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  1. V

    Rayan Ricci @rayanriccifr (OF)

    Starting a thread for this beautiful man. A space to share any content (OF or otherwise)!
  2. Jeroenq

    Naked male yoga

    I recently started doing yoga. I read about naked male yoga. Love to see any pics or vids. Please share.
  3. I

    Are you lucky?

    Send me your Skype and get an chance with me. I’m a 21 male who likes to use dildos on himself and actually is using during this post. I’m going to randomly select a account and you’ll get my pics and vid’s of me being a little slut. I can’t do it to often but will send when I can cause I live...
  4. H

    SoulArtist Model Mark Fisher. Anything??

    He looks hot but can't find anyhting bout him...
  5. B

    Does anyone know who is he?

    Does anyone know who is he?
  6. H

    Name of this Schiesser Underwear male model please?

    Sadly i can't find anything bout him..Thanks in advance!
  7. M

    NES4 from Male Physical 2.0 (hot)

    Hello! I was wondering if someone can ID this guy from Male physical 2.0
  8. M

    Pityka (Istvan)

    Hi! He is so hot <3 Anyone has more? Pityka instagram
  9. J

    Used Underwear!

    Hi all, Looking to start selling my large collection of used underwear which is getting out of hand! Wide collection of jockstraps, briefs and boxers - can wear for multiple days for you, even added extras such as cumshaws. If you're interested then Kik me. My username is: TheApexCub.
  10. N

    Libardo Isaza-Instagramer

  11. magicpandora

    Pump 2022 Lookbook Calendar

    Anyone happen to have a copy of the underwear’s brand’s 2022 lookbook calendar with all the hung good looking male models? Thx!
  12. F

    Young British Male Pornstars

    Im looking to get to know new young straight British male pornstars. Videos of guys’ first time doing porn would be great. 18-28 year olds who have just been picked up or are trying amateur. Can anyone help?
  13. L

    Photos & Videos Best Male Solos

    Let´s start a big " Best Solo " Thread and let´s wanking together
  14. J

    Matthew Quinn

    Straight guy, tiktok @mxtthewquinn.
  15. H

    Photos & Videos Kim Namjoon ( RM of BTS )

    post anything on Kim Namjoon from BTS.
  16. J

    Mr. SOS Black Stripper

    Anybody got anything? Who got the nudes
  17. B

    Isaac Soo

    Anyone has pics or videos of Isaac Soo? Or his brother Joshua Soo? Singapore swimmer/waterpolo player Can't seem to find anything on twitter
  18. H

    (Roberto Lucca Underwear) Name ID of this Male Model?

    Does anyone here the name of his model from Roberto Lucca Underwear? Thanks!
  19. J

    Luh Papi Official (twitter)

    Hi, this is my first thread. Don’t know his name but i found him on twitter he’s really cute luhpapi0fficial
  20. A

    Greek Cam4/chaturbate

    Οι καλύτερες στιγμές από online shows με Έλληνες που τα δίνουν όλα για μερικά tokens. Enjoy!
  21. ultimate2095

    Video Deenutz / Leftyluck00

    Deenutz / Leftyluck00
  22. DavideX

    Name A Famous Pornstar Which Dick Of The Poster Above Looks Like.

    Let's begin with me! Have fun!
  23. S

    Video Id This Hot Web Cam Model With Pink Purple Hair?

    Does anyone know who this hot guy with the pink / purple hair is in this video with trans performer Janelle Fennec? Apparently he's listed as a male cam model in this video, but I can't find any identification of him anywhere? I'd love to know his cam name and find more content of him. Bonus...
  24. T

    Greek Celebrities Male Feet

    Αφού ποστάτουμε συχνά φωτογραφίες με πατούσες στο αντίστοιχο ποστ με άνδρες celebrity δημιούργησα αυτό το ποστ για να είναι πιο συγκεντρωμένα και να ανεβάζουμε πιο πολλά για το κοινό που ενδιαφέρεται *Since we often post photos with feet in the corresponding post with celebrity men, I created...
  25. W

    Who Is This Sexy Model?

    Anyone knows?
  26. H

    Samuel Larson Actor & Singer

    Actor and singer?!! Swooonnnn. Anyone have more on Samuel Larsen of Glee?
  27. H

    Model Emil Andersson

    Anyone know what happened to Swedish model Emil Andersson? It’s like he dropped off the planet :-/
  28. N

    Photos & Videos Old And New Male Sex Ed Videos

    I enjoy a good sex ed video, but rarely manage to find any. Couldn't find a good thread about this, so maybe this will have more activity. Post links, videos or photos from any educational stuff
  29. H

    Léo Techmaker (léo Locurcio)

    Tout ce que vous avez sur Leo Techmaker https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRhyS_ylPQ5GWBl1lK92ftA Léo - TechMaker https://www.instagram.com/leotechmaker/
  30. P

    Chaturbate Model Timoejoe90

    Anyone have a video of Timoejoe90. I was in a ticket show with him and he ended the show before cumming.