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  1. P

    Whos this hunk?

    Got a message on grindr this dude named Master Frank wanted to hook up. These pictures are from Tel A Beef Pride anyone know this dude? I got this a year ago.
  2. S

    Bi switch

    Hello I'm new to lpsg looking to either be used or use someone any gender on social media. No chubs or old My kinks: sub, Dom, master slave, blackmail, exposure, light cbt, light bdsm, panties, piss, humiliation, spanking, wedgies hmu Kik: slimbiboy6 snap: ready_heated
  3. M

    Photos & Videos King Leo (SirLeo99)

    Anybody has some content from this hot lad? Twitter OnlyFans
  4. jasperdejong

    Help ID this guy? Master Jerry / Anthony?

    I need help ID-ing this guy. He's a master / alpha / cashmaster etc. or at least he used to be because the newest video I could find on him is a few years old. Vids def look a bit older as well. In one video he goes by the name of Master Jerry, and in another he's Master Anthony. Only managed...
  5. S

    Mature white submissive for Asians

    Hello! Mature -53y- white submissive with long experience in D/s is looking for Asians top/Dom/Masters (Mistresses are also very welcome too!) interested by online games. You are all welcum to drop me a line and to add me on Skype: sub2play Hope to meet You son!
  6. C

    Photos & Videos Kevin Reeves (Chaturbate users: x22_bigkx, alphamcontrol, kevinreeves, masterkevin19)

    Kevin Reeves is an adult cammer. He is a master/ dominant. Any photos, vids, anecdotes or other discussion around him is welcome.
  7. D

    Long Term Master Ownership

    I'm 28 sir, I'm Asian that really interest and have commitment to be having long term master that can train me to be serve well. i'am fat right now still working on the gym to fix that. I will perforce as what your order such as play force workout, with my dic, nipples, punishment, torture...
  8. P

    New Master and Slave Skype Group

    Hello, I have made a new group for Masters and Slaves Join conversation Free for both to join, Slaves can be used by the whole group or people can split off into one on one sessions Come have fun ;)
  9. A

    New Adventure - advice & opinions needed

    I don't really know where to start or if this is even the right place to post this but here goes... I have been completely celebate for 5 years now and have never really been interested in traditional gay sex, I never felt like a bottom,vers or top and have recently become comfortable that I am...
  10. J

    Any information on @MasterLuke024?

    Hey guys, been crushing hard on a cash master from Twitter. Think he’s part of a rather notorious group of cash masters but he’s so damn hot. Would love to know more about him and see more content if anyone has any. His onlyfans is partially free which is good.
  11. T

    Please help identify this blonde jock!

    Can anyone help me identify this blonde jock? All i can see is he may have uploaded this to pornhub community. I just like his look and charisma, and wanted to see if i could find more of him. Thanks in advance!
  12. L

    any info on cashmaister aires on twitter?

    hey i came across this guy https://twitter.com/cashmasteraires and just wanted to check if anyone knows more already?
  13. CaliforniaGod

    A new Master enters the chat...

    Hey there everyone. My name is Master Will (22 yo male, Bi-Sexual, USA), and I've been participating in the BDSM community for a couple of years. The one thing I demand is your obedience. It's as simple as that -- no need to over-complicate it. I understand my place in the hierarchy, and I hope...
  14. C

    Muscle Master Kevin

    He is hot. Opinions about this Muscle Master? Regarding his OF, is it worth it?
  15. 1

    London masc?

    Anyone masculin and kinky in London? No more than 40y! Please Message me or add me on snap: ldnahmt
  16. D

    Seeking Slave (FinDom)

    Any slave ready to serve? Message, and ask me to own you.
  17. D

    Seeking Slaves (FinDom)

    I'm looking for an obedient and loyal slave. Message me. Submit and serve.
  18. 24hrsubguy4use

    NW London Master For Slaves

    Msg me on Skype montgomery213@hotmail.com...Time you had the Master you deserve
  19. D

    Skype Slave searching Master

    Im a 21 year old skype slave searching a master who wants to completely abuse me add me on skype: dirty_slave_boy
  20. ausdom

    Sydney M Master with M slaves after more

    I'm an experienced Master who has collected a few M slaves over recent times and I have ideas to expand my network to include other Sydney Masters wth their Sydney slaves. Only conditions for slaves: clean, safe and athletic or muscled Send some details and pics and location if you want to be...
  21. A


    Straight curious 19 y’old cash dom looking for subs willing to pay to be owned or commanded. Leave your pictures and Snapchat’s below if you can afford having a good time.
  22. H


    Does anyone have any more stuff of this Twitter cashmaster?
  23. M

    Photos & Videos CashmasterMatt/Matthew Blackford

    Does someone have some content from this young hot UK cashmaster ? Master Matt
  24. B

    East Midlands Edgers/cumcontrol

    Any edging/cumcontrol masters around Leicester/East Midlands area? Looking for a LONG edging session on a regular/on off basis!
  25. fitmasteradam

    Exposure And Blackmail List

    Fit exposure master 28 here - got lots of hot exposure subs. Hit me up! KIK: fitmasteradam SKYPE: sluttymasteradam@outlook.com
  26. F

    Greg Mitchell

    Do you know any news of Greg Mitchell (aka Hellahot aka Hotcamstud)? At least if he is still alive? Or if he has a new identity? How it is possible to disappear in this way in 2021?
  27. M

    Alpha Howard

    Hi does anyone have any content content from this hot alpha master ?
  28. M


    Anybody has some of this hot guy’s content by chance ? https://twitter.com/findomgarret?s=21
  29. M

    Does Anyone Have Content From Cmjames99?

    Does anyone have some content from @CMJames99 on Twitter?
  30. M

    Does Anyone Have Content From Zaynemaster?

    Does anyone have some content from @ZayneMaster on Twitter?