hot videos on Twitter I want to find the full version of the videos, if someone can help me I'd be so grateful.
  13. U

    Gay Tongue Kissing

    Thread is videos of gay kissing with a lot of tongue. Videos can be long or short as long as someone's tongue is on another. Favorite video is: Or Tommy and Harvey from Chaturbate https://mobile.twitter.com/AndreJr56536553/status/1322127886325813248
  14. B

    Onlyfans Guys With A Lot Of Kissing?

    I have a bit of a fetish for kissing. It’s my go to for cumming in person and in porn. Has anyone come across any OF sites that are heavy on some intimate long kissing scenes? If they’re hung and enjoy frotting that would be a big bonus too ;)
  15. A

    Sniffing Bulges

    I don’t know how to explain this, I’m trying to find something that a guy worships a cock from the beginning like a tease, smelling it or getting slapped or sniffing the dick, or kissing it. some videos for reference: https://xhamster.com/videos/beta-worshiping-his-alpha-friend-xhRjgG6?pb=
  16. bastiankydd

    Gay Snowballing Videos

    Hi All! Would love to see your favourite snowballing videos! I typically enjoy when they makeout during and even better of its a threesome/group!
  17. A

    Photos & Videos Id This Scene From Tumblr Gifs

    Anyone knows about this hot scene and both studs?
  18. 1

    Anyone Know Who They Are ?!?!

    Haven't had luck trying to identify these two and was hoping posting them here would be helpful
  19. E

    Confessions About Kissing Another Man

    I am a bi-sexual guy but not very active with men--and I have had only a few real hookups. For the most part my experience has been a simple blowjob and done. I occasionally watch gay porn but mostly to watch one guy getting serviced by the other. I am very uncomfortable watching two men being...
  20. P

    Photos & Videos Does Anybody Have A Kissing Or Nipple Fetish?

    I love seeing gay men making out, not like JJ Knight kissing another guy but actually making out like choking with the guys tongue....It normally happens mostly at the start of every porn video and sometimes I dont even both to Watch the rest:joy: My favourite clip of all time has to be Vander...
  21. 5

    Photo Men Kissing

    So I searched for just threads for pictures of men kissing no discussions or questions about men kissing just photos. I didn't find anything so here it is:
  22. kcdave

    Is Kissing The Key To Passionate Sex

    For me, kissing starts everything. It can tell you if the person is interested or just horny. Passionate kissing really starts the emotions going. Caressing during kissing is hot too. Undressing each other can be very fun. The anticipation of a garment being removed to expose not only...
  23. marriedasian

    Ladies, do you like french kissing?

    hello ladies of lpsg; my wife and i were lying in bed and the discussion of french kissing came up. a little background: she and i absolutely love french kissing and could simply make out for 10-15 minutes easily. we don't normally make it past that since we'll be fucking by then but for sure...
  24. S

    Blowing one guy and then kissing another

    I find videos where a girl is blowing one guy and than makes out with another guy to be incredibly hot. Most of the videos I've come across have been cuckold, which is alright. There's a few that aren't, that are more consensual bi MMF type scenes, but those are more rare. Anyone else enjoy...