1. Futureproof

    Group fun London, UK, April 4 only: compare, measure and forfeit!

    Hi all, I chatted with @Tom81 who planned a similar event recently. We're trying it again for a date during the week after Easter, April 4.. Please read carefully and let @Tom81 or me know if you'd like to join (and think you can actually join!). There is a telegram group to keep in touch...
  2. D

    How many inches?

    How many inches do u think I am? I know I am tiny, be honest
  3. explosionerection

    What do you consider a big dick (girth / thickness)

    From what number would you consider a penis thick? Just thick, not monster thick. Be realistic. Imagine yourself wrapping a measuring tape around a random guy's dick. At what number would you be confident telling him that he has a thick dick?
  4. explosionerection

    What do you consider a big dick? (length)

    From what number would you consider a penis big? Just big, not monster big. Be realistic. Imagine yourself measuring a random guy. From what number would you be confident telling him that he has a big dick?
  5. M

    How big am I? No, really!

    Now that I have your attention, this is not going to be your usual "am I big enough?" type of post. I have some general questions about how to account for a curve when measuring my dick. I have a decent left curve in my cock, and if I don't account for it, my dick comes at around 5.5-6 inches...
  6. explosionerection

    What is the girth of your hard (erect) penis?

    What is the girth of your hard (erect) penis? HOW TO MEASURE IT COREECTLY: Use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string. ... Gently wrap the tape or string one time around the thickest part of the shaft of the erect penis. Note where the ends of the tape meet; that's the number you're...
  7. HungJC

    Clubs / Bars / Saunas Where Big Cocks Are Measured To Get In For Free

    Hey guys, I lived in Barcelona a while back and found about a sauna that had a big cock night where huge guys are measured at the door to get in for free. It was the Sauna Casanova and think it’s still open for business. I know in São Paulo brasil there is something similar at another...
  8. G Hose

    Measuring with a curve?

    Thank you all for helping me with this question. So my wife has measured my cock during foreplay for role play etc, and I curve up and to the left slightly. So we have done on top of the shaft bone pressed and when I am rock hard (10% of the time I’m estimating) I hit 9 inches with majority of...
  9. Me vs Neijo - Side view

    Me vs Neijo - Side view

  10. Me vs Neijo - Soft

    Me vs Neijo - Soft

    Looks like that joke I made about him looking like a kid next to me is pretty accurate lmao
  11. Me vs Neijo - Hard

    Me vs Neijo - Hard

    Credit to @Neijo, his is longer than I expected!
  12. Soft girth = 6 inches

    Soft girth = 6 inches

  13. Soft length = 7 inches

    Soft length = 7 inches

  14. Hard girth = 6.75 inches

    Hard girth = 6.75 inches

  15. Hard length = 8.5 inches

    Hard length = 8.5 inches

  16. U

    How I measure my dick?

    My dick have a curve, so when I use a ruler in a to measure it I think that I lost some of it. idk if I use a meter its better to meaure it all or so it will not be the actual size
  17. D

    Cock comparison whit eberyday things like whit a CD or Red Bull Can

    I always wanted to find some good way to be able to visualize someones cock compared to mine, so i came up whit a nice contest for anyone who wants to do it. Just take a CD or Red Bull Can. The Red Bull Can in Europe are 13,5 cm or 5,3 inches as far as i have measured a standard one, the CD is...
  18. Bigbear69

    Let Me Know What You Think

    I’ve always felt insecure about the size of my penis. I recently lost my virginity and the girl kept stressing how huge my cock was. I found calcSD and discovered I was in the 99th percentile: (no clue how accurate). I am a larger person 6’5 290lbs. Let me know what you think
  19. P

    How To Measure

    Hey so a friend asked me to tell him how long my dick is but I've never measured it before I wish you could teach me or something
  20. LetsTalkAboutSize

    Hi, I’m New & Lookin For Size-comparing Orgs/resources

    Hi all… I'm glad to join LPSG! I’m super into the topic of size difference among guys (all masculine body parts, especially the cock) & I want to know everything there is to know about it, from important/popular resources, clubs, research, statistics, related activities, experts, etc. Which...
  21. P

    Soft Dicks Measured?

    Love seeing soft cocks, never know what you will get when it gets hard! Post yours, and enjoy!
  22. R

    Size Matter: Inches Or Centimeters That Makes The Difference (lenght)

    Someone ever wonder, how many centimeters or inches can makes a difference to your girlfriend? wife? To think of this, is always necessary to compare at least two people (If a woman have just one experience, I think she is not able to talk from experience. Maybe she only experienced an 8 inches...
  23. Beck4Jen

    How Did You Finally Realize You Have A Big Dick (18+ only)

    These stories always seem interesting to me. Most guys with big dicks are in denial for a long part of their life, because of what they see in porn they stay humble. Then there is that break through moment in a locker room, or with a partner when they finally realize that they are much bigger...
  24. L

    Looking For Xxl Cocks In Denmark

    Danish man living near Copenhagen but travel a lot in the rest of Denmark due to work. I get really turned on by watching big soft cocks and would like to try a BBC. Looking for jerk session (maybe with more guys), sucking and I love to get the cum in my mouth, face or over me. Have this...
  25. E

    The "how To Measure Your Penis" Guide

    Good morning class! Today’s lesson is about how to measure your penis! While at first glance this might seem like an easy task, history has shown, that nearly everyone who attempted this challenge has failed miserably to provide an accurate result. Therefore, one must assume that there are...
  26. S

    My Cock

  27. Leobakker

    Bathmate Pressure

    Hi guys! I read a lot about the pressure/suction in pumps. Some guys adjust their session at it. I have a bathmate X40 Hydromax Xtreme, with the handpump. Does somebody know what pressure you can reach in a bathmate? Are there any tools what can measure it? I cant find any info on the...
  28. DGH123

    This Girth Is?

    So I measured it as accurately as possible and not sure what to think about it? Can I consider this big small or OK? Any opinion would be greatly appreciated!
  29. Beck4Jen

    Measured Cock

    Can we finally have a show off thread of real members measured cock pics no matter what the size? Let the fun begin!
  30. Miro92

    Measurements of girls

    I was curious if you guys and girls have some pictures where women put a ruler on their stomach starting from their pussy. Or even better measure their depth of the pussy with an object or something. I found some already online and my girl took one for me too (first pic). Those pics give quite a...