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male model

  1. fitstud95

    Photos & Videos kalani lenehan

    followed this guy a while back bc he's fine as hell. no sign of an OF or twitter in his linktree. today i saw that Jake O’Donnell posted some spicy photos of the guy and i'm hoping that kalani starts an OF or at least shares some ass and/or cock content?? what's the vibe??? kalani's insta
  2. beaux cumslut

    Nappi Pasquale

    anything on him? he's an italian fashion model that walked Dolce Gabbana. his waist is otherworldly.
  3. K

    marco donatelli

    Any got his nudes? He has been photographed by Rick Day who is known for getting his male models to pose very sexually and many with erections early in their fashion careers.
  4. beaux cumslut

    Adriano Romanini

    anything on him? he's an italian model from milan. he's got 6 full frontal photos in yummyzine. he's modeled nude and he's well hung endowed with a thick dick. a beautiful specimen of the italian male physique. does anyone got all six of his photos from yummyzine? please feel free to share with...
  5. T

    Who is this ASOS male model?!

    Does anyone know who this is?!
  6. ifuckinglovemen

    Photo Need help ID this asian model

  7. wtthehell

    Leslie Kee Photography

    Leslie Kee has shot many Asian and Western celebrities. His artworks have become a rare resource on the internet now. Does anyone have bought his books or have digital copies of the artworks to share?
  8. Marco Tony

    Kirill Strunnikov - Sexy Russian Man

    Anything on this hot man? He possibly have some pictures of his penis somewhere. He is gay.
  9. S1monsnow

    Radomir - voogb - Model

    Radomir - Model Instagram: voogb Tik tok: voogbe
  10. T

    Jonathan Felix

    He's HOTTTT !!! Anyone got uncensored pictures?
  11. A

    Video Anyone know this Photoshoot Series ? Or the model ?

    Hi everyone ! I love this photoshoot series, but I can't find any info on it. Would anyone know which studio did it ? Who is the model ? Or if there are more videos from him or this studio. Thanks !
  12. D

    Photo Billy Dunn

    Billy Dunn is so hot! Does anyone know if he has an OF or cams?
  13. Anron

    Arthur Sales (Brazilian model)

    been following him for more than 10 years now. hes still active and the first pic here is his latest work
  14. L

    Can someone please identify this model

    He on the Calvin Klein website. Please help!
  15. T

    Male Models Pissing During Photoshoot (Non-Porn)

  16. N

    Four in a Bed model

    Anyone got anything on this handsome hunk, Carl or Karl? Just seen him pose for a drawing class on Channel 4 Four in a Bed - The Chapel Harrogate
  17. L

    Instagram and Onlyfans Models in LA

    Hello everyone, I'm a photographer from Europe and I'll be visiting LA soon. Do you have any recommendations of guys that I can photograph? My shoots are mostly underwear and nude. Onlyfans as well. Drop here their social media links and hopefully I'll be able to show you the work :) Thank you!
  18. B

    Photo Jake Violo

    One time, I saw this model in Instagram (jakeviolo). Aside from his account, he has also pictures wearing a white brief in other Instagram account (bubble7photo). Unfortunately, this account (bubble7photo) is already in private. So I can no longer see his other pictures in bubble7photo. I have...
  19. K

    Trans women fucking muscle men and trans women getting fuck by muscle men

    In this thread please post pictures and videos of Trans women fucking muscle men and trans women getting fuck by muscle men. I’m not into transwomen I only watch tranwomen porn when it’s a trans woman fucking a muscular man, or the muscular man fucking transgender woman. so please post video of...
  20. A

    Photos & Videos Carlos San Juan

  21. M

    Luke Doughty - Model

    Sexy Str8 Male Model Luke Doughty Luke Doughty (@lukeskywalkahh) • Instagram photos and videos OnlyFans
  22. G

    Small penis white model

    I’m looking for a video of a white guy (presumably straight) modeling naked and he seems to be embarrassed about his small cock. It’s possibly a micro penis I can’t remember but he was a younger very athletic white male model. He had a fantastic body with a sexy little cock.
  23. X

    Can anyone ID this Circuit Star male model?

    Can anyone ID him? Circuit Star male model
  24. M

    Who is this Instagram Hunk?

    Who's this hunk Instagram model? He's a hottie
  25. M

    Who's this Instagram Model Hunk?

    I saw this on a YouTube community. I really hate when this YT channel doesn't mention the model's name. Like for real??? So, going back. Does anyone here knows his name? Instagram? Thank you
  26. H

    Can someone tell me the name of this model.

    I’ve seen him befor but can’t remember the name. can anyone Id him… and share anything you have Thanks
  27. G

    Photos & Videos Artist Naruki Kukita’s male models

    I just stumbled across this guy’s instagram account, and found out that he’s an artist who typically draws nude male models with live reference. The guys he draws are quite hot but due to instagram’s censorship and whatnot the male models themselves are censored (the artworks are not though)...
  28. H

    Photo FLORENT THEVENOT (France Male Model)

    Any full frontal nudes of him?
  29. B

    Can someone help ID please?

    Found the image on Twitter. Tried inverting colors to figure out the OF handle, but no luck. Does anyone know who this is?
  30. L

    Unknown model

    Hi. Does anyone have other pics from this model or knows his bame?