male model

  1. S

    Devan Cassel (ig devancassel, cb iblamedevan)

    Check out cutie model from Florida, Devan Cassel. He's modeled his pouty lips, piercing eyes, and adorable dimples sporadically over the past decade. Recently shot with the photographer well known for sexy near nude/fully nude male models (rhymes with scmick shmay lol). I'm not sure exactly how...
  2. Rebelbitch

    Tazzmanian_studios homoerotic photography

    Photoshoots from the photographer on instagram @tazzmanian_studios. He has the hottest straight men in the gayest positions and most are nude. His instagram Here
  3. M

    Photo Please help ID this model

    ID this model, please
  4. A

    Butlers in the Buff

    Does anyone know these models from Helpful Hunks (Butlers in the Buff)?
  5. D

    ID Male model

    Could someone help me ID this guy? I tried to search for him but couldn’t find him. thanks!
  6. A

    How to find nude men for photography

    I’ve had a few friends willing to let me do some photo shoots with them, but I want to seriously do some erotic photography. I follow a couple of blogs and I don’t know where they find men who are uninhibited and not shy. Any tips on where to find men who want to be photographed?
  7. H

    King Rico Blaze

    I haven’t seen a thread on him yet but this person is finally going to start making an onlyfans! ❤️ he’s to die for!
  8. beaux cumslut

    Mat Veiro

    anything on this hot stuff? he's the hottest man i've ever seen. his smile melts my heart and his dick just drives me crazy :heart_eyes:
  9. B

    Josh Boekelman

    Does anyone have anything on this former male model, Josh Boekelman? If found a few pics.
  10. A

    Kaden Carson

    Kaden Carson (@thekadencarson) | TikTok
  11. N

    Pablo Noriega (Model)

    anyone have his pics? I know he has some out there, message me
  12. R

    Help ID shy model photoshoot

    came across this on thisvid (of course lol) and i've actually seen this before in its entirety, so this is just a portion of it. the model in the video, from what i can remember, is an athlete and kept trying to cover himself during the shoot. there are several moments where he's obviously so...
  13. W

    Video Who is this model, Christiano?

    I can't seem to find this model anywhere. Lol. I'm sure I've missed something, but can someone help, please? Malemodel
  14. N

    ID this model please!

  15. libertine90

    Carson Nicely

    I didn’t see Carson on the “do not post” list (and immense apologies if he is and I somehow missed it) and I was surprised either way to not find a thread already here for this handsome prince! So I definitely hope this is allowed, and also that some of you may have some great shots to share...
  16. S

    Eric Turner (Erictastic!)

    One of the series men alive!!
  17. D

    Carlos Galobart male model

    Found this hottie. Didn't found any threads on him, so here it is. Carlos Galobart Height 6'1" / 187 CM Suit 37 Chest 37" / 94 CM Waist 30" / 74 CM Hips 95 CM Shoe 10 UK / 44 EU Hair BROWN Eyes BROWN
  18. thejustinbrookes

    Bruno Tomaz

    Bruno Tomaz Felix Brazilian model who currently lives in China. Insta: @brunotomaz__ Wish he poses nudes soon or starts an onlyfans.
  19. A

    Photo Help Me ID this Model.

    I found him on Paul Henry Serres Photography. Here's the link of the tweet for additional images. Couldn't find a single thing about him. His name according to the photographer is Jordan B.
  20. Isvalerika

    Photos & Videos Can anyone identify this (probably) French male model/actor from the 1998 Amor a la Mexicana music video?

    Thalia is a Mexican singer. Back in 1997 she released a song called Amor a la Mexicana, then in 1998 it received the "European Remix" treatment and got a new video with a super hot guy in it. I've always assumed he's French, because if I'm not mistaken, the remix was heavily promoted in France...
  21. T

    Giuseppe Futia

    Anything about him?
  22. JustinThaiPhoto

    Photographer Looking for Male Models - NYC (July 2023) or Virtual

    Hello … I’m a San Francisco-based photographer looking for male models to shoot. I am looking for guys, with or without modeling experience, who is comfortable with their body and self. I shoot everything from headshot to full-nude. I only post a few photos on my social media. However, I am...
  23. fitstud95

    Photos & Videos kalani lenehan

    followed this guy a while back bc he's fine as hell. no sign of an OF or twitter in his linktree. today i saw that Jake O’Donnell posted some spicy photos of the guy and i'm hoping that kalani starts an OF or at least shares some ass and/or cock content?? what's the vibe??? kalani's insta
  24. beaux cumslut

    Nappi Pasquale

    anything on him? he's an italian fashion model that walked Dolce Gabbana. his waist is otherworldly.
  25. K

    marco donatelli

    Any got his nudes? He has been photographed by Rick Day who is known for getting his male models to pose very sexually and many with erections early in their fashion careers.
  26. T

    Who is this ASOS male model?!

    Does anyone know who this is?!
  27. ifuckinglovemen

    Photo Need help ID this asian model

  28. wtthehell

    Leslie Kee Photography

    Leslie Kee has shot many Asian and Western celebrities. His artworks have become a rare resource on the internet now. Does anyone have bought his books or have digital copies of the artworks to share?
  29. Marco Tony

    Kirill Strunnikov - Sexy Russian Man

    Anything on this hot man? He possibly have some pictures of his penis somewhere. He is gay.
  30. S1monsnow

    Radomir - voogb - Model

    Radomir - Model Instagram: voogb Tik tok: voogbe