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  1. Q

    Who is this guy? Can Ya’ll help?

    Who is this guy? Can Ya’ll help me find his name? Thank you
  2. R

    When u jo, where do u cum

    When you jerk off at home, where do you usually cum? And how do you clean up, if at all?
  3. C


    Who is this guy??
  4. P

    Skype Bating/edging groups link

    Is there anyone to share links to Bating/edging group on Skype, please?
  5. user_using_yow_pussii

    Name This Guy For Goodness Sake!!!

    okei, first stop....u know him guys? familiar??
  6. O

    Straight chat

    Ive searched for a year now and found next to nowhere for guys or girls into straight porn and live c2c solo/stroke/wank/fap to meet and connect. Even the few forums where this seems available restrict links or go nowhere when you attempt searching for someone who will do more than message for a...
  7. scottspits

    Does anyone know who this is?

    I saw him on a compilation on twitter but cant find who he is.
  8. D

    Please Help Me Find Who Is This Guy?

  9. B

    Id This Hot Guy

    Hi, can someone id this hot guy?
  10. David Pope

    Looking In Middle Ga

    Anyone to play with
  11. C

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    dirty handsome boy Shows wazoo at GayPorno.fm
  12. KTOSLosek

    Alex Mecum: Of, Private Videos Etc

    Hello everyone! Do you know if he is making personal movies? Do you know if he's running onlyfans account? Do you have some... samples?
  13. L

    Does Someone Know's This Guy?

  14. J

    Please Help Me Id This Guy | Tattooed Hunk Fingering Himself

    Need help IDing this guy.
  15. F

    Video Can Anyone Id This Guy?

    Just saw this video on Twitter a while ago. Anyone has any idea who this guy is? Thanks
  16. 1988wallywest

    Who Is This Hot Firefighter?

    Once I saw an awesome video of this firefighter (bombeiro) from Brazil masturbating on cam. The title of the video is "Bombeiro gostoso batendo punheta na cam" (hot firefighter jerks on cam). But all the links appear to have stopped working. Does anyone have (a link to) this video or more from...
  17. KTOSLosek

    Photos & Videos Marc Dylan: Need Everything!

    Hello! I'm looking for some stuff with Mark Dylan: His solos or some hot provate photos! Do you have anything to share ?
  18. P

    Snapchat Group For Horny Guys

    Hey starting a snapchat group for horny guys Add my snap: p-dublinguy
  19. AngelEmOr

    Looking To Phone

    I’m 27/Latino/8 inches. Check out my profile. I really want to phone with a guy, especially if it’s an older guy. mid you’re down, send me a message and I’ll give you my number:
  20. S

    Video Help Me Find The First Porn I Ever Watched

    Hello everyone, I’m not sure if this is the right place to do so, but I figured that since tumblr is porn-free now, and Twitter is a mess, this might be the best choice to find helpful people that might recognise and have a video I watched way long ago. This video featured a man, a hunk man...
  21. U

    Ejaculation Concern (serious Answers Only)

    Hey guys, I'm in my mid 30's , decent shape, and uncut. Workout ( cardio ) about 4 days a week ( 45 min -1 hr). My diet is mostly healthy.. not 100%. But I am on a few medications for a disorder since age of 12, and they have been changed up quiet a few times. My concern is...
  22. B

    Finding Hairy Guy On Skype

    Hi, i'm 19 italian guy Just for fun and mastubation on cam skype, with hairy guy, chest, legs, beard etc.. they are so hot Skype: iwantbear99xxx
  23. J

    Do U Jerk It Wet Or Dry??

    This was a hot topic amongst some friends of mine so it made me curious. ...when you jerk do you do it dry or wet? If wet, what do you usually use???
  24. 1

    Hot dude for jo??

    from Los angels into Jo
  25. D


    Stroking while watching porn
  26. David Pope

    Jack me off

    I want to be jacked off by a stranger while blindfolded