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  1. J

    Rafael Alves Moreira (ig: @rafael073)

    This guy is a hot cyclist with delicious thighs and ass, surprised there isn't a thread about him yet
  2. neinmike

    Photo Anyone know who is this bulge tracksuit guy on London tube? There used to be a cam video of him.

  3. G

    Pro cyclist

    Jasper Philipsen - Alpecin-Deceuninck - 2022 - Instagram
  4. muscle_spandex

    Kevin Blake in lycra

    Been a long time fan of his but can't seem to find more pics of him especially during his muscleingear days. Gonna dump a few here to start things off and hope to see more cheers!
  5. Lesgetmessy

    New Blue Catsuit :)

    Just got a new super tight blue suit in the mail ;) I love the feeling of wearing these! Enjoy :)
  6. S

    athlete underwear, lycra and speedos for sale

    Hey Hey, I am a semi professional athlete that trains full-time and is based in Australia. I spend most of my days in lycra, speedos etc. I have lots of smelly gear to sell to anyone that is interested. Trying to sell my gear to fund my trip to race in world championships.. I train and study...
  7. Lovelycra03

    Lovelycra03. All Is In The Name..........

    Hello from a new member: Lovelycra03. From France. ! Je suis amateur de lycra bien sur, mais surtout à la recherche d'autres amateurs de sexe en lycra pour partager ces plaisirs..... N'hésitez pas à venir m'aborder .... Tel pour SMS sur demande si personne sérieuse et lycraphile.
  8. SputnikOF

    Check Out My Of! Cosplay, Lycra, And Nsfw Content

    OnlyFans You can find me on Twitter https://twitter.com/sputnikof?s=21 and also on Onlyfans. I’m going to be posting sexy cosplay, stuff wearing Lycra, and in general sexy content. I reply to all DMs and would love to chat! check out this preview...
  9. A

    Id Him Please

    It’s a long shot but anyone an idea who he is ?
  10. bulgebigger

    Best Pouch Leggings

    Looking for a pair of gym tights/leggings with the roomiest pouch available. Something like these from AC: Sexy Men’s Underwear MASSIVE Network Net Legging | Andrew Christian Anybody have any suggestions/reviews?
  11. W

    Sexy Lycra Muscle.

    Does anyone know his name?;);)
  12. E

    Love For Lycra

    Anyone else love Lycra? The feeling and look on a bloke is amazing 28 m U.K. athletic here up for chat and show collection DM me
  13. D

    All Boys

    All the pictures is welcome in here
  14. 6

    Hello I'm New

    Hi im 25, Vers, new here.. just trying to get used to the forum. i'd like to talk with people with fetishes like mine.. i love hairy pubes, bushy penises, underwears, lycra, sweatspants, bulges, big saggy balls and hang low cocks, freeballing, i love hairy guys but also smooth. i love old...
  15. 6

    London Hung Jock - Hello!

    Hey, New member here from London. I'm 26, bi, masc, non-scene, sporty (gym, cycling, swimming - big lycra fan). Just posted my first album - check out my pics! Looking for other local fit hung guys, guys who like to worship hung, or guys who are into lycra/cyclists.
  16. S

    What Lycra Should Look Like

    If only everyone in Lycra looked like this
  17. D

    Black Men In Speedos

    So as the name title suggests, I have a massive fetish for big black men in tiny speedos or beach thongs etc. I love seeing a massive bulge flaunting around in a tiny speedo.
  18. M

    Photo College Pole Vaulter Mondo Duplantis

    Meet 20-year-old Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, who just broke the world record for pole vaulting. He is a dual citizen in the US and Sweden. And he’s quite photogenic, to say the least...
  19. Howllie

    Creating A New Skype Group For Singlet, Lycra, Underwear Fans.

    Looking for sporty guys who like to handout and show off in tight boxers and sports gear. Especially singlets and lycra. Please feel free to join. Skype
  20. 1

    Show Arse In Underwear

    I love to show my arse in underwear.. Show us yours.. Let's see arse, cheeks, crack.. Fuck I am turned on by this..
  21. pinnacle88

    Track and field athletes

    I mean... with what they wear there's little to the imagination, you can see who's hung and loves to show off!
  22. T

    Photo Sport hunk in tight outfit

    Guys .This is my first post. I came across this site and it has ton of pics of sport guys in tight outfit and some videos. I want to contribute to this community so enjoy guys !!!
  23. Jackster

    Any other cosplayers?

    Just wondering if anyone else on here Cosplays. Here is a picture of a rather rushed/thrown together Nightwing I've just completed. :)