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  1. m.patrick

    Jacksonlover (OF)

    Hot teen boy from Ukraine. On his page: solo, sextapes..... His OF-page (jacksonlover) worth it... Follow him...
  2. KatrielCam

    You want a hot, morbid and erotic cam show, come play with me!

  3. P

    Adventures In The Open Showers

    Anyone else miss the old days when gym showers were large and open, with a parade of cocks on display? I started going to the gym in the 90s, when I was 18. Back then the only gym we had in town - or at least the only one close enough for me to walk to - was on the college campus. The leisure...
  4. D

    At multi-day music festivals with camping, where did you jerk off?

    If you have been at multi-day music festivals before, where you did camp while being there, where did you jerk off? Please no theoretical "I would" answers or fantasy responses "I would like to", but only what you have actually already done. I was at a music festival where they had big...
  5. B

    Photos & Videos MeetMe Livestreams

    (You need an account to view livestreams) Guy get banned getting Head from his pregnant GF on MeetMe
  6. Marco Tony

    Hot Muscular Men With Sexy Feet

    Lets share pictures of hot fitness men feet and hot bodybuilders feet.
  7. jw_kk_hw

    Masturbation joy!

    A thread dedicated to the joyous pleasure of masturbation, in all its forms. Coconut oil on hot, hard cock is exquisite.
  8. Marco Tony

    Frank Galasso Hot Italian Muscle Daddy

    Do you have anything on this sexy italian muscle daddy? Maybe theres nude pictures of him. He looks like he have a big cock. He is gay.
  9. P

    Foreskin Pleasure: My Testimony

    Hey, everyone! I've seen a lot of questions surrounding the au naturale penis on here. So I wanted to take some time and explain how it works to anyone curious. Foreskin is the favorite part of my body and I'm shocked that there hasn't been any detailed explanations or guides surrounding its...
  10. D

    Looking for a twitter account

    Hey, guys I'm looking for a twitter account, I don't have medias from that, but I do remember he was a guy from southern asia(I think he was thai) and he made some videos masturbating in thin shorts, like sport shorts, I'm searching for him simce the last time I saw his account, so If you guys...
  11. babyoiledger

    Open Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery and first Masturbation after

    Hey Lads, Recently had Open Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery (5 days ago). I'm now off the painkillers from today even though there is still a little bit of discomfort. I can now walk and increasing my walks up to 45 min walks a day. I can usually go from sitting to standing with little...
  12. D


    Autofellatio Short Story (Real) Here and there are reports today of flexible men (contorsion) who can satisfy themselves orally, this form of masturbation is called autofellatio or selfsucking. But the training for this requires discipline and some endurance, there is a basic training and the...
  13. greatbazooka

    Does this monster have any more videos?

    I know it’s difficult to find someone just by look of their cock (sometimes), but this is probably the most beautiful monster I’ve ever seen. I need more. Does anyone know?
  14. rxgent


    Performer Name: MisterWorship OnlyFans Account: OnlyFans Twitter Handle: https://mobile.twitter.com/misterworship Cost to Join: 4.99/month After subscribing to this creator’s Onlyfans, I discovered that his OF posts are the same exact videos that he posts on his Porn Hub channel (most of which...
  15. gayass

    help finding this man

    I've been looking for this video for months, could anyone help me identify the man featured in it or the full video if possible?
  16. O

    Help ID this guy

    Does anyone know who this is? Or have a full video of this?
  17. 18boy2000

    Some Chaturbate videos

    Some Chaturbate videos here
  18. Marco Tony

    Hot Gay Couples

    Lets share hot gay couples. millergregs and fitness_lleo1 ethanjames.ldn and jamest.uk brunobelowdeck2.0 and itsinkedalex
  19. Marco Tony

    Hot Portuguese Men

    You can share your pictures and videos of hot portuguese men here. Please only post in english. So everybody can understand. Sir Peter
  20. Marco Tony

    Hot Greek Men

    Theres already two greek threads. A non celebrities one and a celebrities one. But 98% of the posts are in greek. So most people have no idea what they are talking about. So i made an english thread about sexy greek men. Please only post in english. This thread is made for those who are into...
  21. Marco Tony

    Hot Japanese Men

    You can share your pictures and videos of hot japanese men here. ponpon_yp SUSUMU (runssm)

    Nick the Night Nurse (Gay Erotica)

    Dylan, interrupted from his peaceful slumber, leapt out of bed while clutching his burning abdomen. The excruciating pain that was throbbing within his body was so debilitating that Dylan hastily snatched his keys from his nightstand and dashed for the door. In his Honda Accord he fumbled with...
  23. S

    Your Masturbation Technique

    In preparation for the end of No Nut November, are there any techniques or hand positions you have found over the years which make jerking off extra enjoyable? This could be a different grip, playing with other parts like balls, nipples etc. I’ll definitely have to edge to try them all!
  24. S

    Best Masturbation Techniques

    In preparation for the end of No Nut November where I blow a load I’ve kept up for a whole month (unless I have a wet dream), I’m looking to make it the best wank ever. Are there any techniques or hand positions you have found over the years which make jerking off extra enjoyable? This could be...
  25. jonhenry2812

    How Often Do You Wank? Is There A Healthy Limit?

    I'm in my mid-20s, was never really sexually active, probably hooked up once every few months? I do wank about twice or thrice a day, and usually go to sleep with a fat semi too. How often do you masturbate and what's considered the average? If I have had a busy or rough day yeah sure I...
  26. Marco Tony

    Hot Men In Bed

    Bring the good looking men in bed. Josh Aran Fabio di Domizio Marco Pinotti Max Dillon Leo Ledesma Yannick Machado Arad Winwin Marcos Oliveira Devin Franco Rudy Gram
  27. G

    Sergio Armas (sir_armas) - Sirgio (onlyfans)

  28. D

    Other Than Roidpig?

    I used to love watching roidpig but he does not perform on onlyfans / justforfan. Does anyone know any performer similar to him? Any recommendation would be highly appreciated! ROIDPIG @ JustFor.Fans
  29. CockWorship58

    Chaturbate's Best Cocks

    Here are 10 of my favorite Chaturbators: Please follow them on Chaturbate.com and when you catch a performance, send them tokens--lots! (BTW, I did the math and each token has cash value of $0.11--so 10 tokens is only a buck. I never tip less than 25 tokens.) I'm purposely only showing Cock...
  30. Marco Tony

    Super Hot Muscular Gay Daddies

    This thread is all about older good looking muscular gay men. Theres already another daddies thread. But that thread have many straight daddies. This thread only focus on sexy muscular gay daddies. Here you can post all the hottest muscular gay daddies. dougiemuscle briggzybeeating