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  1. Anyone have something of itsliamgold???

    Anyone have something of itsliamgold???

    he is the top guy
  2. D

    The AZNUDE Men (Pictures and Videos) Thread

    AZNUDE have a large, free, every day growing gay (and heterosexual universe of male and female (etc) celebrity nudity where stars from all movies and series shine." Post your favourite videos from the varied and full selection of videos and pictures! Have lot's of sexy fun ❤️
  3. Wyatt W

    Hi, I'm Wyatt. Where on LPSG should I post pix from my collection?

    Hi, I'm Wyatt. Any advice on where on LPSG is best for me to post photos from my collection—male models and adult performers shirtless, nude, hardcore, both str8 and gay. I have action shots, too.? 1) Is it better to post photos of models whose name I know to threads that are already about the...
  4. T

    Pancake asses are hot

    Why do they often get criticism? If the guy has a nice face/hair/eyes & nice build/legs, a flat ass accentuates the other features greatly & can have more thrusting power. Take Randy Orton for instance, guys like him make it look hot because of their other features. He wouldn’t look as hot with...
  5. noriki

    Photo Borna Butijer

  6. I

    aaronwkjn on Twitter

    Does anyone have nudes of @aaronwkjn on Twitter?
  7. Dantdanielson

    (Poll) How do you access LPSG?

    Curious to see the results. If you're not using Chrome or Safari, please feel free to comment what browser you use and what issues you've had or still have since the upgrade.
  8. G

    Most Liked Post On Lpsg

    LPSGers, do you know which photo or video has the most likes on LPSG? I’m curious to know what all you freaks are into.
  9. Thorshammer69

    Hi Everyone

    New verified member here! Fitness trainer and outdoors/ sports/ athletic guy from the US. Say hello and check out my photos, comment, chat....
  10. bigguy19161

    Big Men Of Lpsg Archive

    There remain photos and videos collected from the group from 2008-2017 on my old desktop that are now being deleted. It is my wish to archive these in a thread on the site rather than delete them forever. Some of the men are still active on the site and others no longer post. This could be a...
  11. N

    Iamorlandojames On Insta And Of

    Anything on him?
  12. Lé_Asmith

    "____ Just Turned 18" Or "___ Is Finally 18"

    Those threads bother me, I don't like them. Mostly because (to me) it sounds like the creator of the thread has been lusting for this person and counting down the days until said person is 18 and is able to have a thread made for them. At least wait a few weeks or even a few months, like they...
  13. D

    J Morocho / Drmorocho1 - Onlyfans

    Found this smoking hot guy on twitter (@drmorocho1) who has an onlyfans (@drmorocho) and didn't see a thread about him so I made one. I paid $13 and it's alright. You'll see photos and short videos of his dick, ass, hole, a bit of cum, and some photos of him with other guys, but you have to...
  14. C

    Go To Porn Site (outside Of Lpsg)

    Just curious what sites you guys use outside of this one? Me I tend to go to Xhamster and Porn Hub the most.
  15. D

    Dylan Geick - Onlyfans

    I created this thread because I saw that Dylan Geick created an OnlyFans (@dylangeick). The other thread about him is clogged with people arguing, so I created this one so that people interested in his OnlyFans could easily find reviews about it etc. So, has anyone subscribed yet? What kind of...
  16. Mdwstbijck

    K.why.le Exposing Lpsg

    Did anyone see this tik toker talking about sending this website to the FBI? What are your thoughts?
  17. D

    Boynamedtate / Guapoboy Onlyfans

    I found him on twitter/instagram (@boynamedtate) a while ago and see he now has onlyfans (@guapoboy). Is his onlyfans good? Has anyone subscribed?
  18. Penisart4u

    What Brought You To Lpsg?

    Hey everyone, I am curious as to what brought you all to LPSG and did you find what you were looking for? My curiosity of other people’s sexuality and their experiences with their/or someone else’s penis drew me here. I also wanted a place to post photos for people who wanted to look at that...
  19. R


    Happy new year . I'm Ricky from Indonesia. Nice to meet you guys. I love chatting and hearing your story.
  20. T

    Nominate Your Lpsg Hottest Man Of The Year 2019

    I thought it would be nice to have a LPSG hottest man on the year contest. In this thread you can nominate your favorite man of this year. Rules Nominee must have had an active career this year (artist, actor, athlete, influencer, porn, anything) Nominations are purely based on looks and...
  21. Kirk543

    What Will Happen To Lpsg Chat When Flash Ends In 2020?

    Not sure if this has been discussed previously and I just can’t find the thread. I know the LPSG chat uses flash and that flash is ending in 2020, is there a plan to switch LPSG chat over to another service? @Mr. LPSG
  22. N

    Photo @intheraydar Onlyfans

    does someone has something on them? OnlyFans
  23. H

    Any Other Good Forums Like This?

    just wondering if anyone can recommend any other sites they frequent. LPSG is great but wondering what else is out there. into meeting people for messing around online and IRL.
  24. SoftDrinkDude

    All liked posts

    Hi everyone, I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but is there any way to see all the posts that I’ve liked? Thank you!
  25. ThickoneSFO

    I've been here some time, finally joined up and paid.

    Finally paid up for 18 months of membership to LPSG. After a few hours bate, I shot 3 feet. Glad to join up. It's working for me! Say what are Trophy Points and how do we get them? I've got 43 so far.