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married men

  1. B

    Committed Gay Men But Cheating With A Woman

    Are there any gay man who is either married or commited in a relationship but has cheated their men with a woman? Not a bisexual man but a gay man. I would like to know what make someone cheat and why was it with a woman? After cheating how did you feel?
  2. S

    Spartanbeard - Tiktok/of

    The greatness that is a bearded god that's hot AF and a Spartan level cock to match.
  3. B

    Nyc Biwm Looking For Married

    Hey. 40 yo biwm looking for hot married guys looking to have their cocks worshipped. Obviously not something that can happen right now but looking to chat with some guys to see if we are on the same page. Manhattan here.
  4. P

    Hooking Up With A Gay Man

    As a gay man I have always had a huge fetish for married straight men. All have been very upfront about their situation. I used to find them on Craigslist, now just on the apps. Even now when I go on business trips, I hook up with at least one local or traveling married man. But I always...
  5. C

    Best Head In Mpls

    i am an oral submissive who loves to service and get face fucked. i deep throat pretty well and i do want to swallow. i am clean and discrete. 5'9" 180lbs. Glory Hole for anonymous. open to role play......light kink. into rimming clean ass. i like men 35-55 or so.
  6. M

    Looking For Jerk Buddy

    if you are married, 35 and older guy, bisexual older men, looking for jerk buddy.. you can join my skype group click this link... Skype
  7. E

    Mic On Skype? Looking For Discreet Married Mates

    Hello I am looking for discreet married mates to have regular skype mic sessions. I love to make married men feel good and proud of their penises (hung a plus but not a requirement) Just love the conversation around their penises, and their sex. Hit me up for skype exchange. Thanks.