1. A

    Video Straight softcore with male full frontal nudity

    Hey, I am looking for straight intimate scenes from tv series/movies/short movies which show male full frontal nudity. I realized it is a very difficult task.. Almost all scenes out there have female full frontal nudity but not male full frontals surprisingly, so looking to see if such scenes...
  2. 2

    Video Softcore Love Scenes with male full frontal nudity

    Hello everyone, I thought of starting a thread specifically for sharing those intimate scenes (gay & straight) from movies/ tv series that specifically show male full frontal nudity. I know there are a lot of love scenes but most of them do not show male full frontals. So, thought of starting a...
  3. M

    Light/Soft cuckolding moments in television/film

    Big fan of the idea and topic of cuckolding, but recently discovered how satisfying "light"-cuckolding that is featured in mainstream media. Pretty much anything that involves a guy that sees/watches/witnesses his woman being overly affectionate to another gentleman. A nice example of this is...
  4. Merlin374

    Mainstream Sex Scenes [5.1 Sound]

    Just a place to share some of the hottest gay/straight sex scenes with 5.1 sound. This is just so the audio can sound better in quality. For example, heres a scene from The Act with just the voices: The Act but with just drum-like sound effects: and a final example, the background sounds...
  5. W

    Video Nude Fashion Show on Dutch Television?

    There is a new new nude fashion show on Dutch television. They show male full frontal nudity. Starts at around 41 seconds. The model is pretty cute, I think he's gay. Am I right? I'm thinking about maybe signing up as model next year, but i might be too short, I'm 1.71m :(
  6. P

    Best Gay Theme Films To Watch

    Hi People... Please tell me if you know of any good gay films to watch. The last good gay film I watched is a film called Benjamin. Excellent film like a 8/10. Any Recommendations please let me know.... Generally Foreign gay films are way better than any of the American gay films.... If...
  7. bzja2pcpt

    Vids Where Guy Spits Into Another Guy's Mouth

    Anyone have any mainstream videos where this happens? Example:
  8. V

    Big Dicks On Netflix, Prime, Hulu Ect.

    Seems like every new show I watch has cocks in it. Share your favorites here.
  9. G

    Video Jerk off scenes in mainstream movies/series

    Post your favourite jerk off scenes in mainstream movies or series here :)